Mario Kart: Ultimate Callenge
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
1-12 Players (Grand Pix, VS), 1-10 Players (Double Dash Mode)
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Nintendo Switch Catridge

Mario Kart: Ultimate Challenge is the ninth main instalment of the Mario Kart series. It was developed by BlooP-OW for exclusive release on the Nintendo Switch. The game is the successor of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and several assets are taken directly from this game. Like other Mario Kart titles, Mario Kart: Ultimate Challenge does introduce some new gimmicks like surfacing racing; also old features, like underwater, gliding, and zero gravity segments return. Much more emphasis has been placed on item usage, and the amount of items present in the game has been substantially increased from the past instalemnts. The Battle Mode from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also returns, as does the Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS. Some new modes like 150cc Foggy and 150cc Backwards appear for Grand Pix, and Double Dash for Versus mode, that makes the returm of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! gameplay.

New and Old Features

Some old features from the other Mario Kart games returns: The fully 3-dimensional tracks, multiplayer, drifts and 150cc Mirror Mode (MK64); the single-player VS mode (MKSC); Two players racing in one kart (at one new mode at versus race called Double Dash) and unlockable characters and vehicles (MKDD); online multiplayer, Retro Cups that feature tracks from all past titles and Mission Mode (MKDS); save files, bikes, tricks, half-pipe ramps, the ability to look behind, and the Mario Kart Channel (MKWii); glider ramps, underwater racing, vehicle customization, and the ability to race with a first-person view (MK7); Palette Swaps (MKAGPDX), anti-gravity, Mario Kart TV, ATVs, Highlight Reels, Spin Boosts, the ability to switch from traditional to motion controls while racing, Stamps, 200cc, DLC (MK8), Ultra Mini-Turbo (MK8DX).

Some new features were added, such as:

  • Surface racing: allows racers to race on the surface of water, lava or any other liquid; if there is a surface panel, that works like an anti-gravity panel, near the surface of water or lava, the player races at it's surface (if it does not appear, the player races underwater, or under other liquid, or needs to avoid lava and poisoned water). Just like in anti gravity mode, drivers receive a speed boost whenever they bump into other drivers or special bumpers found throughout the track. The surface usually have waves, so, the players can use them to do tricks.
  • 150cc Foggy and 150cc Backwards for Grand Pix
  • Mario Kart Jukebox
  • Mario Kart Shop
  • Mario Kart Track Creator
  • Mario Kart Paint


Maintaining most elements from previous Mario Kart games, Mario Kart: Ultimate Challenge is a kart-racing video game with a heavy emphasis on using items to hinder opposing racers. Players pick a character, which is placed in one of three different weight classes that determine the base stats of the character's vehicle. Players are then able to mix-and-match different customization pieces in order to create their vehicle, which they will then use to race around various obstacle course-like racetracks in an attempt to place first out of sixteen other racers. Players receive different amounts of points depending on their position at the end of the race; with the winner of the Grand Prix determined by the one with the most points overall. For the first time in the series, the game features 16 racers, as opposed to the 12 of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 or the 8 of all other titles in the series.

Point spread comparison
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Super Mario Kart,
Mario Kart 64,
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
9 6 3 1 0 0 0 0 - - - - - - - -
Mario Kart: Double Dash,
Mario Kart DS
10 8 6 4 3 2 1 0 - - - - - - - -
Mario Kart Wii 15 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 - - - -
Mario Kart 7 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - - - - - - -
Mario Kart 8 15 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - - -
Mario Kart: Ultimate Challenge 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Gold background signifies victory results, with a unique winning animation and music.

Silver background signifies moderate win results.

Bronze background signifies losing results, with losing animations and music.


Mario Kart: Ultimate Challenge features 79 playable characters (excluding the Pallette Swaps), the most of any game in the series, Characters are broken up into five weight classes, with their stats being changed to further categorize them. There are Feather, Light, Middleweight (Medium), Cruiser and Heavy racers. With the exception of crossover characters (Link, Villager, Isabelle, R.O.B., Don-chan, Mametchi, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Binky, Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl), all playable characters from all previous mainline instalments return.

Some characters also have unlockable Pallete Swaps (these Pallete Swaps don't appear as rival racers). Some characters, like Fire Mario, Ice Luigi, Cat Peach and Tannoki Mario appears as Pallete Swaps, altough Dry Bowser, the skeleton version of the King Koopa, who appeared in MKAGPDX as a Pallete Swap appears as a normal character.

There is one stamp for each driver and one stamp of the character's emblem. The palyer can collect both stamps of one racer if it wins one Grand Prix with this character.

The racers below are disposed in the deaful partner gropus for the Double Dash VS mode, which lets you play with two characters in a car. By general, the partners are default, having a default name to them. The player can however, switch the partner to it's liking.

Starting racers

The game begins with 16 racers (relative to the number of the racers' position, from 1st to 16th) and with the Mii racer (that can't be chosen in the player's first GP race)

Image Character Weight
Miis Mii Any
Image Character Weight Image Character Weight
Mario MP100 Mario Medium 252px-Luigiart Luigi Medium
Peach - Mario Party 10 Peach Medium Daisy MP10 Daisy Medium
Yoshi Mario + Rabbids art Yoshi Medium Birdo MP9 Birdo Medium
Toad SM64S Toad Light Toadette SM64S Toadette Light
Wario MP100 Wario Cruiser Waluigi DBKWii Waluigi Cruiser
DK Strong Donkey Kong Heavy Donkey kong jr render by nibroc rock-dax3k9c Donkey Kong Jr. Cruiser
Green Koopa New Koopa Troopa Light ParatroopartSMR Koopa Paratroopa Light
Bowser - Mario Party 10 Bowser Heavy Bowser Jr MP9 2 Bowser Jr. Medium

Unlockable Racers

Image Character Weight Image Character Weight
Rosalina-MPTop100 Rosalina ​Cruiser SMO Pauline (no mic) Pauline


301px-BMarioSluggers Baby Mario Feather BabyLuigiSluggers Baby Luigi Feather
339px-Babypeachsimple Baby Peach Feather Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Feather
Wiggler MK7 Wiggler Cruiser Flutter - MP Island Tour Flutter


Toadsworth2 Toadsworth


Light Captain Toad miner Captain Toad


4A94C587-E6E4-4E68-8380-E9DA8E57EFD1 Baby Rosalina Feather Lumaspecies Luma


Diddy Kong SSB4 Diddy Kong Medium Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong


Mario Showing PMTMF Paper Mario


Feather Mario and luigi paper jam paper luigi by fawfulthegreat64-d94c00j Paper Luigi


Shy Guy CTTT Shy Guy Feather Ninji SMR Ninji


Mario Party Star Rush King Boo King Boo Heavy Petey Piranha MPSR Petey Piranha Heavy
PiantaTree Pianta


