World 0 & 1


  • In Pop Star, a dark being have found a new power force to help him finish off Kirby once and for all.
  • ???? ??????: When I find that force, there will be no one to stop me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • In another place on the planet, Kirby and his friends were preparing for the Pop Star Grand Prix.
  • Kirby: I'm ready to train for this year's Grand Prix so I can win the max amount of tomatos.
  • King Dedede: In your dreams Kirby. I'm gonna win. Thanks to this! Behold, the Forget Me Spray!
  • Kirby: That's just blueprints.
  • King Dedede: Well, I need to finish it first!
  • (King Dedede grabs blueprints and gets in his car.)
  • King Dedede: See you at the starting line!
  • Kirby: That Dedede.
  • (Kirby gets in his car and drives to the starting line of Dreamland Circuit.)
  • Kirby: This is why I'm going to attend this year's race, so that Dedede can see how great of a racer I really am.
  • (Kirby starts the track as the cutscene ends)

Dark Matter Attacks

  • (Kirby finishes the race)
  • Kirby: That will show Dedede who's boss.
  • (The ground starts to shake)
  • Kirby: Okay, what's happing?
  • (King Dedede apears to Kirby)
  • King Dedede: Kirby, it feels like an earthquake! What did you do?
  • Kirby: I didn't do anything.
  • King Dedede: Well, then if you didn't do it than...
  • Kirby: ...who did?
  • (Dark Holes started appearing past them and take all the 12 gold stars)
  • ???? ??????: All shall bow down to me!
  • King Dedede: Wait, that sounds like...
  • Kirby: ...Dark Matter!
  • Dark Matter: Darn it, how did you know? No matter, I've got what I'm here for!
  • (Dark Matter unleash 12 area holes [grass, village, city, desert, beach, jungle, plains, 8-bit-ghost, ice, dream, Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road] and toss a gold star in each. Than Dark Matter attcks King Dedede and Kirby and sucks Dedede into the village one leaving Kirby on the ground)

Hello Toad Circuit and VS. 3 Yellow and Red Toads

  • (Kirby wakes up in a grassy area)
  • Kirby: What happened earilier? Where am I?
  • (A pack of Shy Guys come in)
  • Shy Guy: OMG! Guys, let's flee!
  • (The Shy Guys drive away leaving one car headed towards Kirby)
  • Kirby: Oh no!
  • (The car stoped just in time as Kirby peaked inside)
  • Kirby: Wierd, no one is in it.
  • (Kirby gets into the kart and starts it up)
  • Kirby: That sounds good. Looks like a got a new quest. Get the 12 gold stars and show Dedede in the grand prix.
  • (Just than, 3 Red Toads and 3 Yellow Toads drive up to him)
  • Red Toad #2: Can you move out of the way?
  • Yellow Toad #3: Yeah, we have a race to do.
  • Kirby: And that's just what I'm gonna do!
  • Red Toad #1: Maybe this guy is in the race.
  • Yellow Toad #2: Hey sir, are you in the race too?
  • Kirby: Yes I am.
  • (The cutscene ends as the Toads and Kirby prepare to race)

3 Red Toads and 3 Yellow Toads Defeated

  • Red Toad #1: No!
  • Red Toad #2: This can't be!
  • Red Toad #3: Beated again!?
  • Yellow Toad #1: "crys"
  • Yellow Toad #2: Why?
  • Yellow Toad #3: This isn't true!

VS. Chain Chomp

  • Kirby: What now?
  • Chain Chomp: I am.
  • Kirby: What are you?
  • Chain Chomp: I'm a Chain Chomp and I'm gonna get you for dinner!
  • Kirby: Not if I can beat you in a race first.

Chain Chomp Defeated

  • Chain Chomp: How can such a small puff ball chomp me up?!

