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Mario Kart ∞
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Megamer
Release Date(s)
February 18, 2012 (JP)
March 20, 2012 (NA)
March 30, 2012 (EU & AU)
Grand Prix
Infinity Prix
Time Trial
Free Race
Balloon Battle
Coin Runners
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Media Included Megamer Mini-Disc

Mario Kart ∞ is an upcoming Mario Kart game for the Megamer. It uses many of the new ideas of Mario Kart 7, and even uses some old, forgotten ideas, such as Double Dash mode and Mission Mode! Mario Kart ∞ will also introduce a new mode: The Infinity Prix. The Grand Prix remains as a game mode, working exactly as it has before, but The Infinity Prix introduces 7-track races, used to test a player's real skills! One of the most deadly Infinity Prix's is the Rainbow Cup; you must race through all 7 of the past Rainbow Roads!



  • Grand Prix: Grand Prix is a mode where you must complete four races in a row with the same character and kart. There are eight cups, four modern and four retro. Only eight racers can race at one time. The nitro cups are: The Mushroom Cup, The Flower Cup, The Star Cup, and The Special Cup. The retro cups are: The Shell Cup, The Banana Cup, The Leaf Cup, and The Lightning Cup. There is no limit to the number of coins a single player can hold, but you get slower for every 5 you pick up after 10. Double Dash is allowed.
  • Infinity Prix: Infinty Prix is a gamemode very similar to Grand Prix, but there are 7 tracks per cup, and there are twelve racers. There are only four cups: The Raceway Cup, The Painting Cup, The Handheld Cup, and The Rainbow Cup. Double Dashis allowed.
  • Mission Mode: Mission Mode returns, and involves playing as a character to achieve a certain goals. There is usually a story behind a mission, and winning the missions can unlock special features! Double Dash is disabled.
  • Time Trial: Time Trial is a returning gamemode, where the goal is to use only three mushrooms to complete a three-lap race around any unlocked course. By default, you are racing a staff ghost, whom are somewhat hard to beat. Double Dash is allowed.
  • Free Race: Free Race is a new gamemode where up to twenty-four players can race on a single track, or play a Grand Prix of any number of selected courses. There can be eight OR twelve karts, but using Double Dash mode allows you to have up to two players per kart. Double Dash is allowed.
  • Balloon Battle: Balloon Battle is a returning gamemode that involves attacking your opponents, causing them to lose a balloon, and defending your own balloons using items. Every time a person's third balloon is popped, the popper gets one point. Eight or twelve racers are allowed. Double Dash is allowed.
  • Star Blitz: Star Blitz is a game mode that works similar to Shine Runners. The goal is to find a Power Star (There are 3 locations that respawn multiple times), and make sure you have to the most by the end. You can only hold up to 10 Stars, and each Star beyond 5 slows you down slightly. Each Star you have at the end will get you 10 Coins. Double Dash is allowed.
  • Shop: The Shop is where you go when you want to buy new parts, characters, or videos. Toadsworth runs it. Completing various goals unlocks the items, characters, outifits (for Miis) and videos, but you must use coins to actually aquire them for use.
  • Double Dash: Double Dash is not a game-mode, but it is a changeable option. Activating it allows for two characters to race in one kart, allowing one player to use items and the other to drive. They can switch by both pressing the 3 Button. Mission Mode does not allow Double Dash, but certain missions use it.


  • Left Analog Stick: Move Cursor
  • Right Analog Stick: Change camera mode (Up = 1st Person, Down = 3rd Person middle, Left = 3rd Person close, Right = 3rd Person far)
  • 1 Button: Select/Accelerator
  • 2 Button: Back/Brake/Reverse
  • 3 Button: Switch Drivers (Double Dash only)
  • 4 Button/Left Bumper: Use Item
  • Right Bumper: Hop/Drift
  • Start Button: Pause the Game





Whenever you use Double Dash Mode, there is a stat called Chemistry. Chemistry is how well the two characters work together, and each point in the Chemistry stat raises all other stats by 0.5. You can use the following information to choose the best team possible.