Cruiser NokiShell Noki


Cappy-1 Cappy


Feather Glydon Glydon


PlessieSolo Plessie


Heavy Dorrie SM64S Dorrie


LakiRed Lakitu Light Spike - Mario Party 10 Spike


SMG Queen Bee Honey Queen Heavy GreenSprixie Sprixie Princess


Metal Mario by Nibroc Rock Metal Mario Heavy C8WdzkuUQAAcMob Pink Gold Peach Heavy
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit


Light Monty Mole NSMBU Solo Monty Mole


Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Funky Kong Heavy Cranky Kong New Cranky Kong


MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World Magikoopa


Medium MotleyBossblob Motley Bossblob


E gadd E. Gadd


Light Gearmo Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gearmo


SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom


Cruiser PunpunSolo Pom Pom


Dry Bones MPSR Dry Bones Light Dry bowser new render by nibroc rock-daxjexr Dry Bowser Heavy
KRool Smashified King K. Rool


Heavy Lord fredrik 02 Lord Fredrik


SMO Chargin Chuck Chargin' Chuck


Cruiser Sumo Bro. Solo Art Sumo Bro.


HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bro.


Medium SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro.


King Bob-omb MPSR King Bob-omb


Heavy WhompSSB4 Whomp


LemmySSB4 Lemmy Koopa Feather IggySSB4 Iggy Koopa Medium
LarrySSB4 Larry Koopa Light WendySSB4 Wendy O. Koopa Light
MortonSSB4 Morton Koopa Jr. Heavy RoyKoopaSSB4 Roy Koopa Cruiser
LudwigSSB4 Ludwig von Koopa Cruiser KoopaKidTransparent Koopa Kid


Dr. Mario - Miracle Cure Dr. Mario


Medium KvFPDji Geno



Unlocking Criteria

Racer Standard Criteria Mario Kart Shop Criteria
Toadsworth Win 50cc Mushroom and Shell Cups
E. Gadd Win 50cc Egg Cup
Pauline Win 50cc Special Cup
Shy Guy Win 50cc Bell Cup
Rosalina Win 50cc Lightning Cup
Dixie Kong Win 100cc Flower Cup
Noki Win 100cc Star Cup
Lakitu Win 100cc Feather Cup
Baby Diasy Win 150cc Crystal Cup
Diddy Kong Win 150cc Banana Cup
Dry Bones Win 150cc Leaf Cup
Baby Luigi Win Foggy Egg Cup
Hammer Bro. Win Foggy Crystal Cup
King Boo Win Foggy Leaf Cup
Baby Peach Win Mirror Star Cup
Funky Kong Win Mirror Bell Cup
Pianta Win Mirror Feather Cup
Baby Mario Win Backwards Special Cup
Sprixie Princess Win Backwards Lightning Cup
Magikoopa Win 200cc Crystal Cup
Gearmo Win 200cc Feather Cup
Wiggler Win all battle modes at leat once
Flutter Win a battle mode on all battle arenas
Glydon Rank 1 Star or higher in all 50cc Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Baby Rosalina Rank 1 Star or higher in all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Paper Mario Rank 1 Star or higher in all 100cc Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Honey Queen Rank 1 Star or higher in all 100cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Chargin' Chuck Rank 1 Star or higher in all 150cc Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Captain Taod Rank 1 Star or higher in all 150cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Hammer Bro. Rank 1 Star or higher in all Foggy Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Motley Bossblob Rank 1 Star or higher in all Foggy Retro Grand Prix Cups
Sledge Bro. Rank 1 Star or higher in all Mirror Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Plessie Rank 1 Star or higher in all Mirror Retro Grand Prix Cups
King K. Rool Rank 1 Star or higher in all Backwards Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Cappy Rank 1 Star or higher in all Backwards Retro Grand Prix Cups
Metal Mario Rank 1 Star or higher in all 200cc Nitro Grand Prix Cups
Luma Rank 1 Star or higher in all 200cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Ninji Play Time Trials on 2 courses
Monty Mole Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Petey Piranha Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Paper Luigi Play Time Trials on 12 courses
Dorrie Unlock 16 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Sumo Bro. Play Time Trials on 20 courses
Pom Pom Play Time Trials on 24 courses
Pink Gold Peach Unlock 28 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Cranky Kong Unlock 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Boom Boom Play Time Trials on 36 courses
Lord Frederik Unlock 40 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
Spike Play Time Trials on 42 courses
Whomp Play Time Trials on all courses
Dry Bowser Beat all Level 8 missions
Lemmy Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 1 Missions
Roy Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 2 Missions
Larry Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 3 Missions
Wendy Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 4 Missions
Iggy Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 5 Missions
Morton Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 6 Missions
Ludwig Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 7 Missions
Koopa Kid Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 8 Missions
King Bob-omb Rank 1 Star or higher in all Level 9 Missions
Dr. Mario Beat all Mission Bosses
Geno Win all Missions

Pallete Swaps

The Pallete Swaps are unlocked after the player unlocks the primary racer and when the player wins at least 1 cup with it's character. Gold Mario is unlocked with the Gold Kart, Gold Bike, Gold ATV, Gold Tires and Gold Glider in the Gold Pack.

