Mario Kart 4DS
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) The Nintendo 4DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing!
Series The Mario Kart!
Predecessor Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 4DS is the ninth Mario racing game, '13TH if you count the Arcade versions in the series! The game features similar modes to the other games & is set to release in December of 2017!

The Drivers

The Default Drivers

Image Character Description Weight
215px-MarioMP8a Mario Everyone knows who Mario is! Mario is here again to show off the racing skills! Medium!
LuigiHat Luigi Everyone should also know who Luigi is! Luigi wants to try racing at the tracks! Cruiser
Yoshi Happy YBA Yoshi Yoshi, the lovable dinosaur is ready to join Mario into racing! Medium!
BowserNSMBU-transparent Bowser Heavy
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Heavy
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Medium!
WarioMP7 Wario Heavy
Toad Brawl Toad Feather
Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette Feather
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Cruiser
Daisy MP10 Daisy Medium!
Peach - Mario Party 10 Peach Light
Green Koopa New Koopa Troopa Feather

The Unlockable Drivers

Image Character Description Weight
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Cruiser
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Light
E Gadd Solo LM2 Professor Elvin Gadd Medium!
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo Medium!
Kamek Suprised Kamek Light
Monty Mole NSMBU Solo Monty Mole Feather
FunkyKongJungleClimber Funky Kong Heavy
Chunky kong 02 Chunky Kong Heavy
Bouldergeist Bouldergeist Heavy
Captainlouieolimar Olimar Medium!

The Unlock Criteria

The Unlocked Character The Unlock Criteria
Waluigi Clear 150cc Shell
Toadsworth Clear Three Time Trials!
Professor Elvin Gadd Have the Luigi's Mansion 3 save data, then do 70 races
Birdo Clear 50cc Mushroom!
Kamek Clear 100cc Leaf!
Monty Mole Clear 100cc Lightning!
Funky Kong Clear seven Time Trials, then get one star on all 100cc Retro Tracks!
Chunky Kong Defeat at least one expert trial trials!
Bouldergeist Get one star on all 150cc Mirror Nitro Tracks!
Olimar Get three stars on all 150cc Mirror Retro Tracks!

The Tracks!

The Nitro Tracks!

SuperMushroom FireFlower Star The Special Cup
Wario Raceway Luigi Pinball Pikmin Trail Luigi Circuit
Chain Chomp Roulette Mario Circuit Lethal Lava Land Waluigi Coliseum
Bob-Omb Fortress Toadsworth Circuit Donkey Kong Forest Bowsers Castle
Shy Guy Trail Ice Flower Meadows Elvin's Techno Lab Rainbow Road

The Retro Tracks!

GreenShell BananaPeel SuperLeaf2 ThunderboltNoGlow
DS Figure-8 Circuit GBA Lakeside Park GCN Mushroom City U Electrodome
DS Mario Circuit SNES Vanilla Lake 1 DS Shroom Ridge GCN Wario Coliseum
Wii Luigi Circuit U Twisted Mansion 3DS Rock, Rock, Mountain GCN Bowsers Castle
3DS Shy Guy Bazarre Wii Toads Factory N64 Wario Stadium GBA Rainbow Road

Time Trial Ghost

The Track The Time! The Character The Expert Time! The Expert Character
Wario Raceway 1:37:573 Wario 1:17:777 Wario
Chain Chomp Roulette 3:31:548 Kamek 1:59:446 Kamek
Bob-Omb Fortress 3:17:367 Monty Mole 3:03:576 Monty Mole
Shy Guy Trail 2:27:356 Koopa Troopa 1:57:465 Koopa Troopa
Luigi Pinball 3:37:587 Luigi 3:13:473 Luigi
Mario Circuit 1:17:435 Mario 0:57:349 Mario
Toadsworth Circuit 2:07:435 Toad 1:57:567 Toad
Ice Flower Meadows 1:57:367 Peach 1:37:375 Peach
Pikmin Trail 3:57:747 Olimar 3:37:715 Olimar
Lethal Lava Land 3:57:737 Diddy Kong 3:17:373 Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong Forest 3:07:357 Funky Kong 2:57:485 Funky Kong
Elvin's Techno Lab 4:01:375 Professor Elvin Gadd 3:53:777 Professor Elvin Gadd
Luigi Circuit 3:37:575 Luigi 3:01:563 Luigi
Waluigi Coliseum 4:01:000 Waluigi 3:37:575 Waluigi
Bowsers Castle 4:00:735 Bowser 3:35:333 Bowser
Rainbow Road 7:37:735 Bouldergeist 7:17:307 Bouldergeist
DS Figure-8 Circuit 1:07:637 Mario 0:57:563 Mario
DS Mario Circuit 1:57:457 Mario 1:37:367 Mario
Wii Luigi Circuit 1:07:737 Luigi 0:57:735 Luigi
3DS Shy Guy Bizarre 3:07:353 Koopa Troopa 3:03:777 Koopa Troopa
GBA Lakeside Park 1:57:757 Chunky Kong 1:53:735 Chunky Kong
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 1:37:707 Donkey Kong 1:33:735 Donkey Kong
U Twisted Mansion 3:01:317 Bouldergeist 2:57:731 Bouldergeist
Wii Toads Factory 3:07:537 Toadsworth 2:57:731 Toadsworth
GCN Mushroom City 2:07:737 Toadsworth 1:57:915 Toadsworth
DS Shroom Ridge 1:59:673 Toadette 1:53:737 Toadette
3DS Rock, Rock Mountain 2:37:907 Yoshi 2:17:737 Yoshi
N64 Wario Stadium 3:03:073 Wario 1:57:739 Wario
U Electrodome 3:57:703 Waluigi 3:53:777 Waluigi
GCN Wario Coliseum 5:37:737 Wario 5:17:735 Wario
GCN Bowsers Castle 3:37:763 Bowser 3:33:696 Bowser
GBA Rainbow Road 1:57:777 Rosalina 1:53:555 Rosalina