Mario Kart Crossing Through
Developer(s) Fire Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Fire Player
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix

VS. Battle Mission

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart Crossing through Is the Ninth MarioKart Game, and the first major mario kart crossover game


There are 2 new cups: Bell Cup and Cherry Cup, Represented by the super bell and double cherry. Also, There Are 5 Courses instead Of 4 Courses

Also, Compared to Mario Kart Wii's and Mario Kart 8's 12 racers, there are now 16 racers

Kart Customization Also Returns, But There are Premade Karts, With Set Combinations

New FeaturesEdit

Charater Sorting: Sorting Groups Of Charaters From A Series

Special: Similar to All-Stars From The Sega Superstars Game, Characters Get Special Items That'll Activate When Used

Course Creator: An all new Feature, Requiring the Fire Hyper Add-on Allowing the following:

  • Lap Number
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Item Placement
  • Up to Ten Custom Cups


Character Weight Class Unlockable? Special
Mario Normal No Fire Mario- Functions Similarly to The Red Fireballs Special from Double Dash
Luigi Normal No Poltergust 5000- Gives luigi a Speed Boost, Pushes opponments back
Peach Normal No Rage Mode
Yoshi Normal


Super Dragon
Toad Lightweight No Super Acorn
Laikitu Lightweight No Spiny  Throw
Koopa Troopa Lightweight No Winged Green Shell
Bowser Heavy No Giga Shell
DK Heavy No Konga Beat Blast
Wario Heavy No Wario-Man
Daisy Normal Yes, Beat 100cc Leaf Cup
Bowser Jr. Normal Yes,Beat 50cc Mushroom and Flower Cup Shadow Mario
Larry Lightweight Yes,Beat Mission Mode 1 Blue Burn Spell
Lemmy Lightweight Yes,Beat Mission Mode 3 Big Ball
Wendy Lightweight Yes,Beat Mission Mode 4 Magic Ring Blast
Iggy Normal Yes,Beat Mission Mode 5 Chain Chomp
Ludwig Normal Yes,Beat Mission Mode 7 Dark Blue Flames
Roy Heavy Yes, Beat Mission Mode 2 Bullet Bill Blaster
Morton Koopa Jr. Heavy Yes,Beat Mission mode 6 Magic Hammer
Rosalina Heavy Yes,Beat 150cc Special Cup Power Star
Cranky Kong Heavy Yes, Beat 200cc Mirror Special Cup Mega Cane
Diddy Kong Normal Yes, Beat 50cc Leaf Cup Rocketbarrel Pack
Metal Mario Heavy (Appears as Normal) Yes, Beat 200cc Bell Cup Superball Metal Mario
Kirby Lightweight No Ultra Sword
King Dedede Heavy No Masked Dedede
Meta Knight Normal No Flight
Bandanna Dee Lightweight No Duo Spear
Sword Knight Normal No Sword Beam
Waddle Doo Lightweight No Flare Beam
Magolor Normal Yes, Beat 150cc Cherry Cup Magolor Soul
Taranza Normal Yes,Beat 150cc Bell Cup Magic Orb Cannon
Shadow Kirby Lightweight Yes, Beat 100cc Mushroom and Flower Cups Snow Bowl
Sonic Normal No Super Sonic
Tails Normal No Hyper Tails
Knuckles Heavy (Appears as a Nomal Class) No Master Emerald
Eggman Heavy No Big Arms
Blaze Normal No Burning Blaze
Shadow Normal No Super Shadow
Amy Normal Yes, Beat 100cc Bell Cup Giga Giga Hammer
Silver Normal Yes, Beat 50cc Shell and Banana Cups Super Silver
Metal Sonic Heavy (Appears as a Normal Class) Yes, Beat Mission Mode 2-Boss As Metal Mario Neo Metal Sonic
Link Heavy No Triforce Boost
Zelda Heavy No Light Arrows
Ganondorf Heavy Yes, Beat Mission Mode 8 Beast Ganon
Toon Link Normal Yes, Beat 32 Staff Ghosts Tri-Force Boost
Ness Normal No PK Flash
Lucas Normal Yes, Beat 200cc Star Cup PK Starstorm
Pit Normal Yes, Beat 100cc Leaf Cup Three Sacred Treasures
Pac-Man Normal No Giant Pac-Man Sprite in 3D
Mega Man Heavy (Apears as a Normal Class) Yes, Beat 200cc Mirror Mushroom and Flower Cups Metal Blade
Mii Any (Depends on Mii Size) Yes, Beat 100cc Special Cup Find Mii
DLC Characters
Character Weight Class Special
Paratroopa Light Winged Red Shell
Toadette Light Propeller Mushroom
Wiggler Heavy Flutter
Inkling Normal Kraken
Dry Bowser Heavy Dry Bowser Shell
Dry Bones Light Dry Shell
Funky Kong Heavy
Dixie Kong Normal Banana Coins
Jet Normal
Pink Gold Peach Heavy Golden Rage
Big Heavy Froggy
Dark Pit Normal Three Shadow Treasures