Primary Character Pallete Swap
  • Fire Mario
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Propeller Mario
  • Rock Mario
  • Bee Mario
  • Frog Mario
  • Cape Mario*
  • Gold Mario
  • Ice Luigi
  • Kitsune Luigi
  • Flying Squirrel Luigi
  • Cloud Luigi
  • Boo Luigi
  • Penguin Luigi
  • Wing Luigi*
  • Sunshine Peach
  • Fire Peach
  • Ice Peach
  • Cat Peach
  • Tanooki Peach
  • Sunshine Daisy
  • Fire Diasy
  • Ice Daisy
  • Cat Daisy
  • Kitsune Daisy
  • Black Yoshi
  • White Yoshi
  • Pink Yoshi
  • Cyan Yoshi
  • Blue Yoshi
  • Red Yoshi
  • Yellow Yoshi
  • Orange Yoshi
  • Purple Yoshi
  • Brown Yoshi
  • Boshi*
  • Black Birdo
  • White Birdo
  • Cyan Birdo
  • Blue Birdo
  • Red Birdo
  • Yellow Birdo
  • Green Birdo
  • Orange Birdo
  • Purple Birdo
  • Brown Birdo
  • Pink Toad
  • Cyan Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Red Toad
  • Yellow Toad
  • Green Toad
  • Orange Toad
  • Purple Toad
  • Brown Toad
  • Pit Orange Toad
  • Flying Squirrel Yellow Toad
  • Penguin Blue Toad
  • Archivist Toadette*
  • Biker Wario*
  • Biker Waluigi*
Donkey Kong
  • Super Kong
Koopa Troopa
  • Red Koopa Troopa
  • Bombshell Koopa Troopa
Koopa Paratroopa
  • Green Koopa Paratroopa
  • Spiny Shell Koopa Paratroopa*
  • Dark Bowser
  • Meowser
  • Fire Bowser
  • Ice Bowser
  • Tuxedo Bowser*
Bowser Jr.
  • Dark Bowser Jr.
  • Tuxedo Bowser Jr.*
  • Sunshine Bowser Jr.
  • Fire Rosalina
  • Ice Rosalina
  • Cat Rosalina
  • Cosmic Spirit*
  • Angry Wiggler*
  • Sunshine Wiggler*
Captain Toad
  • Blue Hint Toad
  • Yellow Sleepy Toad
  • Green Banktoad
  • Purple Mailtoad
  • Pink Luma
  • Cyan Luma
  • Blue Luma
  • Red Luma
  • Green Luma
  • Orange Luma
  • Purple Luma
  • Brown Luma
  • Polari*
  • Baby Luma
Diddy Kong
  • Super Diddy
Dixie Kong
  • Super Dixie
Shy Guy
  • Fly Guy*
  • Spear Guy*
  • Snifit*
  • Pink Shy Guy
  • Cyan Shy Guy
  • Blue Shy Guy
  • Yellow Shy Guy
  • Green Shy Guy
  • Orange Shy Guy
  • Purple Shy Guy
  • Brown Shy Guy
  • Black Shy Guy
  • White Shy Guy
  • Bandit*
King Boo
  • Dark Mansion King Boo*
  • Purple Pianta
  • Orange Pianta
  • Yellow Pianta
  • Pink Pianta
  • Green Noki
  • Red Noki
  • Tiara*
  • Green Lakitu
  • Stone Spike*
Sprixie Princess
  • Yellow Sprixie Princess
  • Blue Sprixie Princess
  • Orange Sprixie Princess
  • Purple Sprixie Princess
  • Cyan Sprixie Princess
  • Red Sprixie Princess
Metal Mario
  • Metal Luigi*
Pink Gold Peach
  • Orange Gold Daisy*
  • Orange Nabbit
Monty Mole
  • Mega Mole*
  • Morty Mole
  • Red Magikoopa
  • Green Magikoopa
  • Yellow Magikoopa
  • Purple Magikoopa
  • White Magikoopa
  • Gray Magikoopa
  • Kamella*
  • Kammy Koopa*
  • Psycho Kamek*
  • Silver Gearmo
  • Gold Gearmo
Dry Bones
  • Dark Bones
  • Parabones*
Dry Bowser
  • Dark Dry Bowser
King K. Rool
  • Kaptain K. Rool
  • Baron K. Roolestein
  • King Kusha K. Rool
Chargin' Chuck
  • Old Costume Chuck
Hammer Bro.
  • Boomerang Bro.*
  • Fire Bro.*
  • Ice Bro.*
Sledge Bro.
  • Boomerang Sledge Bro.
  • Fire Sledge Bro.
  • Ice Sledge Bro.
King Bob-omb
  • Chuckya*
Dr. Mario
  • Dr. Luigi*

OBS: The Palletes with a * have Stamps on Mario Kart Painting to be unlocked.

Mission Bosses

Every level of the Mission mode feature a battle against one mid-boss, that appears in the middle of the level (on the mission X-X), except for Level 1, and one boss, that appears always on the end of the level (on the mission X-11)

Image Boss Mission Number Battle
Goomboss New Render Goomboss 1-10
WhompKing SM64S Whomp King 2-2
Eyerok SM64S Eyerok 2-10
Chief Chilly Chief Chilly 3-3
Lanceur smo Mollusque-Lanceur 3-10
Biting Bullet Bill - SMW2 Bull's-Eye Banzai Bill 4-4
Baron Brrr Baron Brrr 4-10
Peewee piranha Peewee Piranha 5-5
Boss brolder Boss Brolder 5-10
Prince Bully Prince Bully 6-6
King Kaliente Darker King Kaliente 6-10
Rollodillo Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Rollodillo 7-7
Bouldergeist Bouldergeist 7-10
Lakithunder NSMBS Lakithunder 8-8
Mechawiggler SMO Mechawiggler 8-10
King Coin Coffer King Coin Coffer 9-9


Some new cups appear on the game, 2 nitro and 2 retro. Egg Cup and Bell Cup return from the DLC from Mario Kart 8, however, as unlockable cups (like Flower, Star, Banana and Leaf cups) and without the coexistence of nitro and retro courses. Crystal and Feather cups appear as new cups for the series.

Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup Mushroom meme

Flower Cup Flower meme

Egg Cup Egg meme

Star Cup Star meme

Crystal Cup Crystal meme

Special Cup Special meme

Royal Stadium

Mario Circuit

Yoshi's Island

Koopa Tower

Bowser Jr.'s Playroom

New Donk City

Mushroom Canyon

Pianta Palms

Snowball Shipyard

Haunted Graveyard

Hammer Dunes

Airship Armada

Baby Circus

DK Ruins

Sprixie World

Jungle Falls

Metal Raceway

Bowser's Castle

Oceanic Lamode

Flutter Garden

Birdo Station

Bob-omb Factory

Blargg Volcano

Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Shell Cup Shell meme

Banana Cup Banana meme

Bell Cup Bell meme

Leaf Cup Leaf meme

Feather Cup  Feather meme

Lightning Cup Lightning meme

SNES Choco Island 1 GBA Broken Pier GCN Mushroom City DS Mario Circuit 3DS Rosalina's Ice World N64 Wario Stadium
GBA Cheep-Cheep Island DS Shroom Ridge SNES Mario Circuit 4 Wii Dry Dry Dunes GCN Bowser's Castle WiiU Bone Dry Dunes
3DS Daisy Hills Wii DK Summit WiiU Electrodome GBA Bowser's Castle 4 WiiU Dragon Driftway DS Bowser's Castle
Wii Toad's Factory WiiU Dolphin Shoals 3DS Rock Rock Mountain GCN Wario's Colosseum GBA Rainbow Road GCN Rainbow Road
  • SNES Choco Island 1:
    • This track is bigger and longer, similar to Choco Island 2. Despite this, there are three laps instead of five. There is one new shortcut at the area with chocolate muds, when the racer needs use a Mushroom to run at chocolate between two Piranha Plants to get at one glider ramp. There are now some chocolate ramps to make tricks with them and one big river made of liquid chocolate that works as one underwater section. One notable difference is that the graphics don't resemble the original SNES style. The background have some chocolate mountains with candies, chocolate ice creams and petit gâteaus, with the sky colored in dark orange, close to brown. It's possible to see in the background the Rock-Candy Mines.
  • GBA Cheep-Cheep Island:
    • Coming Soon...
  • 3DS Daisy Hills:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Wii Toad's Factory:
    • The couse changed a few. At the place where there are three conveyor belts and hydraulic machines that can smash the player, there is now an anti-gravity section at the wall, but the route is too slower. Then, the player can find a gliding pad when it goes outside. Again, the player finds another gliding pad when it goes outside the alarm area. And, finally, at the tractor area which road is covered in mud you can drive in anti-gravity on the sides of the bulldozers and you end with an optional paraglide if you go into the normal way. Now the setting has changed to night and there are two figures of giant robot Toads at the outside parts of the course and the machines outside are moving.
  • GBA Broken Pier:
    • Coming Soon...
  • DS Shroom Ridge:
    • The setting has changed to sunset and there are some anti-gravity sections among the walls at some points, which help avoid the traffic, but the route is slower. The pink pickup trucks have a surfboard which serves as a simple ramp. At one part after the tunnel where the road tilts slightly downhill and then makes an S, there is now one bridge at construction, and now the player races at one section at anti-gravity similar to the one in the remake of DS Wario Stadium, but that section have moving parts, moved by cranes. There is now one shortcut: instead of get the tunnel, the player can use a Mushroom at one hidden gliding ramp and run at one anti-gravity section above the tunnel.
  • Wii DK Pass:
    • Coming Soon...
  • WiiU Dolphin Shoals:
    • The couse has basically small changes: the dolphins also appear at the underwater cavern, alongside with rays, cheep-cheeps, bulbers, cheep-chomps, bloopers, rammerheads, sushis, jellybeams and madpoles. There is also one half-pipe ramp at the anti-gravity section before the gliding ramp. The section before the underwater cavern, where dolphins appear jumping, is now one surface area, bigger, with also one Porcu-puffer jumping there.
  • GCN Mushroom City:
    • Coming Soon...
  • SNES Mario Circuit 4:
    • The course have some changes. As like was made in GBA Mario Circuit in MK8, some parts of the course are slanted and separated from the track to act as an anti-gravity sections. There are 2 sections: each large U-like turn. After the final anti-gravity section there is one secret glider ramp. The course have oil slicks, pipes, cones and Goombas at the normal parts and Waddlewings at the anti-gravity sections. One notable difference is that the graphics don't resemble the original SNES style. You can see one 8-bit Modern Mario Statue at the course. At the anti-gravity sections you can see some flagpoles from NSMB series, with symbols of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Toadette and Bowser. It's also possible to see an helicopter fom MKTV. The background is similar to a mixture of the background of Donut Plains 3 (MK8) and the background of W1 (NSMBW).
  • WiiU Electrodome:
    • Coming Soon...
  • 3DS Rock Rock Mountain:
    • The course has now anti-gravity at the cave with swoopers (where now is longer and larger) and at the uphill mountain section. Also there are some Goombas and Wigglers at the forest section. The course looks more like to W6 (NSMBW), with a backgroung with mountains and clouds instead of mushroom hills.
  • DS Mario Circuit:
    • Coming Soon...
  • Wii Dry Dry Dunes:
    • Now, at the part of the track with an oasis, there is not more the bridge. Otherwise, this part is playable underwater. Also, the ruins section have turned one anti-gravity section (even with the half-pipe ramps). Before going out of the ruins, there is now one gliding section and now more Pokeys are on the section before the finish lap. Now the player can only do the shortcut before the finish lap with the glider. All of the statues have been reworked into stone Koopa and Dry Bones statues. Falling pillars are also seen in this course and can be used in some shortcuts. The Pokeys now work like in Dry Dry Desert course from MKDD.
  • GBA Bowser's Castle 4:
    • Coming Soon...
  • GCN Wario's Colosseum:
    • The track is larger and the player has now to finish it in 3 sections (1 lap) instead of 2 laps, altough all the sections can be completed at least in 2 minutes. The big jump into the spiral is now a gliding section, with the length being extended between the jump and the landing spot. You immediately enter anti-gravity as you drive down, going on until the line where the Wario sign points down. Then you come at the part with the big jump. You can drive in anti-gravity on the side of the cage and use the gliding section over the gap in the middle. You can also paraglide on top of the roof of the next section and jump down from there. Of course you can also drive underneath. The last jump is also a big gliding section, making the course bigger. The first section of the course goes from the start line to the first glider ramp that goes to the spiral. The second section goes from the spiral to the end of the huge dome area. And the final section goes from there to the finish line.
  • 3DS Rosalina's Ice World:
    • The track changed a few, looking more like to Cosmic Cove Galaxy. The first part with with a long curve and a cavern is now with anti-gravity and the long curve now makes an spiral to the cavern that it's now upstairs relative to the beggining of the circuit. Then, at the icy area there are now some Snoodles with the penguins underwater and some Snowmen at the icy plataforms. The cavern have now Freezies and falling icicles; the shortcut at the right is now with anti-gravity and there is now another shortcut with anti-gravity at the left, where you can see another Starshroom. At the finish of the cave there is now an glider ramp because the finish line is now downstairs. At the gliding way there are two star rings similar to N64 Rainbow Road ones (MK8). At the long curve in form of spiral there is now one ice statue of Rosalina with one Luma. At the background you can see now the Cosmic Cove Planet from Cosmic Cove Galaxy and the Starship Mario.
  • GCN Bowser's Castle:
    • The couse have lots of changes. The first part where the path splits into two the Thwomps make waves on the track. The, the lava-filled chamber now have with lava spirals, lava bubbles, lava eruptings and Bowser's Statues shooting lasers. After it and after the giant firebar section, the long curve part in spiral is now in anti-gravity. Then, the parts with numerous turns have now ramps that the drivers can perform Tricks, but with the extreme caution, because there also have giant Balls 'n' Chains (like in MK8) and Cannons launching cannonballs. Then the room with the giant Bowser Machine have now an Bowser's Golem (like the one in MK8) made of blue-lava. The room now is with anti-gravity (before the Bowser's Golem part) featuring jumping Jean de Fillets, blue lava spirals, blue lava eruptimgs and blue lava bubbles. After that, when the player passes in front of Bowser's Golem (without anti-gravity), the Golem can punch the ground to make waves on it. Also, the Golem split giant blue fireballs when it roars. After the room with the Bowser's Golem, the player finds an gliding section, leaving it to the outside of the castle and, before the finish line, there are lava pillars erupting from the ground. The Bowser's Golem part is the only part with blue-lava (the other parts have normal lava); the castle have pictures of Bowser, Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr and you can see Kammy Koopa flying at the gliding section.
  • WiiU Dragon Driftway:
    • Now the mouth, the arms and the legs of the dragon move. At the final lap, you can see that the dragon becomes angrier, shaking the course itself. At the background you can see Gobblegut flying. Also there is some pictures of Lakithunder arround the course and there is now one statue of Giga Lakitu. The course starts out in the place where Spikes and Ninjis are watching, while Lakitus and Galoombas are situated on the other side, apparently cheering for racers.
  • GBA Rainbow Road:
    • The track changed a lot. At the beggining, the player has to dodge some spinners from Paper Bowser's Castle. The first U turn at the beggining of the course is inclinated as one anti-gravity section, with half-pipe ramp. After the anti-gravity section, the player goes to a part filled with ramps that can be used to go through star rings for extra speed. Also, this section have fallen stars and thunder cluds that can hit the player. Another curve leads to another inclinated anti-gravity area, however, splited in two blocks, to the player jump and do another trick from one block to another. After that, the player goes to a straigh area, that allows the player to get two different sections: one straight, like the original version, with lots of speed boots, or the anti-gravity sortcut area (this section levitates and do waves, so the player can do mini-turbos). Both section leads to another sharp turn, that ends with both glider pad and one speed pad. This last section can be raced in two ways: if players hit a glider pad, they have to dodge fallen stars, but try to hit star rings at the same time, if players hit a speed pad, it will continue into a decline course with ramps to do tricks. The track ends with a curve and a decline ramp to the finish line. The track is situated in the middle of space, with Paper Bowser's Castle seen.
  • N64 Wario's Stadium:
    • The track is smaller, making it quicker than the original. The bigger jumper have now a glider ramp and there are now some firebars, mud and oil puddles and speed boots on the track. The larger part of the track is now a underwater section. With the glider ramp, the racer goes directaly tot the finish line and the part of the track between the big jump and the finish line have now gold statues of Waluigi and Wario. Also, at there is now an area with anti-gravity. It's one section at anti-gravity similar to the one in the remake of DS Wario Stadium, but that section have moving parts because it is under construction, moved by cranes. At this area also have tractors and bulldozzers to disturb the racer.
  • WiiU Bone Dry Dunes:
    • There are some changes at the course, for example, the addition of Bone Goombas at the course. The setting has changed to sunset and changes again to night at the final lap (similar to Sunset Wilds). At night, the eyes of the giant Skull gets on blue fire and the track reminds Shy Guy Bazaar.
  • DS Bowser's Castle:
    • Coming Soon...
  • GCN Rainbow Road:
    • Coming Soon...

