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Mario Kart 9:MySims Racing is a Wii game. The game has a mix of Mario Kart and MySims Racing. There are new tracks for both series, and returning tracks from older Mario Karts and MySims Racing.



Mario Characters:

MySims Characters:


Mario Characters:

MySims Characters:


New Tracks:

Mushroom Cup:

  • Mario Circuit - Super Mario themed
  • Luigi Circuit - Luigi shaped
  • MySims Circuit - MySims themed
  • Cold Cold Raceway - Track with snow everywhere

Plumbob Cup

  • Forest Danger - A track with lots of gimmicks
  • Tin Town - A track that's based of the MySims SkyHeroes stage
  • Boudreaux Mansion - A haunted mansion
  • Plumbob Circuit - A circuit shaped like a plumbob

Star Cup

  • Desert Danger - A track that's in the desert with quick sand and other dangerous desert things
  • Bowser's Factory - The place where fake item boxes are made
  • Bob-Omb Valley - Bob-Ombs explode everywhere.
  • Canyon Falls - A track that takes place at a canyon

Special Cup

  • DK Jungle - Home of the Kongs
  • Sunshine Beach - An area from MySims Party
  • Bowser's Castle - Home of the Koopa's
  • Rainbow Road - The ninth rainbow road

Retro Tracks

Shell Cup

  • Wii Toad's Factory - The place where item boxes are made
  • N64 Wario Stadium - A race track that is for Wario
  • DS MySims Raceway - The main racetrack from MySims Racing DS
  • SNES Vanilla Lake - SNES's snow track

Star Level Cup

  • Wii Sugar Rush Speedway - A track from MySims Racing Wii
  • GBA Bowser Castle 4 - The fourth Bowser Castle in Mario Kart Super Circuit
  • Wii U Electrodrome - A track similar to Music Park
  • DS Cruise Line Chase - A track that you can drive right onto a boat!

Leaf Cup

  • 3DS Rock Rock Mountain - A track that takes place on a mountain with tons of falling rocks
  • GCN Wario Colosseum - A track in a big Colosseum
  • DS Shroom Ridge - Mario Kart DS's car track
  • Wii Crescendo Cruise - A track that is 60's - 50's style rock and roll music

Lightning Cup

  • DS Oasis Canyon - A track that also takes place in a canyon
  • SNES Mario Circuit 4 - The fourth Mario Circuit in Super Mario Kart
  • Wii Dr. F's Daredevil Drive - A tack that takes place around Dr. F's lab
  • GBA Rainbow Road - The third rainbow road


  • Green Shell/Triple Green Shells - Bounces around the track until it hits a kart
  • Red Shell/Triple Red Shells - Chases the kart in front of you
  • Spiny Shell - Chases the kart in the lead
  • Banana/Triple Bananas - Sits on the road waiting for someone to hit it. When hit, the kart will spin out
  • Mushroom/Triple Mushrooms - Gives you a short speed boost
  • Golden Mushroom - Lets you use it as many times as you want for a short period of time
  • Mega Mushroom - Makes you huge and flatten opponents you hit. While huge, you can get a speed boost
  • Fake Item Box - Looks like a real item box, but when hit, you will knock over like you hit a shell
  • Bob-Omb - Throw it to make opponents fly up in the air from the blast!
  • Blooper - Anyone in front of you will get inked
  • Pow Block - Spins out anyone in front of you
  • Bullet Bill - Transform into a bullet bill and go super fast! Any kart you hit will knock over to the side or forward.
  • Star - Makes you rainbow colored for a short period of time. Anyone you hit will get knocked over
  • Lighting Bolt - Makes all opponents shrink for a little while, spinning out, and dropping their items
  • Lucky 9 - Surrounds your kart with nine items. These items are: Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-Omb, Blooper, Mega Mushroom, Star, Fake Item Box, Mushroom, and Banana

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