Mission ModeEdit

Mission Mode 1
Name Mission Character Track
Gates to Pass Pass through all Seven Numbered Gates! Mario Peach Circut
Banana Coins Collect 25 Coins! DK Acorn Plains
It's No Use! Reach the Finish before Shadow! Silver DS Delfino Square
Bad Goombas, Bad Goombas Use Green Shells to defeat 10 Goombas! Bowser WII Mario Circut
Sonic Speed! Reach the finish in 7 seconds! Sonic Skyworld
Stealth Hitter Take out Meta Knight and Magolor... Without getting Hit! Kirby Kirby Gardens
To Get an Item Collect 40 Coins! Shy Guy 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
Round 1 Go through all 15 Gates... Without getting Hit! Pac-Man Pac-Man Maze
Goomboss Use Green Shells to KO Goomboss! Yoshi Plant Arena
Mission Mode 2
Name Mission Character Track
Mushroom Madness Collect 10 Mushrooms! Koopa Mt. Koopa
Trafic Warning Avoid all Cars! Meta Knight DS Shroom Ridge
Casino Night Zone Get to the Finish before Wario! Tails Wario Casino
Wii want U Take Out Sonic and Toon Link... With just Mushrooms! Ness Wii U
Emerald Hunter Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds!! Dr. Eggman N64 Choco Mountain
Real Vs. Metal Win 1st or Second with Sonic against Metal Mario and Metal Sonic! Mario Toad Park
Factory Check-In Do 1 lap Under 2 Minutes! Toad WII Toad Factory
Hoo-Hah Win the Race... Without Getting Items! Diddy Kong GBA Lakeside Park
Hissocrat Use Bob-ombs to Defeat Hissocrat! Any Pyramid Arena
Mission Mode 3
Name Mission Character Track
Animal Crosser Collect 60 Bells! Knuckles U Animal Crossing
Stage 1 Take out Mario, Sonic, Wario and Peach without getting hit! Pac-Man Pac-Man Maze
For the Future Get to the Finish before Sonic and Shadow! Silver U Cloudtop Cruise
Earthrebound Take out 3 Cars with Super Horns! Lucas or Ness Onett
Sonic Lost World Take out Mario, Kirby, Pit, Link, And Pac-Man! Sonic Windy Hill
New Super Mario Bros. U Beat Toad and Luigi... With only Green Shells! Mario Acorn Plains
Git Gud Beat 4 Oppments without Getting hit while collecting 50 coins! Cranky Kong Funky Stadium
Halberd Escape Take ou Meta Knight and reach the Finish! Kirby Battleship Halberd
Salvo the Slime Use Mushrooms to Defeat Salvo! Any Water Arena


Nitro Cups
Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Bell Cup Special Cup
Peach Circut Toad Park Yoshi Highway Chomp Ruins Lava Mountain
Kirby Gardens Onett Acorn Plains Great Bay Temple Meringue Clouds
Skyworld Wario Casino Sonic Raceway Luigi Circut Another Dimension
Acorn Plains Mario Circut Windy Hill Lollipop Land Bowser's Castle
Tails Raceway Mt. Koopa Battleship Halberd Icecap Mountain Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Cherry Cup Lightning Cup
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar DS Shroom Ridge WII Maple Treeway U Sunshine Airport SNES Mario Circut 4
SNES Ghost Valley 3 GBA Lakeside Park 3DS Rosalina's Ice World DS Peach Gardens GBA Cookie Land
N64 Kalimari Dessert N64 Choco Mountain GCN Mushroom City GCN Dino Dino Jungle DS Airship Fortress
WII Mario Circut WII Toad Factory U Cloudtop Cruise GBA Bowser Castle 4 N64 Bowser Castle
DS Delfino Square SNES Bowser Castle 2 U Animal Crossing 3DS Maka Wuhu GCN Rainbow Road
Battle Courses 
Course Unlockable?
Wii U No
Pac-Man Maze No
Kirby Gardens* No
Marble Zone No
Wii Funky Stadium No
3DS Wuhu Town No
GCN Luigi's Mansion No
DS Tart Top No
Plant Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 1
Pyramid Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 2
Water Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 3
Lava Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 4
Sky Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 5
Space Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 6
Snowy Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 7
Jungle Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 8
Death Egg Yes, Beat Mission Mode
Windy Hill* Yes, Unlock Star Cup
Metal Arena Yes, Beat Mission Mode 9

NOTE:* Means it's also a Track



Triple Mushrooms

Green Shell

Triple Shells (Green)

Red Shell

Tri-Shells (Red)

Fire Flower


Triple Bananas


Fake Box

Double Cherry

Blue Shell

Super Horn


Bullet Bill


Name Characters Cup
Mushroom Pack Paratroopa, Toadette

Shine Cup:Toad City

Gusty Garden

3DS Toad Circut

U Rainbow Road

Flower Pack Wiggler, Inkling

Feather Cup:Wii Maple Treeway

Wiggler Forest

3DS Wuhu Loop


Star Pack Dry Bowser, Dry Bones

Boo Cup: Wii Grumble Volcano

Daisy Castle

GCN Wario Colloseum

Dry Deadland

Speicial Pack Funky Kong, Dixie Kong

All-Star Cup: U Wild Woods

Crisis City

SNES Bowser Castle 3

N64 Rainbow Road

Special DLCs
Name Characters Cups
Riders Pack (Based off Sonic Riders Series Jet, Pink Gold Peach Bullet Cup :

U Electrodrome

Old Odessey

N64 Banshee Boardwalk

Bob-omb Battlefield

Riders Cup: 3DS Neo Bowser City

Metal City(From Sonic Free Riders) (Anti Gravity only) 

GBA Luigi Circut

A track from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Anti gravity only)

Forgotten Pack King K. Rool, Big

Kremling Kup:

Dark Castle

N64 Wario Stadium

Crocodile Isle

Kingdom Valley

Infamous Pack Sticks, Dark Pit

Egg Cup:

WII  Moonveiw Highway

Casino Night Zone

GBA Ribbon Road

GCN Sherbert Land

Bob-omb Cup (TBA)


  • Pink Gold Peach was Considered for the Infamous Pack, but was dropped In Favor of Sticks
  • There may be Future DLC Packs Containing Fire Emblem Characters Pokemon
  • Cream, Hypernova Kirby, Palutena and Blinky were Originally Considered In Development
  • The order the Koopalings are unlocked is the Same order as they are fought in New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Playable Miis are unlocked the Same Way as Mario Kart Wii