Mario Kart Anniversary is a special Mario Kart, played to congrats to celebrate 22 years of Mario Kart.

The game will feature the heaviest compact disc of Wii U, setting the highest GB. One disc is for its new courses and the second disc is all Mario Kart games from the past. 

The game is set to release in September 1, 2014 in NA and September 12th,2014 in JPN.


The concept is to feature Hd and crisp graphics to improve better additions and quality to Mario Kart. The gae will feature a selection of and variety of New Characters and new courses. Nearly a lot of features will come back. 

The modes feature a ton of Modes such as: Grand Prix, VS, Time Trials, Battle (Balloon/Coin/Race:Race to the finish before others do), and Online mode.

Instead of having 12 racers, 4 more have been added to make it 16, a preivew in the trailer gives this on a 1st/16th Place and its diffrent layout on the course set up like:

                                      -  -  -  -  -  - 

                                     -  -  -  -  -  -


The list is composed of 36 characters (32 returns, 4 new).

Number Information on Number
1 Slowest of them all, fastest off road and G.U.A-G.
2 Sort of slow, yet a little fast off road and G.U.A-G.
3 In the middle (Slow and Fast),slow off road and fast on G,U.A-G.
4 A little faster, yet slow off road and G.U.A-G.

Fastest of them all, slowest off road and G.U.A-G.

Only 16 characters were showned.These characters were shown in E3 as playble in the Demo, the readngs were also in the Demo. The one that says No are likely people to already been unlocked, withe suprise on Pauline being new. All 16 have been seen through out the trailer becuase of 16 it resembles on who many people are racing.

Confirmed/Started Characters::::::







Off Road / Drift Classifed Unlockable
Mario 3            4        3 2/3 Medium No
Luigi 3            3        4 2/3 Medium No
Peach 3            2        4 5/2 Medium No
Yoshi 3            4        5 1/3 Medium No
Birdo  3            3        2 3/2 Medium No
Daisy 4            5        2 2/4 Medium No
Diddy Kong 3            4        4 2/3 Medium No



4            4        2 1/3 Medium No
Pauline (NEW) 3             5        2   4/4 Medium No
Bowser 2             2        4 4/3 Large No
D.K. 1             3        5 4/4 Large No
Wario 3             2        4   3/3 Large No
Waluigi 3             4        3 2/4 Large No
Rosalina 2             3        3 5/3 Large No
Toad 4             5        2 3/2 Small No
Toadette 4             4        1 2/2 Small No
Baby Mario 3             3        2 1/3 Small No
More Characters To  Be  Seen  Soon!
More   Detail Coming Soon!

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