Mario Kart Chaos is a Mario racing game for the Chaos Mega System and is an installment in the Mario Kart series. Like previous Mario Kart titles, Mario Kart Chaos has over 80 courses, new unlockable characters, and Wireless multiplayer racing. It has been developed by Metal Chaos Inc. and published by Nintendo. The game will be released in Winter 2014.


  • Analog Stick - Move
  • A button - Increase speed (by holding while moving)
  • B button - Use item
  • C button - Hop (while speed moving does a drift, holding long enough makes the drift speed increase)
  • Start - Pause game
  • Select - Select



Image Name Weight Stats
Simg mario Mario Medium Speed: 4
Acceleration: 5
Drift: 4
Handling: 5
Off-Road: 2
318px-LuigiKartWii Luigi Medium Speed: 4.75
Acceleration: 4
Drift: 3
Handling: 5
Off-Road: 2.75
PeachKart Princess Peach Light Speed: 3
Acceleration: 3
Drift: 3
Handling: 3
Off-Road: 3
Character-bowser Bowser Heavy Speed: 3
Acceleration: 3
Drift: 2
Handling: 2.5
Off-Road: 3
YoshiKartRXP Yoshi Medium Speed: 4
Acceleration: 4.5
Drift: 3
Off-Road: 1
Wario MK9 Wario Heavy Speed: 1.75
Acceleration: 2
Drift: 2.75
Handling: 2.5
Off-Road: 4.75

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