Mario Kart: Ultimate Championship Racing!! is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Thrii coming Fall 2015.


Starting Characters
Character Weight
Mario Medium
Luigi Medium
Peach Light
Daisy Light
Toad Feather
Bowser Heavy
Yoshi Light
Donkey Kong Heavy
Wario Cruiser
Waluigi Medium

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Paratroopa Feather
Donkey Kong Jr. Cruiser
Diddy Kong Light
Baby Mario Feather
Baby Luigi Feather
Unlockable Characters
Character Weight
Birdo Medium
Bowser Jr. Light
King Boo Cruiser
Petey Piranha Heavy
Toadette Feather
R.O.B. Heavy
Shy Guy Feather
Baby Peach Feather
Baby Daisy Feather
Dry Bones Feather
Dry Bowser Heavy
Funky Kong Heavy
Rosalina Cruiser
Wiggler Cruiser
Honey Queen Bee Heavy
Pink Donkey Kong Cruiser
Dixie Kong Light
Mr. Game and Watch Feather
Dry Parabones Feather
Meowser Heavy
Lubba Heavy
Pokey Cruiser
Bugaboom Heavy
Fly Guy Feather
Goomba Feather
Paragoomba Feather
King Whomp Heavy
Whimp Feather
Nabbit Medium
Waddlewing Light


Ninji Feather
Sonic Medium
Tails Medium
DLC Characters
Character Weight DLC Pack
Dr. Mario Medium Doctor Pack
Dr. Luigi Medium Doctor Pack
Kamek Light Evil Pack
Kamella Cruiser Evil Pack
Tatanga Medium Evil Pack
Elder Princess Shroob Heavy Evil Pack
Mallow Light RPG Pack
Geno Medium RPG Pack
Fawful Medium RPG Pack
Cackletta Cruiser RPG Pack
Chunky Kong Heavy Donkey Kong Pack
Lanky Kong Medium Donkey Kong Pack
Kremling Medium Donkey Kong Pack
King K. Rool Heavy Donkey Kong Pack


New Courses
Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Bullet Cup Special Cup
Mushroom Cup Circuit Mario Circuit Kremling Forest Luigi Circuit Bowser's Castle Ruins
Mushroom Kingdom I Mushroom Kingdom II Mushroom Kingdom III Mushroom Kingdom IV Retroland
Toad's Grand Amusement Park Boxing Stadium Yoshi's Island Mario's Party Bowser's Castle
Deep Water Cliffs No Man's Desert King Boo's Mansion Sunshine Skies Rainbow Road
Bowser Jr.'s Castle Peach's Castle Ice Ice Peaks Green Hill Zone Final Trial Galaxy
Retro Courses
Shell dCup Banana Cup Hat Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
WII Luigi's Circuit WIi Daisy's Circuit GBA Sunset Wilds N64 Wario Stadium WIIU Cloudtop Cruise
3DS Daisy Hills SNES Choco Island 1 SNES Koopa Beach 1 GBA Ribbon Road WII Moonview Highway
SNES Ghost Valley 1 GBA Cheeseland WIIU Twisted Mansion WII Dry Dry Ruins 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
GBA Riverside Park DS Mario Circuit WII Toad's Factory WIIU Electrodrome SNES Bowser Castle 3
WIIU Thwomp Ruins GCN Mushroom City 3DS Maka Wuhu SNES Vanilla Lake 2 GBA Rainbow Road
DLC New Courses
Pill Cup (Doctor Pack) Goomba Cup (Evil Pack) Axems Cup (RPG Pack) Barrel Cup (Donkey Kong Pack)
Dr. Mario's Office

Tatanga Battle

Paper Plains 25m
Mushroom Kingdom V Mushroom Kingdom VI Mushroom Kingdom VII Mushroom Kindom VIII
Infected Patient Shroob Planet Fantasy Hills Cranky Labs
Snowman Land Koopaling Tower Pi'illo Castle Banana Hoard
Dr. Luigi's Office Bowser Galaxy Smithy Factory Donkey Kong's Frozen Island
DLC Retro Courses
Virus Cup (Doctor Pack) Koopa Troopa Cup (Evil Pack) Dream Cup (RPG Pack) Banana Bunch Cup (Donkey Kong Pack)
GBA Peach Circuit SNES Bowser Castle 1 WIIU Dragon Driftway N64 DK Parkway
N64 Moo Moo Farm GBA Bowser Castle 2 WII Maple Treeway GCN DK Mountain
DS Yoshi Falls WIIU Bone-Dry Dunes GBA Luigi Circuit DS DK Pass
WII Mushroom Gorge N64 Banshee Boardwalk GCN Dino Dino Jungle WII DK Summit
3DS Wuhu Loop DS Wario Stadium SNES Mario Circuit 4 3DS DK Jungle

(Items, Vehicles, and Modes coming soon!)

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