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Mario Kart X is the tenth mainstream installment of Mario Kart and 12th overall this game will be on the next nintendo console and will be Rated E. The game will have these options:

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Grand Prix: Race against competitors in 8 cups 4 new 4 retro

Time Trials: Race against time for a new record

Sprite Shiners NEW!: Find sprites, each one is 1 point 

VS: Verse against other competitors for the VS title

Battle: Race in eiether balloon or coin style for the win

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">This game will bring back bikes, tricks, gliders, underwater, antigravity, and the famous Double Dash. This will be the first time two players can ride on a bike and can race in antigravity. Although Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 maximum competitors of 12, This game will have 8 players maximum per race. This game will also have 16 starter and 17 unlockable meaning for a total of 33 racers total.

On WFC there will be ability to race in the reigon, friends, community or worldwide. There will also be a new feature called WW Grand Prix, Meaning that on Nintendo WFC you will be able to have the chance to vote on a course in a 4 race Grand Prix course.

Karts & Bikes will be new each class will have 4 old and 4 new Ex: 2 old bikes 2 new one, 2 old kart and 2 new kart. Meaning that each class will have a close balance of old and new.


<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Feather

Baby Mario

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

Baby Rosalina


Baby Wario

Baby Waluigi

<p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Small


<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Toadette

Koopa Troopa


Dry Bones

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

Bowser Jr.

<p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Medium


<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Luigi







<p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Cruiser


<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Donkey Kong


King Boo

Petey Pirahna

Funky Kong


Dry Bowser

<p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Mii = Middleweight

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Starter Pairs


<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Luigi



Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy



Koopa Troopa





Bowser Jr.

<p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Unlockable Pairs

Baby Rosalina

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Polari

Baby Wario

Baby Waluigi

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong



Donkey Kong

Funky Kong



King Boo

Petey Pirahna

Dry Bones

Dry Bowser

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Mii = Any

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Criteria

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Baby Rosalina: Win 150cc Star Cup

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Polari: Win 100cc Leaf Cup with 1 or more stars

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Baby Wario: Win 50cc Lightning Cup with 1 or more stars

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Baby Waluigi: Do 12 ghost staffs

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Dry Bones: Win 4 ghost staffs

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Diddy Kong: Win all 100cc Retro Cups

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Dixie Kong: Do 400 tricks

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Yoshi: Win 50cc Star Cup with 1 or more stars

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Birdo: Do 20 Time Trials

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Rosalina: Win Mirror Mushroom Cup

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Donkey Kong: Win 50cc Banana Cup

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">King Boo: Win 100cc Special Cup with 1 or more star

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Petey Pirahna: Win 16 Ghost Staff

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Funky Kong: Do 750 tricks

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Lubba: Win Mirror Star Cup

<p style="margin-bottom:0in">

Dry Bowser: Win all nitro 150cc Cups

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in">Tracks

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Mushroom Cup

  1. Sunshine Circuit

  2. Princess Ports

  3. Dryhill Dunes

  4. DK Island

Flower Cup

  1. Mario Circuit

  2. Yoshi Springs

  3. Neon Bowls

  4. Deepsea Ruins

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Star Cup

  1. Fortune Square

  2. Toadstool Chateau

  3. Para – Para Village

  4. Shy Guy's Fort

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Special Cup

  1. Rosalina's Terrace

  2. Sweet Top Coaster

  3. Bowser Castle

  4. Rainbow Road

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in;"> <p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in;">Retro Tracks

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Shell Cup

  1. Wii Luigi Circuit

  2. SNES Choco Island 1

  3. 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon

  4. GBA Cheese Land

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Banana Cup

  1. GCN Mushroom City

  2. 3DS Shy Guy Bazzar

  3. WiiU Toad's Harbor

  4. GBA Yoshi Desert

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Leaf Cup

  1. SNES Donut Plains 2

  2. Wii DK Summit

  3. 3DS Wario's Galleon

  4. WiiU Mario Kart TV Studio

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">Lightning Cup

  1. GCN Bowser Castle

  2. WiiU Cloudtop Cruise

  3. GBA Lakeside Park

  4. DS Rainbow Road

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">Battle Courses

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">Block Bay GCN Tilt A Kart

Clockwork Castle DS Nintendo DS

Birdo's Canyon Wii Chain Chomp Roulette

Waluigi's Dice and Nice 3DS Wuhu Town

Battle Courses


<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Mushroom

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Red Shell

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Fire Flower

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Star

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">3x Mushroom

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Triple Red Shell

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Ice Flower *

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Bullet Bill

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Golden Mushroom

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Green Shell

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Thunder Flower *

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Lightning

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Giant Mushroom

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Triple Green Shell

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Leaf

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">----------

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Metal Mushroom*

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Blue Shell

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">Triple Bomb - Omb*

<p style="text-align: CENTER;">------------

Metal Mushroom: Makes player unknockable from any player of any class

(4th - 8th)

Ice Flower: Freezes racer for a few seconds (3rd - 8th)

Thunder Flower: Stuns racer and makes them small for a few seconds

(4th - 9th)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in;">Triple Bomb – omb: Just like a Bomb – Omb but 3x (6th - 11th)

<p style="text-align: CENTER; margin-bottom:0in;">Karts:

Each class can have 4 karts and 4 bikes and with each duo the two paint jobs.