VS. Luigi

  • (The cutscene begins as Luigi was on his way to Peach's Castle)
  • Luigi: I wonder what the princess got planed for me today.
  • (Kirby jumps in frount of him)
  • Kirby: Hold it right there!
  • Luigi: Who are you?
  • Kirby: The thing is, who are you?
  • ??????: Enough talk you two!
  • (A dark figure zoom past them)
  • Luigi: I'm Luigi and you must be Kirby.
  • Kirby: How did you know?
  • Luigi: Lucky guess. Now, can we race or what?
  • Kirby: Okay, but I'm hope you like losing.

Luigi Defeated

  • Luigi: NOOOOOOOOO! How can this be?

VS. 4 Paragoomba

  • Kirby: 4 Paragoombas? This will be easy
  • Paragoomba #1: New guy eh?
  • Paragoomba #2: You can't beat up in race.
  • Paragoomba #3: You'll see!
  • Paragoomba #4: ...
  • Kirby: Let's see who's right in a little race.

4 Paragoombas Defeated

  • Paragoomba #1: No!
  • Paragoomba #2: I... don't... beviele this.
  • Paragoomba #3: Why?
  • Paragoomba #4: ...

VS. Bandanda Dee

  • Bandanda Dee: Nice to see you here Kirby.
  • Kirby: Me too.
  • Bandanda Dee: So, can we race?
  • Kirby: We you can it's such a nice day.
  • Bandanda Dee: Not as nice is when I beat you.
  • Kirby: I'm not so sure about that.

Bandanda Dee Defeated

  • Bandanda Dee: You win Kirby...

VS. 3 Piranha Plants

  • (Kirby encounters 3 Piranha Plants)
  • Kirby: Hey, what's up?
  • (Plants chomp)
  • Kirby: Huh?
  • (Plants chomp again)
  • Kirby: Okay, tell you what. Let me pass and I'll give you some plant food.
  • (Plants chomp angerly)
  • Kirby: Take that as a no, eh? Okay, I warned you.

3 Piranha Plants Defeated

  • (Plants chomp sadly)

VS. Mario

  • ??????: Ha ha! Mario, you can't win!
  • Mario: That's what you think!
  • ??????: And that's what I know
  • (?????? traps Mario)
  • Mario: I'm traped! You won't get away with this, Bowser!
  • Bowser: Oh, but I already did!
  • Kirby: Mario?
  • Mario: Kirby?
  • Kirby: What's up?
  • Mario: Bowser is.
  • Kirby: Here, I'll help you out.
  • (Kirby frees Mario)
  • Mario: How about a race?
  • Kirby: Okay.

Mario Defeated

  • Mario: Mamma Mia. I lost.


  • Bowser: I'm almost at Peach's Castle.
  • (Peach stops Bowser)
  • Peach: Just where do you think you're doing?
  • Bowser: Give me your castle or it shall be destoryed!
  • ?????: Not on my watch Bowser!
  • (Kirby flies in on his Warp Star)
  • Kirby: That castle belongs to Peach.
  • Bowser: Oh yeah. Just to remind you that I got this.
  • (Holds up gold star)
  • Bowser: It's mine and if you want, you need to beat me in race.
  • Kirby: Okay than, let's race!

Bowser Beated

  • Bowser: Foiled again!

World 2

Kirby meets Dedede

  • (Cutscene starts at Bowser's Castle)
  • Bowser: Curse that pink puff for beating me!
  • ?????? ??.: Bowser, we got bigger news.
  • (Bowser Jr. drops in)
  • Bowser Jr.: A penguin just crashed into the pavement of the village.
  • (Scene goes to Dedede head suck in the pavement)
  • Kirby: Hi Dedede
  • King Dedede: Hi Kirby.
  • (Goes back to Bowser and Bowser Jr.)
  • Bowser: No matter, my other koopalings will take care of it. One even has a gold star like me.
  • Bowser Jr.: Really, who?
  • (Cutscene goes to the village as a dark figure arives to World 2-Castle
  • ??????: Kirby's not here.
  • ???? ????: Hey you!
  • (It was Boom Boom)
  • Boom Boom: Do you mind I'm preparing for a race.
  • (The figure flew away)

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