This page shows details about the courses in Mario Kart 3DSThis includes descriptions, course logos and their respective map layouts.

Mushroom Cup

Logo Name Course Layout Course Map
MushroomCircuitLogo MK3DS Mushroom Circuit

The track starts in front of big stands of bleachers with Toads, Shy GuysBirdosGoombasPiantas and Miis cheering on racers. At the right of the first straight way after starting the course a cruiser with various cheering Toads and Miis can be seen at the left. After that racers will get into a tunnel with boost pannels at the sides where they can get some Item Boxes. Upon exiting the tunnel and driving through a U-curve to the right, racers will go through a zone of various mushrooms platforms with little ramps on some of them that can give a boost. The racers that fall from the mushrooms will have to drive through an underwater zone with various ramps. Another U-curve will be done after exiting the mushroom part, and they'll enter into another tunnel that goes upwards, in the exit a big ramp with a boost pannel will leave racers descend with their Gliders to the ground and turning right will finally lead the racers to the finish line to start the second lap.

ToadTownLogo MK3DS Toad Town

The track starts with a great amount of Toads cheering from behind barriers and in front of some houses. Racers will drive in a straight line to enter into a great circular plaza where a big statue of a Toad with a cape and a sword can be seen in the middle, at this part racers will find a few Item Boxes to use. After this racers will get into a maze of houses, after turning right and left again they will drive through a downhill track with some boost panels and then a big ramp to get to the other side. (There's a shortcut before exiting the houses where a Mushroom or Star must be used) Racers will drive through some curvy tracks with Item Boxes and Boost Panels (another shortcut can be found here with small ramps that give a boost and good jumps to two platforms. Passing through this will ignore the curvy part but if not skilled enough the racer may fall to the water) . After that, racers will go through a short straight where houses and many Toads can be seen to the sides. Racers will pass through a really big boost ramp and do a curve to finally reach the finish line.

SunshineBeachLogo MK3DS Sunshine Beach

The track starts on a big dock-like bridge with Shine Sprite flags at the sides and a small waterfall coming from the right. Racers will in drive through a straight with a boost ramp to descend with Gliders and then through a big curve to the right where Item Boxes can be found. (A shortcut can be found here if racers use the ramp to go to the right and enter inside of a waterfall and going through a small tunnel). After this they'll go straight again to find an underwater part where Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers can be found as enemies/obstacles. There are also some panel boosts here at the sides. Upon exiting the underwater racers will find a small area with Cataquacks and turning right will lead them to a bridge. After this a part with various tiny islands can be found, racers will drive through boost ramps to get on them, if not, they'll drive underwater. After this there's a big curve with more Cataquacks and later the finish line.

HoneyDomeLogo MK3DS Honey Dome

The track starts outside the big dome on a grassy world that highly resembles Honeyhive Galaxy. A brick straight pathway leads to the inside of the dome. Upon entering, racers will immediately turn right and race through the curvy stairs and turn left. Racers will drive straight down a bridge to the other side of the dome, with a few gaps the players can pass by using ramps. Racers now turn right and drive around inside the whole dome, meeting Stingbies on the way. When reaching the other side of the dome, racers exit it by using a big ramp and descending with their gliders. When landing, racers will enter a big area with a lot of Mandibugs. After getting out of there, racers drive straight down and then turn right, getting inside of another area with a few Mandibugs and boost ramps. After turning right again, racers reach the finish line.

Flower Cup

Logo Name Course Layout Course Map
MoonlightStreetsLogo MK3DS Moonlight Streets
MarioCircuitLogo MK3DS Mario Circuit
CloudyAeropolisLogo MK3DS Cloudy Aeropolis
DaisyGreenhouseLogo MK3DS Daisy's Greenhouse

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