Battle Mode Stages

The game have the option to choose the new arenas and some old arenas

New Arenas

Star meme 2

Old Arenas

Retro meme

Mario Kart Arena SNES Battle Course 4
Bob-omb Battlefield N64 Double Deck
Stone Spike Canyon GBA Battle Course 2
E. Gadd's Laboratory GCN Tilt-A-Kart
Rammerhead Archipelago DS Tart Top
Tostarena Town Wii Funky Stadium
Paper Book 3DS Honeybee Hive
Galaxy Colosseum WiiU Lunar Colony


During a race, racers can drive through Item Boxes to be granted an item through a roulette. As previously stated, these items are the main focus of a race, as using them may hinder other racers and/or aid the player. These items vary in usefulness depending on the distance from the current frontrunner; with racers closer to the frontrunner receiving less-powerful items (like Bananas or Green Shells), while racers furthest from the frontrunner receiving the most powerful items in the game (like Spiny Shell and Lightning). A mechanic that returns from previous instalments is the ability to carry up to two items at once. With the ability to hold up to two items, racers can switch between the two of them at will.

Old items

Image Item Description
Fake Item Box MKDB Fake Item Box This item imitates an Item Box, in which it is colored red and the ? mark is flipped upside down. It causes opponents to flip over once hit. It cannot block item attacks.
Banana (Mario Kart Wii) Banana Protects the player from incoming items, and spins out other racers that hit it. It can be throw either forwards or backwards.
TripleBananasMK8 Triple Banana Three bananas that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. They can be throw either forward or backward.
Giant Banana Giant Banana Protects the player from incoming items, and spins out other racers that hit it. While the drivers lose control, the Giant Banana splits into five normal Bananas scattered into a pentagon in that area. It can be throw either forwards or backwards.
Blooper - MarioPartyStarRush Blooper Sprays ink on all racers ahead and reduces their visibility.
GreenShellMK8 Green Shell Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
TripleGreenShellsMK8 Triple Green Shell Three green shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
RedShellMK8 Red Shell Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
TripleRedShellsMK8 Triple Red Shell Three red shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
BlueSpinyShellMKS Blue Spiny Shell This winged shell targets the racer in first place, flying above the other racers. It throws the first place racer upwards with a blue explosion.
Bowser Shell Bowser's Shell A humongous shell shaped like Bowser's shell that acts like a Green Shell, going in a straight line, and bouncing around the track, destroying items and knocking over other karts, dropping their items onto the ground. It can be thrown forwards or backwards.
MushroomMK8 Mushroom Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
TripleMushroomMK8 Triple Mushroom Orbits the player's kart, providing them with three separate speed boosts.
GoldenMushroomMK8 Golden Mushroom Provides the player's kart with continuous speed boosts for a short time.
MTUS Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them making them lose their items and slow down for a moment. The Mega Mushroom is invincible to all attacks except those from Star, Chain Chomp, Bullet Bill, Rock Mushroom and Blooper, which let the user destroy items and course obstacles and gives the driver a speed boost. In addition, the player can go off-road without suffering any slow down effect. The effect holds 9 seconds, but will be finished earlier after getting hit by a Lightning Bolt.
Star MK8 Star Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.
BoomerangFlowerMK8 Boomerang Flower Allows the player to throw a boomerang up to three times, hitting racers forward and when it returns.
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flower Allows the player to throw fireballs for a short time that cause other karts to burn and spin out on impact.
SuperLeafSM3DW Super Leaf Gives the player's kart a raccoon tail that can be used to deflect items, knock over opponents and collect coins.
SuperHornMK8 Super Horn Emits a radial shockwave, destroying all obstacles and items, and hitting racers.
YoshiEggNSMBWMK3DS Birdo Egg Yoshi/Birdo Egg A green (Yoshi) or pink (Birdo) egg. They work similarly to a Red Shell, chasing after a kart and knocking it out when collision occurs. After colliding, these eggs randomly let out three items. However, if an Egg takes too long to find a kart, the Egg will break apart but still let out three items. Yoshi Eggs appear for male characters and Birdo Eggs appear for female characters.
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom The player can launch a Poison Muhsroom on the course. Anyone who hits it becomes purple and sick for a long time, ending up moving slow and vulnerable to other karts that makes the racer spin upon contact. An interesting feature of the Poison Mushroom is the fact the player can also become normal again if they run into another Poison Mushroom.
MK8 Deluxe Art - Cape Feather Cape Feather Gives the player's kart a cape that can be used to roughly perform a Spin Jump twice as high as a regular driver can for a period of time.
Heart SMO Heart A pair of hearts that will surround the kart, absorbing the impact of any item that collides with the kart except for Chain Chomps, Bullet Bills, Rock Mushrooms, Spiny Shells, Stars and Lighting Bolts. If used correctly, racers can absorb the item dropped on the road and use it against the other players. The Hearts have no time limit for use, though since there are only two Hearts only two items can be absorbed.
BobombNSMBU Bob-omb Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking over any kart in its blast radius.
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo It makes the racer invisible, so the racer will disappear from the map and from the screen and the opponent won't be able to see the racer. It also allows the racer to be inmune to all items and pass through slowing terrains. Boo will also search for an Item, steal it and give it to the user.
PottedPiranhaPlantMK8 Potted Piranha Plant Automatically chomps on obstacles and other racers, giving a short speed boost for each bite.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust Chain Chomp A huge Chain Chomp is summoned and boosts the kart's speed frantically for a short period of time, while the Chain Chomp knocks out other karts and drops their items onto the ground. After use, the Chain Chomp leaves the kart and goes following the path until it disappears.
Bullet Bill MKW2!! Bullet Bill Transforms the player into a Bullet Bill, rocketing through the track with auto-pilot, and providing invincibility from all terrain and items.
LightningBoltMK8 Lightning Bolt Causes all opponents to drop their items, shrink, and drive slowly for a short time.
ThunderCloudMK8 Thunder Cloud A thundercloud hovers over the recipient, and strikes it with lightning after ten seconds. Before this happens, the user has much higher speed and acceleration while not losing speed when driving off-road, and may pass the cloud to an opponent by bumping into them. Each pass makes the total running time of the thundercloud about 1 second longer.
POWBlock3DWorldModelBlue POW Block A POW block appears on screen and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items. Players who deploy the wheelie button get a milder version of the effect. They won't get affected if they are in the air.

