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This page is about all the parts you can use to customize your vehicle in Mario Kart 8 Wii U.

Kart Bodies


Image Name Description
Standard Kart
Cosmic Spike
Shy Driver
Moo Moo Rider
Boo Pipes Boo Pipes (MKDD)
Shooting Star Shooting Star (MKDS)
Wild Wing Wild Wing (MKW)
Dragonetti Dragonetti (MKW)
Standard kart Standard 7 (MK7)
Growlster Growlster (MK7)


Image Name Description
Tiki Tripper
Tanooki Rider
Spider Spectre
Blazing Beast
Spiny Shell
Wire Frame
Golden Frame
Super Fire Super Fire (MKDD)
Koopa King Koopa King (MKDD)
B Dasher B Dasher (MKDS)
Aero Glider Aero Glider (MKW)
Bolt Buggy Bolt Buggy (MK7)
Royal Ribbon Royal Ribbon (MK7)
Blue Seven Blue Seven (MK7)

Unlocking Criteria

Unlocking Criteria
B Dasher 150 Coins
Aero Glider 200 Coins
Spiny Shell 350 Coins
Koopa King 500 Coins
Bolt Buggy 550 Coins
Tanooki Rider 750 Coins
Royal Ribbon 950 Coins
Blazing Beast 4500 Coins
Tiki Tripper 5500 Coins
Super Fire 7000 Coins
Wire Frame 8500 Coins
Blue Seven 9500 Coins
Spider Spectre 11 000 Coins
Golden Frame 20 000 Coins

Bike Bodies


Image Name Description
Standard Bike
Bone Cycle
Petal Pedal
Tot Tyke
Bee Booster
Goomba Jet
Golden Bike
Magikruiser Magikruiser (MKW)
Bullet Bike Bullet Bike (MKW)
Rapide Rapide (MKW)
Bubble bike Bubble Bike (MKW)
Phantom Phantom (MKW)
Bowser Bike Bowser Bike (MKW)
Torpedo Torpedo (MKW)

Unlocking Criteria

Unlocking Criteria
Standard Bike 50 Coins
Bullet Bike 300 Coins
Rapide 600 Coins
Tot Tyke 700 Coins
Bee Booster 1000 Coins
Goomba Jet 2000 Coins
Bubble Bike 2500 Coins
Phantom 5000 Coins
Bone Cycle 5000 Coins
Petal Pedal 10 500 Coins
Magikruiser 14 000 Coins
Bowser Bike 15 000 Coins
Torpedo 16 000 Coins
Golden Bike 19 000 Coins



Name Description
Slick Wheels Slick (MK7)
Monster Wheels Monster (MK7)


Image Name Description
Red Monster Wheels Red Monster (MK7)
Mushroom Wheels - Mk7 Mushroom (MK7)
Roller Wheels - Mk7 Slim (MK7)
Sponge - Mk7 Sponge (MK7)
Gold Tires Golden (MK7)

Unlocking Criteria

Unlocking Criteria
Dirt-Track 250 Coins
Stone 450 Coins
High-Tech 650 Coins
Slick 1500 Coins
Sponge 3500 Coins
Wooden 4000 Coins
Mushroom 6000 Coins
Metal 8000 Coins
Red Monster 12 500 Coins
Diamond 13 000 Coins
Golden Wheels 18 000 Coins



Image Name Description
Standard Glider
Birthday Balloon
Flower Glider - Mk7 Flower Glider (MK7)
Parafoil - Mk7 Parafoil (MK7)


Image Name Description
Shy Glider
Banana Parachute
Goo Goo Glider
Count's Cape
Cheep Cheep Cape
Spiky Shell Balloon
Professor's Jet
Mario's Cap
Standard 7 - Mk7 Standard 7 (MK7)
Ghastly Glider Ghastly Glider (MK7)
Peach Parasol - Mk7 Peach Parasol (MK7)
Swoop Swoop (MK7)
Golden Glider Golden Glider (MK7)

Unlocking Criteria

Unlocking Criteria
Cheep Cheep Cape 100 Coins
Goo Goo Glider 400 Coins
Standard 7 800 Coins
Count's Cape 850 Coins
Spiky Shell Balloon 900 Coins
Professor's Jet 3000 Coins
Shy Glider 6500 Coins
Banana Parachute 7500 Coins
Swoop 9000 Coins
Peach Parasol 10 000 Coins
Ghastly Glider 11 500 Coins
Mario's Cap 12 000 Coins
Golden Glider 17 000 Coins

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