+3 Points

  • Baby Mario + Baby Luigi
  • Mario + Luigi
  • Baby Peach + Baby Daisy
  • Peach + Daisy
  • Baby Rosalina + Luma
  • Rosalina + Lubba
  • Yoshi + Donkey Kong
  • Yoshi + Birdo
  • Wario + Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong + Funky Kong
  • Diddy Kong + Dixie Kong
  • Bowser + Bowser Jr.
  • Toad + Toadette
  • Koopa + Shy Guy
  • Kamek + Fawful
  • Boo Dry Bones
  • Any Mii + Any Other Mii
  • Metal Mario + Metal Luigi
  • King Boo + Dry Bowser
  • Petey Piranha + Dino Piranha
  • Boom Boom + Pom Pom
  • Any Axem Ranger + Any Other Axem Ranger
  • Ms. Mowz + Mowzer
  • Wiggler + Honey Queen
  • Mario + Peach
  • Mario + Yoshi
  • Mario + Toad
  • Mario + Rosalina
  • Mario + Luma
  • Luigi + Daisy
  • Luigi + Yoshi
  • Luigi + Toadette
  • Luigi + Rosalina
  • Luigi + Luma
  • Peach + Rosalina
  • Peach + Toad
  • Peach + Toadette
  • Peach + Luma
  • Daisy + Rosalina
  • Daisy + Toadette
  • Daisy + Dixie Kong
  • Daisy + Birdo
  • Yoshi + Donkey Kong
  • Yoshi + Baby Mario
  • Yoshi + Baby Luigi
  • Baby Mario + Baby Peach
  • Baby Mario + Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Mario + Luma
  • Baby Mario + Toad
  • Baby Luigi + Baby Daisy
  • Baby Luigi + Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Luigi + Toad
  • Baby Luigi + Toadette
  • Baby Peach + Toad
  • Baby Peach + Toadette
  • Baby Peach + Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Peach + Luma
  • Baby Daisy + Toadette
  • Baby Daisy + Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Daisy + Ms. Mowz
  • Baby Daisy + Dixie Kong


Item Description Place Required
Mushroom Boosts the player. Any (Any)
Triple Mushroom Allows the player to boost 3 times. 4+ (5+)
Golden Mushroom Allows the player to boost infinitely for 10 seconds. 6+ (8+)
Mega Mushroom Makes the player massive and able to crush other racers. 4+ (6+)
Mini Mushroom Makes the player small and crushable, but faster. 1-3 (1-4)
Green Shell A simple projectile that bounces 5 times. 1-4 (1-5)
Triple Green Shell Allows 3 shells to be thrown. 3+ (2+)
Red Shell A homing shell that targets the nearest racer. Any (2+)
Triple Red Shell Allows 3 red shells to be thrown. 5+ (5+)
Spiny Shell Automatically targets every place ahead of you, blowing up at 1st. 5+ (7+)
Banana Can be placed or thrown to make others slip. 1-3 (1-4)
Triple Banana Allows for 3 bananas to be dropped. 1st (1st)
Fake Item Box Can be dropped to look like an item box that damages racers. 1-4 (1-5)
POW Block After 3 seconds, causes every ground-bound racer to stop. Any (Any)
Bob-omb Blows up upon contact or after 5 seconds. 2+ (2+)
Double Bob-omb Allows 2 bob-ombs to be thrown. 4+ (6+)
Bullet Bill Similar to a red shell, it moves much faster and cannot be dodged. 5+ (7+)
Blooper Covers the racers in front of the player to get covered in ink. 4+ (5+)
Starman Makes the user invincible and faster for 10 seconds. 6+ (7+)
Fire Flower Allows the player to shoot 8 fireballs. Damage racers. 2+ (3+)
Ice Flower Allows the player to shooot 8 iceballs. Freezes racers. 4+ (6+)
Super Leaf Gives a tail that the user can spin to break/move items. 1-2 (1-3)
Thwomp Targets a random player and squishes them. 5+ (7+)
Lightning Shrinks all racers in front of you. 7+ (9+)
Rainy Cloud Makes the user very slow. Automatically uses itself. 1-2 (1-3)
Chain Chomp Makes the user very fast, and takes control. 7+ (10+)
Lucky 7 It gives the player seven items to use.* 7th only
Steel Kart Turns the kart into a steel machine.** 8th (12th)

*The Lucky 7 remains, because it is still a 'lucky number.' It gives: Green Shell, Red Shell, Mushroom, Bob-omb, Blooper, POW Block, and Starman.
**The Steel Kart causes a very special transformation, but is extremely rare. Once activated, it activatesa cutscene where the driver is driving onward, but the background fades to black. An energy-wave travels through the Kart, turning it to steel, and metal plates envelop the wheels. It lasts until the end of the race, makes you faster, allows you to hurt other players with a touch, you can't use other items, you aren't slowed off-road, and you cannot fall off the edge. You cannot go too far off the edge, as you will hit an invisible wall.


