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Mario Kart
North American cover
Developer(s) OrangeProductionsLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan November 21, 1991
Flag of European Union November 24, 1991
Flag of South Korea November 29, 1991
Flag of the United States November 30, 1991
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Media Included NES Cartridge

Mario Kart (known as Mario Kart NES in Europe) is the first game in the Mario Kart series. The game is for the NES and was released sometime near the end of November, 1991.


Mario Kart is a regular racing game for the NES. Players can select a player, and and up to four people (at least two must be computers) will compete. Each cup has 4 tracks, and the average of the tracks determine the cup score and who wins the prize. Some items can also be won in a roulette played when collecting a ? Box, and can help the player place higher in the race.


The Brothers

Mario and Luigi are the two heroic brothers of the Mushroom Kingdom. They have average stats.

The Toads

Princess Toadstool and Toad are the princess and a mushroom retainer (respectively). They specialize in drift and acceleration.

The Villains

Donkey Kong Jr. and King Koopa are Mario's two biggest rivals. They specialize in speed.


Mushroom Cup

  • Doughnut Plains 1
  • Snow World 1
  • Mushroom Kingdom 1
  • Doughnut Plains 2
  • Bowser Castle 1

Mushroom Cup specializes in easy and short courses.

Flower Cup

  • Mario Circuit
  • Mushroom Kingdom 2
  • Snow World 2
  • Doughnut Plains 3
  • Bowser Castle 2

Flower Cup is specializes in longer and challenging courses.


Items are power-ups that come from a special item: a ? Panel. Once you (or an opponent) drives over a ? Panel, you will gain one of the 8 items (which are listed below). Coins, however, will appear throughout the tracks.

The Shells

  • Red Koopa Shell
  • Triple Red Koopa Shells
  • Green Koopa Shell

The Red Koopa Shell will lock on to players, and the Green Koopa Shell will not.

The Speedsters

  • Mushroom
  • Triple Mushrooms

The Mushrooms will make you go faster when you use them.

The Cheatz

  • P-Wing
  • Star
  • Banana Peel

The P-Wing and Super Star are the "cheats" of the game. Cape Feather makes you jump higher and the Super Star makes you invincible. The Banana Peel will, when dropped, make other racers spin out when they touch it.

Other Items

  • Coins

When you collect coins, you gain points. Coins can also get you to move faster. When you fall off the course, you will lose half of your coins.


Along with this version of the game, fans who pre-ordered Mario Kart received a special edition of the game (which was called Mario Kart Collector's Edition or Mario Kart Extended in PAL regions), which included two extra characters: Goomba and Koopa Troopa. Both of the characters would specialize in speed and drift, and their title would become the Villainous Extras.

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