Mario Kart: X-Speed
Mario Kart X-Speed Cover
The Game's Cover
Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) Kart Racing, Team Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8
Successor Mario Kart: Triad Teams
Mario Kart: X-Speed is an upcoming Mario Kart game for the Wii U and 3DS, it will feature mostly returning cast members as well as several new character and of course new courses to play on. Returning features from the game include, underwater, gliding and anti-gravity. New features include Dimension Jumping, which has opened up many different types of paths to be formed.

Game Modes

Standard Racing (1-5 Players Local, 2-16 Players Wi-Fi)

Standard Racing involves the player pitting themselves against Computer AI or other players in the tracks they have unlocked and using the characters they have unlocked. They can pick four Tracks from any cup they have unlocked and can battle in both regular races and time trials now. Time Trials also allow a maximum of 3 Ghosts to appear with the player.

Battle Mode (2-5 Players Local, 2-8 Players Wi-Fi)

Battle Mode pits various players against each other in 3 mini-games designed around non-race format versions of tracks which appear in the Standard Racing. The two returning Game Modes, Balloon Battle and Coin Rally make their return. Balloon Battle has had one major aspect change however, to make it more tournament like when a player loses their balloons they are out until the game is over, coin rally remains the same as previous versions. The new game is called Cat and Goomba which involves all but one player being Cats chasing after the designated Goomba character, the Kart of the Goomba player will be brown and their racer will be a Goomba while all other players will remain the same, red shells and triple red shells do not appear in this mode. The Goomba is given 1.5x speed and 1.2x acceleration to the other drivers as to avoid being easily caught, the whole aim is to deal 11 hits on the Goomba before the timer runs out, if the timer runs out the Goomba wins, if the players defeat the goomba before the timer runs out the player with the most hits will win.

Dimension Jumping

Dimension Junping is a new ability that occurs when the player passes through a Dimension Gate, these gates are labelled as 2D, 3D and Twisted Dimenison. All exit Gates are 3D while entry gates can be either 2D or Twisted Dimension and can change between the two in some levels.

2D Dimensions will have the player's kart remain 3D but glow, it is when they approach a wall which is glowing that the ability will activate turning them into 2D and giving a side view of the race, during these sections the player can swap between Foreground, Central and Background each providing different paths the karts will take and can land them in different areas of the track. Once exited a wall the player will return to 3D again and remain glowing until they pass through a 3D Gate.

Twisted Dimension is a bizarre ability where the player's kart will re-arrange itself into a Tripod shape and the level for them will morph changing how the track is progressed in 3D. This can include some areas stretching out while others crunch together, some turns might go to another part of the track. For players not in Twisted Dimension the racers in Twisted Dimension will disappear from both the track map and their view.

It is important to note it is not required to enter a Dimension Gate, to avoid this the player has to hold down A on the 3DS and Right Arrow on the Wii-Remote (Held Sideways).

Race Tracks

As with all Mario Kart Games, a variety of Tracks have been added (as well as the required Rainbow Road) as well as the return of some Tracks classified as Retro Courses. Below are two tables displaying the tracks in each Cup. Another change is that in this version the number of Cups has been increased to 5 for both Modern and Retro, the number of tracks in a Cup remains the same however.

Modern Cups

Track No. Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Cherry Cup Star Cup Special Cup
1 Yoshi Circuit Wiggler's Den Mushroom Castle Ludwig's Sky Battle Mario Mania Circuit
2 Jungle Atoll Daisy Sunset Geode Caverns Peach's Flower Forest Mega Circuit
3 Birdo Cliffs Lakitu Blizzard Hammer Bro Bunkhouse DK's Fire and Ice Bowser's Tower
4 Goomba Canyon Dark Lands Luigi Bounce Capital Wario Wrestling Studio Rainbow Castle

