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Mario Kart 9 is the 9th game in the Mario Kart series, being released for 2 platforms for the first time, the NX and the New 3DS. It is the NX's best seller, while it is the 3rd best seller for the New 3DS.
Mario Kart 9
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX

New Nintendo 3DS

Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
Japan/US/Europe: March 16th, 2018
1 player (Singleplayer) 1-4 players (NX multiplayer) 1-12 players (New 3DS multiplayer, online multiplayer, local multiplayer)
Age Rating(s)




Coins return again. The limit of coins to collect in this game is 15, unlike 7 and 8. Gliders and underwater return from Mario Kart 7, while anti-gravity returns from Mario Kart 8. Bikes return from Mario Kart Wii, with wheelies brought back. ATVs also return from Mario Kart 8, but don't do wheelies like bikes do. A new mode has the main feature from Double Dash, 2 people in one kart.Custom emblems return from Mario Kart DS, where you can customize emblems for any playable character with a WFC account, while without one you can only customize emblems for a Mii. You can also customize your vehicle, like 7 and 8. Mario Kart 8's tournaments also return. You could pick alternate skins of characters just like Yoshi, Shy Guy, and the DLC Animal Crossing Villager in Mario Kart 8. The game is Amiibo compatible, with the same function as Mario Kart 8.


As Mario Kart 8 went through development, a drilling mechanic was brought to the table, but got removed by anti-gravity. The feature got brought back to the table for Mario Kart 9, so now drilling is official . Kart, Bike, and ATV parts depend on weight class. With the addition of drills, you could now choose your own drills. 2 new cups, the Egg and Shine cup, were added, making it the most cups besides Mario Kart 8's DLC in a Mario Kart game.


  • Grand Prix**
  • Time Trails*
  • VS**
  • Battle**
  • Double Dash**

*=Singleplayer only





Name Picture Weight Class Description
Mario Medium Because this is Mario Kart, what can't we do

without Mario?

Luigi Medium Mario's brother will never be left out! He has got the

skill for the trophy!

Peach Medium Even though she's a girl, she wants to show the

boys how she gets the trophy!

Daisy Medium Daisy is in the need for speed, and does not want to

fool anyone with her skill!

Toad Light Look who is also here to race! The little mushroom human that is always kind to Mario!
Yoshi Medium Yoshi is hungry for racing! We hope he does not eat his kart.
Rosalina Heavy Rosalina can't be beat! This cosmic lady always love to race!
DK Heavy The giant of the jungle is at racing again! Lets just make sure here does not eat all of the bananas.
Wario Heavy The fattie from Diamond City is against his rival again! We don't want him to cheat.
Waluigi Heavy WAAA! Waluigi is at the wheel! Don't tell him that it is actually tennis.
Bowser Heavy The evil Koopa is at the race again! We can't let him win!
Bowser Jr. Light Troublemaker Bowser Jr. is back at the wheel! We hope he does not get frantic.


Name Picture Weight Class Description
Baby Mario Baby Mario's "past me" is at the wheel once again! Let him show some "baby power"!
Baby Luigi Baby As Baby Luigi heard his brother was going to race, he followed! Looks like it's double baby time.
Baby Peach Baby Here comes the baby girl! Baby Peach would never miss anything that the boys do!
Baby Wario Baby Baby Wario is on the wheel! He is here just to steal the money trophy!
Toadette Light Everybody's favorite female Toad is excited to be on the wheel once again!
Birdo Medium Birdo is back at the wheel, and she wants to show her skill to Yoshi to prove if they are in love!
Diddy Kong Light Diddy Kong returned to the race and brought all the bananas skill he could!
Koopa Troopa Light The turtle is at the wheel to knock the bros out with his shell!
Spike Light The monster is on the wheel for the first time! Don't knock him out, because he has always wanted to show his skill!
Nabbit Light Nabbit just gotten on the wheel to snatch that gold trophy. Lets just hope that he doesn't snatch all the coins, too.
Kamek Medium The Koopa wizard never gives up for the race! Let them show his tricks!
Hammer Bro. Medium If only one other Koopa could make it to the race, it would be the one with the hammer in his hand!
Dry Bones Light The dead Koopa is coming back on the wheel, too! He hopes he doesn't break apart while going through the track so fast.
Shy Guy Light The little red unidentified guy has made it to the race! He's not shy for anything!
King Boo Medium King Boo is here to scare the others! We hope Luigi does not quit when he finds out that King Boo is racing.
Sprixie Princess Baby All of the fellow princesses of the Sprixie Kingdom came to beat the others!
E. Gadd Light When E. Gadd found out that King Boo was racing, he knew he had to join!
Wiggler Heavy Wiggler was angry because he did not get to appear in Mario Kart 8, but now he got his chance!
Mii Any (Besides Baby) Yep, you can play as your own Mii as well! We hope you are lucky because of this!



  • Toads
  • Piantas
  • Nokis
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Paratroopas
  • Dry Bones
  • Spikes
  • Shy Guys
  • Boos
  • Goombas
  • Monty Moles
  • Birdos
  • Miis


  • Goombas
  • Piranha Plants
  • Chain Chomps
  • Monty Moles
  • Rocky Wrenches
  • Thwomps
  • Banzai Bills


  • Lakitu



Name Picture Vehicle Weight
Standard Kart N/A Kart Any
Standard Bike N/A Bike Any
Standard ATV N/A ATV Any

More coming soon.

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