New Items

Image Item Description
Amp NSMB2 prima Amp An Amp that orbits the player's kart, creating an electric shield that blocks any attack against the racer for 10 seconds. Also, anyone that touch the shield will be eletrocuted and paralysed for a few seconds.
Black shell Black Shell A shell that explodes on impact.
Triple Black Shell Triple Black Shell The player gets 3 Black Shells.
BombBoo MKS Bomb Boo The user get one Bomb Boo that rolls arround the racer for a period of time. If the Bomb Boo doesn't hit any other racer or thing, the Bomb Boo will explode at the user.
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World Cannon Box The cannon box puts a cannon on the player's head, which automatically fire cannonballs in a straight line racers, and explodes at the hit racer. It lasts 15 seconds, and can manually be fired too. The cannonballs don't home in on other players, like Red Shells.
CoinCofferSM3DL Coin Coffer Jumps at one other racer, hits it, steal it coins and give back to the racer. 
DashPepper Dash Pepper When used, the user will burst forward in a burst of speed for 5 seconds, faster then a mushroom, but it's harder to control the kart.
DoubleCherry Double Cherry Creates a clone of the user, which will mimick the player's moves. If the clone is hit by an item, it will disappear. All targeting items will affect the clone instead of the user. The player can also use other items, and the clone also can use the item.
SMG2MINE Floating Mine The Floating Mine is a spiked explosive that creates a small explosion once a racer hits it. It will remain suspended in midair, allowing racers to place them as obstacles in gliding segments
Ice Flower Ice Flower Works like the Fire Flower, but the user can throw iceballs forward or backward to make racers freezed in a block of ice for a few seconds. These people will keep their momentum but slide forward for a small while.
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom The player can launch a Mini Muhsroom on the course. Anyone who hits it will shrink for some time.
Oil Barrel Oil Barrels The user gets two oil barrels and, with them, can throw oil puddles on the floor that can make anyone who go across the pool slip.
ACLPottedInky Potted Inky Piranha Plant It spits globules of ink that blind racers in the same way that a Blooper would; though it will only target racers nearby the user. It also grants a speed boost to the user whenever it fires a globule of ink.
RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom The user transforms into a giant rock ball for a few seconds. The giant rock runs faster, defends the racer from oponents items (except the Star, POW Block and Mega Mushroom) and can smash players.
AcornCupMKNW Super Acorn It gives the car squirrel membranes, making it hover in the air. The player can use the jump button to jump highter, like the Cape Feather, and to glide for a longer distance. When the player is on a glider section, it hover even longer.
Thwomp SMG model Thwomp The Thwomp appears sleeping under the racer, and the racer can pass it to another racers. But if the racer gets under the waked Thwomp, it smashes that racer. It's similar to Tunder Cloud.
Triple Bob-omb Triple Bob-Omb The racer get 3 Bob-Ombs that surround the user's vehicle
Triple Fake Item Box Triple Fake Item Box The racer gets 3 Fake Item Boxes that surround the user's vehicle
Galaxy Tweester Tweester Make a Tweester appear in the course, which attack by engulfing the player and shooting him out and causing him to land into somewhere he doesn't want to, making the racer lose his/her items.

Items found on the track

Image Item Description
ItemBoxMK8 Item Box Gives the player 1 random item, based on it's position
DoubleItemBoxMK8 Double Item Box Gives the player 2 random items
CoinMK8 Coin Gives the player a small boost when get; like MKSC, theire is no limit of coins get
5 Coin Gives the player automatically 5 coins, not too easily found in the circuit
10 Coin Gives the player automatically 10 coins; hardly found in the circuit
50 Coin Gives the player automatically 50 coins; only one can be found in the circuit, placed randomly


Kart customization is a returning feature, in where it lets you change various parts of the karts, such as the car body, tires and gliders. Each combination sets a certain amount of stats, which are split into Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling and Traction.

There are 3 types of vehicles: Karts, Bikes and ATVs. For the Double Dash Versus mode, vehicles will be altered so that 2 characters can be together in a single kart.

The unlockable parts can be purchased, with the coins gathered in the races, in Mario Kart Shop. The Gold Kart, Gold Bike, Gold ATV, Gold Tires and Gold Glider are unlocked with Gold Mario in the Gold Pack.


Starting Karts

  • Standard
  • Pipe Frame
  • Standard DS
  • Standard Wii
  • Standard 3DS
  • Standard Wii U
  • Red Fire
  • Soda Jet
  • Wild Wing

Unlockable Karts

  • Coming Soon...


Starting Bikes

  • Standard
  • Standard Wii
  • Standard Wii U
  • Dolphin Dahser

Unlockable Bikes

  • Coming Soon...


Starting ATVs

  • Standard
  • Standard Wii U

Unlockable ATVs

  • Coming Soon...


Starting Tires

  • Coming Soon...

Unlockable Tires

  • Coming Soon...


Starting Gliders

  • Coming Soon...

Unlockable Gliders

  • Coming Soon...