Grand Prix

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup* Special Cup*
World 1-1 Oho Ocean Koopaseum Tanooki-Tree Forest
Star Festival Flip-Switch Track Supermassive Raceway Comet Observatory
Shy Guy's Toybox Mansion Courtyard Flipside Bowser's Castle
Fort Francis Thwomp Volcano Castle Bleck Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup* Lightning Cup*
SNES Ghost Valley 2 GBA Yoshi Desert SNES Koopa Beach 1 GBA Snow Land
N64 Toad's Turnpike GCN Dry Dry Desert GCN Mushroom City N64 Kalimari Desert
Wii Toad's Factory DS DK Pass DS Yoshi Falls Wii Moonview Highway
3DS Pirahna Plant Slide 3DS Music Park 3DS Rosalina's Ice World 3DS Maka Wuhu

Infinity Prix

Circuit Cup Painting Cup* Handheld Cup Rainbow Cup*
DS Figure-8 Circuit Bob-omb Battlefield GBA Lakeside Park SNES Rainbow Road
3DS Toad Circuit Whomp's Fortress 3DS DK Jungle N64 Rainbow Road
GCN Yoshi Circuit Hazy Maze Cave GBA Sky Garden GBA Rainbow Road
N64 Luigi Circuit Lethal Lava Land DS Delfino Square GCN Rainbow Road
SNES Peach Circuit Wet-Dry World GBA Cheese Land DS Rainbow Road
Wii Daisy Circuit Tall Tall Mountain DS Airship Fortress Wii Rainbow Road
3DS Mario Circuit Tick-Tock Clock 3DS Neo Bowser City 3DS Rainbow Road


Modern Retro
Flip-Switch Chaos GBA Battle Course 2
Beat Block War N64 Skyscraper
The Audience GCN Cookie Land
Rolling Coaster Galaxy Wii Chain Chomp Roulette
Skeleton Coaster* 3DS Sherbert Rink*

*Needs to be Unlocked

Unlocking Criteria

Unlockable Criteria
Star Cup Complete both Mushroom and Flower Cups in 1st
Special Cup Complete Star Cup in 1st
Leaf Cup Complete both Shell and Banana Cups in 1st
Lightning Cup Complete Leaf Cup in 1st
Painting Cup Complete the Circuit Cup OR the Handheld Cup in 1st
Rainbow Cup

Complete the Special, Lightning, Circuit, Painting, and Handheld Cups in 1st

Skeleton Coaster Unlocked with Dry Bowser
3DS Sherbert Rink Unlocked with Baby Rosalina


In the beginning, you only start with Mission 1-1. However, you unlock missions as you progress.

Mission 1-1: Classic Showdown

  • Course: Star Festival (1 Lap)
  • Character: Mario (Standard Kart/Standard Wheels/Standard Glider/Standard Propeller)
  • Allies: Peach | Rivals: Bowser
  • Goal: Protect Peach from Bowser! Use items to allow Peach to cross the finish before Bowser.
  • Item Restriction: Only projectiles and weapons.
  • Unlocks: Mario Suit; Mission 1-2

Mission 1-2: Chain Chomp Rampage

  • Course: Koopaseum (3 Laps)
  • Character: Baby Mario + Baby Luigi (Simple Carriage/Standard Wheels/Standard Glider/Standard Propeller)
  • Allies: None | Rivals: 7 Random Racers
  • Goal: Win in First Place, using only Chain Chomps!
  • Item Restriction: Chain Chomps only!
  • Unlocks: Mission 1-3

Mission 1-3: Explosive Battle!

  • Course: Beat Block War (5 Minutes)
  • Character: Wario (Smooth Cruiser/Smooth Wheels/Small Glider/Standard Propeller)
  • Allies: 3 Random Racers | Rivals: 4 Random Racers
  • Goal: Win this battle with the most points, using only explosives!
  • Item Restriction: Bob-ombs, Double Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills
  • Unlocks: Wario Suit; Mission 1-4

Mission 1-4: The Getaway

  • Course: Fort Francis (1 Lap)
  • Character: Waluigi (Smooth Cruiser/Smooth Wheels/Large Glider/Standard Propeller)
  • Allies: Wario | Rivals: 2 Police Car-Driving Shy Guys
  • Goal: Win this race in first!
  • Item Restriction: Bob-ombs, Double Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills
  • Unlocks: Waluigi Suit; Boss 1

Boss 1: The Bully

  • Course: Flip-Switch Chaos (5 Minutes)
  • Character: Choose (Kart Customization Allowed)
  • Goal: Defeat Big Bully!
  • Item Restriction: No Items Allowed!
  • Unlocks: Mission 2-1; The Bully Races! Video

Mission 2-1: Princess Race

  • Course: World 1-1 (3 Laps)
  • Character: Princess Peach (Birthday Girl/Standard Wheels/Small Glider/Mini Propeller)
  • Allies: None | Rivals: Daisy, Rosalina, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina
  • Goal: Win this race in first!
  • Item Restriction: N/A
  • Unlocks: Peach Suit; Mission 2-2

