Mario Kart 7X: A New World is a Mario Kart game for the 3DS and a reissue of Mario Kart 7. It was released the same day as Mario Kart 8's second DLC pack. Some returning tracks in this game are from the latter's DLCs, since those tracks had been originally planned to appear in this game only, but developers thought to try out adding downloadable content on the Wii U and decided to add more tracks to the console installment and re-add them in this game as retro tracks.



Kart Parts







Mario Kart 7X has a total of eleven cups, one of them available by default. Each, except the Moon Cup, is split into two smaller "cups" with 4 tracks each and you get a separate trophy and rank for each half. As usual, some of the tracks are new and some are returning. Also some of the cups' and retro tracks' names have been changed.

CherryCupMKNW Cherry Cup AcornCupMKNW Acorn Cup* Star Star Cup* Special Special Cup* DiamondCupMKNW Diamond Cup* Moon Cup*
Mario Kart World Stage Mario Kart Grand Stage Acorn Wind Road Gold Leaf Forest Koopa Canyon Dry Bone Boneyard Wingo's Watchtower
Fortune Square Sunset Docks Mario's Royal Circuit Cherry Blossom Street Deep Dark Cave Wario's Diamond Excavation Rosalina's Observatory
Fun Fun Park Magic Carpet Ride Lighthouse Point Moo Moo Fields Shy Guy Palace Footlight Passage Dry Bowser's Castle
Peach's Paradise Airship Central Luigi's Haunted Tower Bowser's Castle Rainbow Road Retro Rainbow Road
ShellCupMKNW Shell Cup* Bell Bell Cup* LeafCupMKNW Leaf Cup* LightningCupMKNW Lightning Cup* CloudCupMKNW Cloud Cup*
Animal Crossing Riverside Park Neo Bowser City Rosalina's Ice World Kalimari Desert Dry Dry Ruins Snow Land DK's Mountain Pass Cloudtop Cruise Piranha Plant Pipeway
Koopa Cape Yoshi Desert Moonview Highway Electrodrome Wario's Gold Mine Banshee Boardwalk Boo Lake Wario's Galleon Sunshine Airport Tick Tock Clock
Wild Woods Hyrule Castle Tour Waluigi's Arcade Music Park Daisy's Cruiser Wario's Colosseum Ice Ice Outpost Bowser's Night Castle Cheep Cheep Island Mushroom Bridge
Rock Rock Mountain Thwomp Ruins Shy Guy Bazaar Super Bell Subway Maple Treeway Airship Fortress Rainbow Road Toad's Factory Shy Guy Falls Champion's Road


Cups How to unlock
Acorn Cup Obtain a trophy in the Cherry Cup.
Star Cup Obtain a trophy in the Acorn Cup.
Special Cup #1 Obtain two trophies in the Cherry, Acorn and Star Cups.
Special Cup #2 Obtain a trophy in the first Special Cup
Diamond Cup #1 Obtain two trophies in the Special and Lightning Cups.
Diamond Cup #2 Obtain a trophy in the first Diamond Cup
Shell Cup Obtain a trophy in the Cherry Cup.
Bell Cup Obtain a trophy in the Shell Cup.
Leaf Cup Obtain a trophy in the Bell Cup.
Lightning Cup #1 Obtain two trophies in the Leaf Cup.
Lightning Cup #2 Obtain a trophy in the first Lightning Cup
Cloud Cup Obtain a trophy in the Leaf Cup.
Moon Cup Obtain two trophies in every other cup.

Demo tracks

The following tracks were available in the free demo version of the game, released a month before the official release. Coincidentally, all new demo tracks are from the first Acorn Cup, even though they didn't keep their original name. Another difference is that retro tracks had their original console name next to the track name in the demo, but not in the final version.

Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Mushroom Cup ShellCupMKNW Shell Cup
Acorn Plains N64 Kalimari Desert
Mario Circuit GCN Mushroom Bridge
Magic Carpet Mansion 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
Peach Lake WiiU Hyrule Circuit

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