Grand Pix

In this mode, drivers race against 15 other CPU players in a quest to finish first. There are diferent cups to choose from, ranging from the most to the least difficult. Drivers earn points by placing within fsixteen positions. A driver with the most points at the end of the four races wins the cup. The rank of the cup is determined on how well you've driven during the four races in a certain amount of time. Winning all the courses of a cup in the first place grants the player at least One-Star on the ranking of the cup. Along with the Mirror mode, the Backwards mode and the Foggy mode appears as 2 new engine classes

Engine Class Description How to unlock



Easy, the CPU racers are slower. Already unlockable

Two shrooms


Medium, the CPU racers runs normally. Already unlockable



Hard, the CPU racers are faster. To unlock 150cc, the player must win all the cups of 50cc and 100cc engine classes

Fog meme



The tracks are played with a dense fog covering the entire course, with a few layout changes. To unlock 150cc Foggy, the player must win all the cups of 150cc engine class

Mirror meme


The tracks are mirrored from left to right, with a few layout changes. To unlock 150cc Mirror, the player must win all the cups of 150cc Foggy engine class

Reverse meme



The tracks are played from the end to the beggin, with a few layout changes. To unlock 150cc Backwards, the player must win all the cups of 150cc Foggy engine class



Hardest, the CPU racers are extremely fast. To unlock 200cc, the player must win all the cups of the other engine classes

Versus (VS)

Versus is a free mode much like Grand Prix, as the player can race in a single course, or in a random order. Here the player can also set their own rules, which consists in:

  • Choose the appearence of items, or deactivating all of them
  • Choose the difficulty of the CPU racers, according to the Grand Prix engine classes
  • Choose the number of racers (from 6 to 16)
  • Choose the vehicles that can be used, if all of them, or only a specific kind of vehicle
  • Choose if there will be played courses on a random ordem, or in GP order, or even if they will be selected by the player
  • Choose the number of the races played (from 2 to 48)
  • Choose the number of teams on Team Mania (from 1 to 4), and the number of racers on each team (every team has to be the same number of racers)
  • Choose randomly each rule above

Also, some modes of the VS mode can be selected, such as:

Normal Versus

Drivers can race to their own custom settings, but it is otherwise relatively the same to Grand Prix.

Double Dash

Racers can choose two characters and a vehicle to race in the circuits, on the mechnics of Mario Kart: Double Dash. Although it's basically the same a the Normal Versus.

Team Mania 

The racers runs in teams, separated by colours (red, blue, yellow and black). The quanitiy of teams and racers at each team is also pre-determinated. Items only work against the other teams, so, it won't have any effect to the driver's team.

Time Trial

Time Trials allows the player to complete all the laps of a race course in the fastest time possible, only with three mushrooms. The game saves the player's records, and a Ghost for the combo that he or she used. Through Nintendo Network connection, the player can exchange his or her Ghosts to other players, compare their records, and even compete with their Ghosts. Up to fifteen Ghosts can be raced against at the same time, making it an 16-player race.

The game has Normal Staff Ghosts and Expert Staff Ghosts, which appear in the Time Trials game mode. The Normal Staff Ghosts are available at the start, but when the player gets a time higher than the Normal Staff of a track, the Expert Staff Ghost of the same track will be unlocked. Unlock Expert Staff ghosts helps the player to obtain unlockable racers and Courses stamps.

Battle Mode

Battle Modes are considered a bunch of different minigames on Mario Kart style. They are played on special arenas rather than courses, named Battle Courses. In most modes the palyer can either play individual or split into teams; in this case, items only work against the other team, so, it won't have any effect to the driver's team. All the battle modes have 4 minutes.

Battle Mode Description


Balloon Battle

The classic battle style consists on popping opponents' balloons to score, using the items from the Item Boxes. All the racers start with five balloons and must use the items from the Item Boxes to take away a balloon from their opponents. Hitting a rival is worth a score. Balloons can never be regained unless one is stolen from another player using a Mushroom or a Cape Feather, and if all balloons are lost points can no longer be lost or obtained. Losing all balloons halves the player's total points.

Coin NSMB2

Coin Runners

Racers collect the Coins spread in the battle course within the time limit. The racer that has the most Coins when time runs out wins. Racers can use the items to hit the opponents and let drop the Coins they've taken. They're also able to steal Coins by using Mushrooms or other items.

200px-Bobomb - MarioPartyStarRush

Bob-Omb Blast

This mode is similar to Balloon Battle, but rather than using different items, racers can only use Bob-ombs to hit their opponents and score points to win. The bombs can be obtained by running over an Item Box. Every player can hold up to nive of these explosives, and throw whether forwards or drop them backwards. Any kart that make contact with the opponent's bomb or get blown by the explosion, will lose a balloon


Shine Thief

A Shine Sprite is found in a random spot on the course. Once a player grabs it, they must hold on to it without getting hit by any items. If they get hit by an item, they drop the Shine Sprite and another player has a chance to get it. If the player holds the Shine Sprite for a total of 30 counts, they win. Alternatively, it can end when 5 minutes pass without anybody completing 30 counts. When the game ends, the total time the player held the Shine Sprite will be counted toward the player's total points, even if they did not hold onto the Shine Sprite until the timer reached zero.


Renegade Roundup

A mode in which racers play "cops and robbers", with the racers being divided into two teams. One team, known as "The Authorities", has to use Potted Piranha Plants to attack and capture players from the other team, which are known as "The Renegades". Once captured, Renegades are put inside of one of several cells floating above the course. Remaining Renegades can free teammates from the cells by driving over a key switch placed below said jail cells. The Renegades win if at least one member is still running free after the time runs out, and the Authorities win if all the Renegades get captured.

MPST Artwork - Peepa

Peepa Panic


In this new mode, the time is set and 4 Peepas will appear and possess 4 randomly selected racers. The rest of the racers will then have to avoid the possessed ones or they will pass the Peepa onto them. Every player starts with 100 points, and their points will start decreasing after being tagged by a Peepa. If they manage to pass it onto another driver, their points counter will start to slowly recover, however, only 10 points can be recovered. Having their points reduced to 0 will disqualify them. When the timer has 30 seconds left, 3 more Peepas will appear and possess more racers. The winner is the racer with the most points, or the last one standing when time runs out.


Turnip Turmoil


A mode in which racers play "Capture the Flag", with each racer or team having a home base of sorts (marked by a flag with their emblem); beside each base lies a basket of Turnips; if a player runs into someone else's basket, it steals one of their Turnips. The goal is to return in your base without being hit, bringing the most Turnips of others baskets to yours. The player with more Turnips on its basket wins

Power Moon SMO

Moon Taxi


In this mode, players have to act like Taxi drivers, leaving different NPCs to their locations. Each NPC deliver one Power Moon to the racers. Sometimes, the players need to delive more than one NPC at the same time. If the player gets damaged by any item, the NPC will start to run at the course, being picked up by another driver. The most Power Moons the player get, the faster and lighter it turns, being able to delive more and more NPCs. The player with more Power Moons wins.

