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Mario Kart 9!!! is a racing game developed by Nintendo EAD, and is the Ninth instalment in the Main Mario Kart series and, including the arcade games, the twelfth overall. The game is for the Nintendo NX and is also a follow up to Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. And uses the anti gravity segments from the previous game. A prominent new addition is Subterranean Racing which allows racers to drill underground and race through a huge underground world. The game features more detail on the retro courses which appear more redesigned than their original appearances but most of them don't use Subterranean segments.


The gameplay maintains the traditional elements of previous Mario Kart games, mostly Mario Kart 7. During the race, racers can pick up Items from Item Boxes where the probability of receiving items is dependent on the racers' distance from the frontrunner. The game returns with the traditional eight-driver race like in previous installments, instead of the total of twelve as seen in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8.

Similar to preceding games, an overall "game ranking" of ★, ★★, or ★★★ is shown next to the player's nationality flag if the player has earned the designated ratings in all cups and in all classes. The overall ranking can also be seen while participating at a Grand Prix. The game shows the overall ranking at the results of the last course before the overall results of the last cup being shown.

Subterranean Racing plays and important role in this game. During a race, racers will encounter a crack in the ground and a yellow line. using the drill attached to the front of the kart the racers can drill into the ground. This idea was planned for Mario Kart 8 but was scrapped because the designers of the game thought the idea wasn't really interesting so they scrapped it entirely.


Most modes from previous instalments return, but new modes are introduced. Most of the new modes are available in single player, multiplayer and online multiplayer.

Grand Prix

Mario Kart 9!!!'s Grand Prix works similar to past instalments especially Mario Kart 8. Like past games the 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc engine classes are available by default, and completing 150cc unlocks Mirror and 200cc for the former three, however, Grand Prix rankings carry over to the lower engine classes after being completed on a higher engine class. Players choose a cup, which takes them through four consecutive races of set order in that cup. Only the Mushroom and Shell Cups are available at the start of the game, with the others being unlocked after completing the cup before, and are available in every engine class after being unlocked.

Time Trials

Time Trial mode lets the player complete a selected course in the fastest time possible. Among the other features, in addition to viewing ghost data players can upload their own ghost data onto Miiverse, which other players can download and comment on. In addition, beating one of Nintendo's Staff Ghosts in a race earns the player a stamp based on the course they raced on which they can use in Miiverse posts.

VS Mode

VS mode can be played locally with up to four players. Players can set rules like which items appear, the difficulty level of the CPUs, how many races, and Team or Solo racing. Players can also set how the courses appear, choose a course after one is finished, or play all tracks randomly or in order. In this game, Mirror Mode appears as a default engine class, even if it isn't unlocked in Grand Prix. The point system is the same as the Grand Prix.

Battle Mode

1-4 Players

Unlike the previous game, players can choose one of four types of Battle available for play. Unlike the previous instalments, players can change between race courses and Battle Arenas. The game features 10 Battle Arenas and 10 Race Courses.

Balloon Battle

The classic battle style which consists of popping opponents' balloons to score, using the items from the Item Boxes. Hitting a rival is worth a point. Players who lose all of their balloons will have half of their points deducted. Up to three points can be taken away, and the player re-spawns with three balloons.

Coin Runners

In Coin Runners (Coin Battle in the PAL region), racers collect the Coins scattered in the battle course within the time limit of two minutes. The racer that has the most Coins at the end wins. Racers can use the items to hit their opponents and make them drop a maximum of three coins that they have collected. Unlike in Mario Kart 7, players can collect as much coins as they need. Coins collected in this mode do not count toward the coin total to unlock kart parts.

Shell Shock

In Shell Shock, racers use Koopa Shells to hit their opponents in battles and gain points. The racer who has the most points at the end wins. The racer has five minutes to get the most points or else he/she loses.

Boo Banter

In Boo Banter, racers have to avoid six Boos on the battle course or else they will steal their items and use it on them. The racer wins if he/she avoids the Boos.

Online Multiplayer

With the Nintendo NX's online capabilities, players can look for other users for online play, local or global range. Players can choose a worldwide competition to race against other users that are connected, race with friends that were met via StreetPass, or play in communities formed by users with customized rules for the races, just like in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. When players take part in online races or battles, points are added to or removed from their VR (short for VS Rating) based on their finishing position. The main purpose of VR is determining the skill of players, to match them with players of a similar skill level. Players start with 1000 VR (rather than 5000 VR, as in Mario Kart Wii). Online play in Communities does not use the VR system. Also, a player's VR counts for both races and battles, as opposed to Mario Kart Wii with races affecting VR, and battles affecting BR (Battle Rating).


Mario Kart 9!!! includes 20 total playable characters consisting of 5 default characters, 10 unlockable characters and 5  downloadable.

Starting Drivers

Unlockable Drivers

Downloadable Drivers


As in all Mario Kart games, Mario Kart 9!!! keeps the use of items during the races. Three New Items have been added to the list, being the 1-UP Mushroom, the Pickaxe from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and the Happy Nine.

Items Found On Tracks

Image Name  Description                              
100px-Itembox MK7
Item Box                                               Gives Racers items to use while out runing or knocking out opponents.
Coin Players receive a small boost and an increase to their top speed. A maximum of 10 can be carried at one time.

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