Standard Kart F

Baby Beast*

DS Dry Bomber

WiiU Para Buggy*

Standard Bike F

Kremling Dasher*

Wii Jet Bubble

Wii Quacker*


Standard Kart S

Dry Dragster*

GCN Toad Kart

Wii Tiny Titan*

Standard Bike S

Sand Shroomer*

WiiU Tiny Trotter

Wii Magikrusier*


Standard Kart M

Wiggle Cruiser*

DS Shooting Star

WiiU Kitty Crawler*

Standard Bike M

Chomper Brewster*

Wii Sugarscooter

WiiU Jet Bike*


Standard Kart C

Kong Speeder*

GCN Koopa King

WiiU Airship*

Standard Bike C

Hammer Queen*

Wii Bowser Bike

Wii Shooting Star*

Wheels Starters:




Wheels unlockable:



Blue Monster




Gliders Starter: Standard, Para – Wing

Gliders Unlockable:

Stork Swiper


Cloud Streamer




Baby Beast: Win 8 ghost staff

Kremling Dasher: Do 250 tricks

WiiU Para – Buggy: Win 50cc Flower Cup

Wii Quacker: Win 100cc Banana Cup

Dry Dragster: Win all 50cc cups

Sand Shroomer: Do 325 Tricks

Wii Tiny Titan: Do 24 Time Trials

Wii Magikrusier: Win 12 ghost staff

Wiggler Cruiser: Win 100cc Mushroom Cup with 1 or more stars

Chomper Brewster: Win Mirror Special Cup

WiiU Kitty Crawler: Do 28 time trials

Wii Sugarscooter: Do all 32 time trials

Kong Speeder: Win 50cc Leaf Cup

WiiU Airship: Do 650 tricks

Bullet Blaster 520: Win all Star Cups

Wii Shooting Star: Win all Special Cups except Mirror

Shell: 300 tricks Wooden: 780 tricks

Slim: Win all 150cc cups with 1 star Stork Swiper: With Airship

Blue Monster: Win all Nitro 50cc cups in 1st Tanooki: Win 100cc Star Cup

Flutterman: 600 tricks Cloud Streamer: With Bullet Blaster

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in;">Points



















Most avalible points = 48 Points

Story Mode

World - Mushroom

1 - 1:

You will have to collect 20 coins before Luigi on Sunshine Circuit. You will be able to only use Red Shells, Green Shells and Bananas.

1 – 2:

You will have to knock out the 5 monty moles in Wii Moo Moo Meadows in a 90 second limit.

1 – :

You can choose an item that will help you in the next challenge.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">1 – 3:

You will have to avoid the major traffic on Sunset Shores without getting hit.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">1 – 4:

You have to beat King Boo in 5 laps of Ghost Valley 1 without collecting coins.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">1 - : Boss

Defeat Larry Koopa by collecting 40 coins before 5:00 minutes.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">World - Flower

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">(This Level has courses from the Shell, Mushroom and Flower Cups)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">2 – 1: You have to race Bowser and Dry Bowser on Dryhill Dunes and win.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">2 – 2: You have to race on Deepsea Ruins backwards.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">2 - : You will race against 7 other people who got a 10 second headstart on

GBA Cheese Land.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">2 – 3: You will race on Neon Bowls and complete a lap within 1 minute and

only using 3 Mushrooms.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">2 – Castle : You will race on Mario Circuit against 3 Bubble Mario's and only use


<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">World - : Leaf ** ( Beat World Flower and Mushroom)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">(This Level takes parts of GCN & This version's Bowser Castle)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">3 – 1: Go through all 10 gates in GCN Bowser Castle Section 4

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">3 - 2 : Get all 40 coins in GCN Bowser Castle Section 2

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">3 – 3: Do Bowser's Castle backwards in 1:15

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">3 – 4: Don't get shot by any of the cannons in Bowser's Castle

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">3 - Boss : Race against 7 bowsers and win only using red shells.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">World - : **

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">(World takes place in the Lightning, Leaf and Special Cups)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 - House : Get special item from Toad eiether Golden Mushroom or Bullet Bill

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 1: Finish Rainbow Road before 3:20

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 2: Do Mario Kart TV Studios Backwards without getting hit by obstacles

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 3: Race Donkey Kong on GBA Lakeside Park and Win

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 - Boss : Race on Rainbow Road and win before it collapses in 3:45

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">World : **

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">(World takes place in Mirror Lightning Cup)

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 1: Pass all 10 rainbow gates in 3DS Cloudtop Cruise in under 1:10

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 2: Win Rosalina and Baby Rosalina in DS Rainbow Road by 5 seconds.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 - Castle  : Verse all 7 Koopalings in GCN Bowser's Castle and get at least 3rd.

<p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – 3: Perform 14 power slides in GBA Lakeside Park in under 1:15.

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in">4 – Boss : Race on GCN Bowser's Castle without any items under 3:00.

<p align="LEFT" style="margin-bottom:0in;"> <p align="CENTER" style="margin-bottom:0in;"> <p style="text-align: LEFT; margin-bottom:0in;">

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