Mission 2-2: The Race In Space

  • Course: Comet Observatory (5 Laps)
  • Character: Baby Rosalina + Luma (Star Gazer/Star Bits/Rainbochute/Star Fueler)
  • Allies: None | Rivals: Rosalina + Lubba
  • Goal: Win this race in first!
  • Item Restriction: N/A
  • Unlocks: Mission 2-3; Baby Rosalina for purchase; Luma for purchase; Star Gazer for purchase

Mission 2-3: Yoshi's Desert Race

  • Course: GBA Yoshi Desert (3 Laps)
  • Character: Yoshi + Birdo (Slick Tongue/Slick Wheels/Parachute/Mini Propeller)
  • Allies: None | Rivals: 7 Random Racers
  • Goal: Win this race in first!
  • Item Restriction: N/A
  • Unlocks: Yoshi Suit; Birdo Suit; Mission 2-3; Birdo for purchase

Boss 2: The Goomba King

Kart Parts

In this game, you can customize your Kart's chasis, wheels, glider, and propeller. The chasis can affect speed, acceleration, and weight. The wheels affect speed, acceleration, and off-road. The glider will affect speed, weight, and off-road. The propeller affects acceleration, weight, and off-road. Gliders open when you launch off of a blue pad, and propellers activate underwater. Small Parts can be used by Feather and Small, Medium Parts can be used by Small, Medium, and Cruiser, and Large can be used by Cruiser and Large. Putting all of the rare Golden Parts gives you a 9.5 on every stat, making the best kart in the game. Golden Parts can be used by any size.

Starting Parts

Type Part Name Size Type Part Name Size
Kart Standard Kart Medium Glider Small Glider Small
Kart Simple Caridge Small Glider Standard Glider Medium
Kart Birthday Girl Small Glider Large Glider Large
Kart Smooth Cruiser Large Propeller Mini Propeller Small
Kart Jungle Rider Large Propeller Standard Propeller Medium
Kart Slick Tongue Small Propeller Mega Propeller Large
Kart Shadow Kart Medium
Kart Monster Kart Large
Wheel Standard Wheels Small
Wheel Smooth Wheels Small
Wheel Dark Wheels Medium
Wheel Slick Wheels Medium
Wheel Barrel Wheels Large
Wheel Monster Wheels Large

Unlockable Parts

Type Part Name Size Type Part Name Size
Kart Red Flare Medium Wheels Blue Flare Medium
Kart Green Flare Medium Wheels Flower Wheels Small
Kart Turbo Carriage Small Wheels Speedster Large
Kart Tom Boy Small Wheels Mushroom Wheels Small
Kart Violet Thunder Large Wheels Heart Wheels Small
Kart Toadmobile Small Wheels Red Monster Large
Kart Todettail Small Wheels Saturn's Ring Medium
Kart Heart Carriage Small Wheels Eggy Wheels Small
Kart Flower Carriage Small Wheels Fluffy Wheels Small
Kart Rainbow Carriage Small Wheels Bone Wheels Medium
Kart Stargazer Small Wheels Mini-Barrels Large
Kart Eggzort Medium Wheels Ghostly Wheels Medium
Kart Shelly Ride Small Wheels Star Bits Small
Kart Cloud 9 Small Wheels Slippery Wheels Medium
Kart Cloked Rider Small Wheels Propeller-Wheels Large
Kart Spellgazer Small Wheels Golden Wheels N/A
Kart Ghastly Tongue Medium Glider Flowerchute Small
Kart Bone Rider Medium Glider Carriachute Small
Kart Rocketbarrel Medium Glider Blazerchute Medium
Kart Barrel Blast Medium Glider Parachute Medium
Kart Banana Hoard Medium Glider Rainbochute Large
Kart Rainbow Ride Large Glider Bonachute Large
Kart Star Biter Large Glider Golden Glider N/A
Kart A-Dasher Large Propeller Infishroom Small
Kart B-Dasher Large Propeller Cloud Fueler Small
Kart Haunt Rider Large Propeller Barrel Blast Medium
Kart Pipeway Large Propeller Star Fueler Medium
Kart Good Egg Large Propeller Boolosus Large
Kart Great Bone Large Propeller Airship Propeller Large
Kart Airship A Large Propeller Golden Propeller N/A
Kart Airship B Large
Kart Golden Kart N/A





  • Coin Runners was a planned Game Mode, but it was scrapped in favor of Star Blitz
  • Rosalina and Lubba replaced Honey Queen and Wiggler or unknown reasons, but at a later date, Honey Queen and Wiggler were once again confirmed as playable characters

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