This page shows how to unlock everything in Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3DS.


Team Name How to unlock
Toad & Toadette Beat Mushroom Cup on 50cc
Toadbert & Toadsworth Beat Mushroom Cup on 50cc or 150cc
Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa Beat two Retro Cups on 150cc
Candy Kong & Dixie Kong Play as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong 21 times or beat Banana Cup on 50cc
Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Beat Flower and Star Cup on 50cc or 250cc
Pianta & Noki Race on Noki Bay and Pianta Village 32 times.
Kat & Ana Unlock the two unlockable cups.


Course Name How to Unlock
Mega Mushroom Cup Play as any character and beat 3 cups on 50cc or 150cc
1-up Cup Beat 7 cups on 250, 150, or 50cc

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