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'Mario Kart 9, every racer, every track, every Everything!'- Mario Kart 9: Galactic Championship's quote.

Welcome to Mario Kart 9! Unlike the other Mario Kart games, Mario Kart 9: Galactic Championship has more of a story/reason to it.

Game Mode's

Single Player

  • Story Mode- Race for everyone's freedom in this games Grand Prix-like mode.
  • Time Trials- Race for the fastest time on a track.
  • Battle- Battle in Ballon Battle or in Shine Battle.
  • Coin Runner(New/Returning)- Get the most loot in this fun game mode.
  • Scavenger Hunt(NEW)- Find items hidden in/on a track before anyone else.


  • VS Race- Race against your Friends.
  • Battle- Battle your Friends in Balloon Battle or Shine Battle.
  • Coin Runner-Beat your Friends to the loot!
  • Scavenger Hunt-Work with your friends or compete against them in this fun new game mode.


Just like Mario Kart 8's Online mode.


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