Retro Cups

Track No. Shell Cup Leaf Cup Yoshi Cup Barrel Cup Lightning Cup
1 Mario Circuit (WiiU) Tick-Tock Clock (DS) Yoshi Falls (DS) Choco Mountain (N64) Pirahna Plant Slide (3DS)
2 Moo Moo Meadows (Wii) Ghost Valley (SNES) Sherbet Land (N64) Grumble Volcano (Wii) Maple Treeway (Wii)
3 Royal Raceway (N64) Shy Guy Bazaar (3DS) Mini Circuit (GC) Bone Dry Dunes (WiiU) Bowser's Castle (WiiU)
4 Delfino Square (DS) Cheese Land (N64) Electrodome (WiiU) DK Mountain (GC) Rainbow Road (Wii)


As always there are a variety of Characters appearing from past Mario Kart games as well as some new characters. In total there are 48 Playable Characters (excluding Mii).

Starting Characters

Character Name Weight Class Special Weapon
Mario Medium Fire Flower
Luigi Medium Thunder Charge
Peach Medium Parasol
Bowser Heavy Spiky Shell
Kamek Light Koopa Wand
Donkey Kong Heavy Mega Kart
Diddy Kong Medium Peanut Gun
Yoshi Medium Yoshi Fruit
Birdo Medium Egg Bombs
Toad Light Toad Mushroom
Toadette Light Love Magnet
Koopa Troopa Medium Half-Dozen Koopa Shells
Koopa Paratroopa Light Paratroopa Wings
Rosalina Heavy Starbits
King Boo Heavy Boos
Wario Heavy Gaseous Boost

Unlockable Characters

Character Name Weight Class Special Weapon
Daisy Medium Daisy Blossoms
Baby Mario Light Chain Chomp
Baby Luigi Light Starry Night
Bowser Jr. Medium Spiky Shell
Baby Peach Light Peach Charm
Baby Daisy Light Daisy Charm
Dry Bones Light Bonemerang
Wiggler Heavy Wiggler Fury
Petey Pirahna Heavy Chomping
Waluigi Medium Surprise Traps
Funky Kong Heavy DK Drums
Larry Koopa Light Blue Flare
Roy Koopa Heavy Bullet-Zooka
Lemmy Koopa Light Circus Ball
Wendy O. Koopa Medium Magic Rings
Iggy Koopa Medium Green Jolt
Morton Koopa Jr. Heavy Ground Pound
Ludwig Von Koopa Medium Wiggle Jump
Metal Mario Heavy Metal Roller
Blue Silver Luigi Heavy Silver Spikes
Pink Gold Peach Heavy Golden Barrier
Red Onyx Bowser Heavy Onyx Bombs
Shy Guy Light Mask Teleportation
Boom Boom Heavy Fist Fury
Pom Pom Heavy Shurikens
Cranky Kong Medium Mega Cane
Motley Bossblob Heavy Gelatinous Glue
Boss Brolder Heavy Diamond Armour
King Kathunk Heavy Spike Traps
Queen Bee Heavy Swarm Summon
Anti-Mario Medium Dark Crash
Mii Any Any Ability (Random)


In Mario Kart:X-Speed the player can choose from a variety of different vehicles for their character to race in, each vehicle has its own stats for Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Mini-Turbo, Drifting, Drafting, Handling and Off-Road. There are four categories a vehicle is classified to in this game; Kart, Truck, Bike and Quad.

Karts are the most basic of the vehicles having appeared in every Mario Kart game, Karts are generally well-rounded in Mario Kart:X-Speed with a slight boost in handling and a slight weakness in off-road, each weight class is assigned 10 Karts.

Trucks are a new type of vehicle only available to Medium and Heavy weight classes, Heavy weight classes have more Trucks with 7 whereas Medium Weights have 3, Trucks are given slight boosts to Weight, Off-Road, Mini-Turbo and Drafting however the two major weaknesses for a Truck are its Acceleration and Handling, it also has a slight disadvantage in Drifting.

Bikes have been changed from previous Mario Kart games and are now only available to Light and Medium weight classes, Light weights get 7 and Medium weights get 3. Bikes have an advantage in terms of Speed, Acceleration, Drifting and Handling however suffer in Off-Road, Drafting and especially Weight.

