Mario Kart Crossover
 Mario Kart Crossover is a racing game in the Mario Kart series. Instead of the usual Mario characters, Mario Kart Crossover features many different characters from a variety of series. 

Starting Characters

Character Series weight
Mario Super Mario Bros. medium
Luigi Super Mario Bros. medium
Toad Super Mario Bros. feather
Peach Super Mario Bros. medium
Bowser Super Mario Bros. heavy
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Bros. light
Shy Guy Super Mario Bros. light
Goomba Super Mario Bros. feather
Koopa Troopa Super Mario Bros. light
Boo Super Mario Bros. light
King Boo Super Mario Bros. cruiser
Koopalings Super Mario Bros. all
Waluigi Super Mario Bros. medium
Link The Legend of Zelda medium
Zelda The Legend of Zelda medium
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda heavy
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong cruiser
Yoshi Yoshi's Island light
Wario WarioWare heavy
Kirby Kirby light
Meta Knight Kirby light
King Dedede Kirby cruiser
Ash  Pokemon medium
Pikachu Pokemon light
Charizard Pokemon crusier
Charmander Pokemon light
Bulbasaur Pokemon light
Venusaur Pokemon cruiser
Squirtle Pokemon light
Blastoise Pokemon cruiser
Samus Metroid heavy
zero suit samus Metrod medium
Villager Animal Crossing feather
Sonic  Sonic the Hedgehog medium
 Tails Sonic the Hedgehog light
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog cruiser
petty piranta super mario bros cruiser

Unlockable Characters

Character Series How to Unlock? weight
Toadette Super Mario Bros. Win 50cc Mushroom Cup feather
Toadsworth Super Mario Bros. Win 100cc Mushroom Cup feather
king goomba Super Mario Bros. Win 150cc Mushroom Cup heavy
Daisy Super Mario Bros. Win 50cc Star Cup medium
Rosalina Super Mario Bros. Win 100cc Star Cup medium
Pauline Super Mario Bros. Win 150cc Star Cup medium
Dry Bowser Super Mario Bros. Play a multiplayer game cruiser
Dark Bowser Super Mario Bros. Play 5 races heavy
Pietro Koopa

Fantendo by goldyfish110

Play 10 races feather
Waddle Dee Kirby Win 50cc Warp Cup light
Waddle Doo Kirby Win 100cc Warp Cup light
Galacta Knight Kirby Win 150cc Warp Cup light
Shadow  Sonic the Hedgehog

Win 50cc Ring Cup

Silver  Sonic the Hedgehog Win 100cc Ring Cup medium
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Win 150cc Ring Cup medium
Mega Man Mega Man Win 50cc Blaster Cup cruiser
Dr. Wily Mega Man Win 100cc Blaster Cup medium
Pac-Man Pac-Man Win 150cc Blaster Cup light
Cat Battle Cats Win half of the Cups feather
leah neadlem by exotoro win 75% of the cups medium
??? ??? Win all of the Cups



fantendo by??? put the disc in the micowave feather
Poopbutt Koopa fantendo by exotoro beet 666cc in under 2 mins medium
micosoftisobadshoudie take the disc and play diddy kong raceing insted feather


There are two Cups for each series.

Cup Series
Mushroom Cup Super Mario Bros.
Star Cup Super Mario Bros.
Rupee Cup The Legend of Zelda
Triforce Cup The Legend of Zelda
Warp Cup Kirby
Dream Cup Kirby
Heavy Duty Cup Metroid
Space Cup Metroid
Leaf Cup Animal Crossing
Village Cup Animal Crossing
Ring Cup Sonic the Hedgehog
Emerald Cup Sonic the Hedgehog
Blaster Cup Mega Man
Mega Cup Mega Man
poke'ball cup poke'mon
master ball cup poke'mon


 Track Series  how to unlock
mario race course Super Mario bros N/A
luigi's mansion Luigi's Mansion N/A
yoshi's island yoshi's island N/A
Wario's casino Super Mario bros N/A
Waluigi mountian Super Mario bros N/A
donkey kongs fort Donkey kong N/A
jr's airship Super Mario bros N/A
bowser's caslte Super Mario bros N/A
chain chomp woods Super Mario bros win half the cups
toad road Super Mario Bros win a race with toad
village  Super Mario Bros win a race with villager
green hill zone  sonic the hegehog N/A
spaltoon ink tower spaltoon beet the ink any cc

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