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Banana Mario Kart

Mario Kart Boost is a Lots Of Items.

There 40 characters in the game, There 32 unlockable character on the game.

  • ==Startable 4 cups ==

1. Mushroom

2. Flower

5. Shell

6. Banana

Unlockable 4 Cups

3. Star (Flower cup)

4. Special (Star cup) UK 2012 October 13

7. Leaf (Banana cup) JAPAN 2012 October 3

8. Lighting (Leaf cup) Korean 2012 November 15

3 laps in nitro

Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

Wiggler's Garden Mushroom Hills Shy Guy's Desert
Flower Cup Sky Summit Mario's Rainbow Castle

Paratroopa's Treeway

Luigi Circuit
Star Cup Toad Circuit Peach's Castle DK's Stone Statue Sky Castle
Special Cup DK Jungle Park Toadette Maze Bowser Castle Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Toad Circuit 3DS Royal Raceway N64 Bowser Castle 3 GBA Mushroom City GCN
Banana Cup Sherbet Land GCN Koopa Beach 1 SNES Riverside Park GBA Alpine Pass 3DS
Leaf Cup Wario Stadium N64 Luigi Circuit Wii Rosalina's Ice World 3DS Tick Tock Clock DS
Lighting Cup Donut Plains 3 SNES Yoshi Valley N64 Bowser Castle Wii Rainbow Road GCN

Character Mario Luigi Peach Toad Yoshi Donkey Kong Koopa Troopa Bowser Daisy White Bomber Black Bomber Shy Guy Rosalina Wiggler King Boo Boo Big Boo Toadette Donkey Kong Jr. Metal Mario Toadsworth Bowser Jr. R.O.B Wario Waluigi Petey Dry Bones Light Blue Toad Diddy Kong Bomb-omb Buddy Funky Kong Mii
Weight Medium Medium Medium Light Medium Heavy Light Heavy Medium Medium Medium Light Heavy Medium Heavy Light Medium Light Medium Heavy Medium Heavy Medium Heavy Heavy Heavy Light Medium Light Light Heavy
Unlockable X X X X X X X X Mushroom 50cc Flower 50cc Star 50cc Special 50cc Mushroom 100cc Flower 100cc Star 100cc Special 100cc Mushroom 150cc Star 150cc Special 150cc Mirror Shell Mirror Banana Mirror Leaf Mirror Lighting Shell 50cc Leaf 50cc Mirror Star Leaf 100cc Mirror Special

Shell 100cc

Banana 100cc Mirror Mushroom Lighting 50cc

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