Lastly Quads are another all-available vehicle with Light and Heavy weights being given 3 each while Medium weights get 4. Quads have excellent Off-Road, Acceleration and Handling although suffer in Speed, Weight and Mini-Turbo.

50cc permits Bikes and Quads, 100cc permits Quads and Karts, 150cc permits Karts and Trucks.

Initially players will only have access to the standards for each weight class however can unlock new Karts by certain criteria, also Vehicles no longer have a bar indicating its performance in a certain field instead having a Star rating like in older Mario Kart games with a maximum possible of 10 stars.

Vehicle Name Weight Class Vehicle Type
Standard S Kart Light Kart
Little Wiggler Light Kart
Sly Squirrel Light Kart
Yoshi Egg Light Kart
Bouncy Cheep Cheep Light Kart
Coin Cart Light Kart
Camo Hills Light Kart
Cheerful Double Cherries Light Kart
Rose Hearts Light Kart
Little Tyrant Airship Light Kart
Standard S Bike Light Bike
Witchcraft Soarer Light Bike
Baby Wheeler Light Bike
Masked Wheels Light Bike
Bony Bruiser Light Bike
Bounce-Ball Shooter Light Bike
Paratroopa Ascender Light Bike
Standard S Quad Light Quad
Mushroom Basher Light Quad
Magic Brick Defender Light Quad
Standard M Kart Medium Kart
Lakitu Cloud Medium Kart
? Block Basher Medium Kart
Fire Flower Charger Medium Kart
Old Steamer Medium Kart
Hissing Serpentine Medium Kart
Battle Tank Medium Kart
Desert Marauder Medium Kart
Beanie Mobile Medium Kart
Solar Racer Medium Kart
Standard M Bike Medium Bike
Thunder Bro. Strike Medium Bike
Ice Skate Ringlet Medium Bike
Standard M Quad Medium Quad
Jungle Terror Medium Quad
Barrel Surprise Medium Quad
ATY (All-Terrain Yoshi) Medium Quad
Standard M Truck Medium Truck
Birdo Diver Medium Truck
Princess Protector Medium Truck
Standard L Kart Heavy Kart
Colossal Castle Heavy Kart
Rhino Rider Heavy Kart
Spectral Duster Heavy Kart
Vegetable Smasher Heavy Kart
Nessie Speeder Heavy Kart
Galaxy Glider Heavy Kart
Big Boss Buster Heavy Kart
Banzai Destroyer Heavy Kart
Pyro Fanatic Heavy Kart
Standard L Quad Heavy Quad
Sunshine Supreme Heavy Quad
Big Top Heavy Quad
Standard L Truck Heavy Truck
Monster Mayhem Heavy Truck
Shell Buster Heavy Truck
Wario Roller Heavy Truck
Blade Cutter Heavy Truck
Mansion Master Heavy Truck
Spike-Ball Commander Heavy Truck


As with all previous Mario Kart games items can provide tactical advantages or disadvantages. While most items are returning from previous Mario Kart Games some will not due to a Special ability.


Green Shell Red Shell Spiny Shell Fake ? Block Bob-Omb
Bullet Bill Mushroom Triple Mushroom Triple Green Shell Triple Red Shell
Golden Mushroom Star Power Banana Peel Triple Banana Peel Blooper
Lightning Cloud Hammer Cat Bell Super Horn Boomerang Flower

Hammer - The Hammer acts similarily to the Pirahna Plant from Mario Kart 8, the main difference being that the player would have to manually use the hammer, but as an add-on the hammer would create a small shockwave giving hte player a potential double or triple hit.

Cat Bell - The Cat Bell will hover over the user's head slowly rattling back and forth, this is an indication for other drivers to avoid this driver as the Bell sound creates small waves in the air which can spin out a racer. The bell will gradually increase in intensity of noise to the point where it is making 3 Kart Wide soundwaves after this it will disappear.

Personal Comments

I'm ok with anyone borrowing ideas, just give credit I apologize if anyone thinks I have stolen their ideas and I haven't given credit, I gurantee you that I have only looked at Mario Wiki for research into parts of the game and of course please do not edit this page it is still my property. ~Serperion555

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