Mission Mode

Missions mode is a returning single-player mode which the player must complete some tasks and earn a ranking similarly to that in Grand Prix mode. It involves nine levels, each containing nine "missions" and 2 boss battles. Almost always the ranks depend on how much time is left or taken.

There are some kind of missions:

  • Driving through gates - driving in between giant half wheels in the ground. Very often the player has to pass these gates in numerical order.
  • Collecting coins - Players must pick up all the coins set in the track. Players may lose these coins by some obstacle of such course.
  • Destroying item boxes - Players must run over Item Boxes. Usually the racer will obtain Mushrooms after taking a box. In some cases, Item Boxes will move, and the player will have to catch up with it. Other missions the player must take care not to pick up the Fake Item Boxes alongside real ones.
  • Using stars, Bob-ombs, shells or other items to destroy enemies.
  • Performing miniturbos within a certain lap - as said. More miniturbos are often required to finish faster, meaning a higher ranking.
  • Racing a CPU player for one lap - item boxes contain mushrooms and stars that the CPU can't use - the key to win.
  • Hitting CPU opponents with certain items - item boxes contain items that the CPU can't use - the key to win. CPU players will always get other items to self-defense or to attack the racer.
  • Performing tricks - as said. More tricks are often required to finish faster, meaning a higher ranking.
  • Boss/Miniboss Battle - Defeat one specific boss/miniboss at one arena. Using items is usually a must in boss battles. Usually both the player and the boss have a health space, much like in Mario Party series

Sometimes player has to do some of those kind of mission on foggy, mirror, or backwards mode.

Level 1

Number Mission Racer Location
1-11-Boss Hit Goomboss with Yoshi's Egg 4 times

Level 2

Number Mission Racer Location
2-2-Midboss Make Whomp King crush 5 Floating Mines
2-11-Boss Hit Eyerok's eyeball 8 times using Green Shells

Level 3

Number Mission Racer Location
3-3-Midboss Use Super Horn to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the stage 4 times
3-11-Boss Use Cape Feather to hit Mollusque-Lanceur's head 5 times

Level 4

Number Mission Racer Location
4-4-Midboss Finish the race before Bull's-Eye Banzai Bill, using Bob-ombs when necessary to hit the boss
4-11-Boss Use Fire Flower to hit Baron Brrr 5 times

Level 5

Number Mission Racer Location
5-5-Midboss Hit Peewee Piranha 4 times using Boomerang Flower
5-11-Boss Use Ice Flower to hurt Boss Brolder 5 times

Level 6

Number Mission Racer Location
6-6-Midboss Use Mushroom boosts to hit Prince Bully and knock him off the stage 4 times
6-11-Boss Use the Super Leaf to get a tanooki tail and use it to dodge King Kaliente's coconuts and whack them at him 4 times.

Level 7

Number Mission Racer Location
7-7-Midboss Finish the race before Rollodillo, using the Rock Mushroom when necessary to hit the boss
7-11-Boss Collect Bomb Boos to hit Bouldergeist 4 times

Level 8

Number Mission Racer Location
8-8-Midboss Hit Lakithunder using Black Shells 5 times
8-10-Boss Reach the finish before Mechawiggler, using the Cannon Box when necessary to hit the boss

Level 9

Number Mission Racer Location
9-9-Midboss Take the 150 coins from King Coin Coffer, hitting him with random items, while avoiding him and his minions

Mario Kart Channel

The Mario Kart Channel is a feature in Mario Kart seires, where you can see:

Mario Kart Shop

At the shop, you can buy racers, and kart parts with coins you collect at your races.

Mario Kart Jukebox

It's where you can listen to the game soundtracks, including the other eight Mario Kart games soundtracks.

Mario Kart TV

It's a Miiverse integration, which allow players to share their replay videos and comment on others' videos. Also there you can see your saved videos.

Mario Kart Online

Players can race matches online against each other. This time players can race with random people both Worldwide and Continental, they can play in a Friend lobby, they can race against Time Trial Ghosts and they can start and participate in Tournaments. Players can set their own rules for tournaments.

Mario Kart Track Creator

Now the player can use the Mario Kart Track Creator to create your own tracks! And also you can share your tracks and play at others' tracks with Miiverse integration!

Mario Kart Paint

In that mode, players can customize their Miiverse posts creating pictures with the Stamps acquired in the game and now they can change an Stamp's size or paint it. They can also take photos of the gameplay an draw on them to post on Miiverse.

Types of stamps:

  • Driver stamp: There is one stamp for each driver. You obtain one Stamp of one certain character winning at least one Grand Prix with it.
    • Pallete stamp: Some Pallete swamps have one stamp. You obtain one Stamp of one Pallete Swap winning at least one Grand Prix with it.
  • Item stamp: There is one stamp for each item that can be used in the game. You get one by using the Item at both GP and VS modes at least once.
  • Course stamp: There is one stamp for each course in the game. You get one by defeating a Normal Staff Ghost in Time Trial in the specific stage.
  • Trophie stamp: By getting at least one-star ranking of that cup on every engine class (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 150cc Foggy, 150ccMirror, 150ccBackwards, 200cc), you get a Stamp of the trophie of that cup.
  • Boss stamp: There is one stamp for each boss in the Mission mode. You obtain the stamp by winning the misssion with an 3-Star Ranking.
  • Other stamps: Some stamps are already unlocked in the game, like in MK8.

Gold Pack

The Gold Pack is a pack that conitain the golden Pallete Swap of Mario, Gold Mario, and the gold kart parts: Gold Kart, Gold Bike, Gold ATV, Gold Tires and Gold Glider. That Gold Pack has a kind of unlocking criterias to be unlocked. If the player achieve all the following rules, it will receive all the awards of the Gold Pack:

  1. Rank 1 Star or higher in all Engine Classes Cups in Grand Prix
  2. Win at least once in all courses on Normal Versus, Double Dash and Team Mania in VS Mode
  3. Unlock all Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials
  4. Win all battle modes on every battle arena in Battle Mode
  5. Rank 1 Star or higher in all Missions in Mission Mode
  6. Unlock all characters and all Pallete Swaps (except for Gold Mario)
  7. Unlock all karts, bikes, ATVs, tires and gliders (except the Gold ones)
  8. Unlock all Stamps of Mario Kart Painting
  9. Use all items of the game
  10. Listen to all musics of Mario Kart Junkebox


Mario Kart Series

  • Super Mario Kart:
  • Mario Kart 64:
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit:
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!:
  • Mario Kart Wii:
  • Mario Kart 7:
  • Mario Kart 8:
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:


Nitro Courses

  • Royal Stadium:
  • Mushroom Canyon:
  • Baby Circus:
  • Oceanic Lamode:
  • Mario Circuit:
  • Pianta Palms:
  • DK Ruins:
  • Flutter Garden:
  • Yoshi's Island:
  • Snowball Shipyard:
  • Sprixie World:
  • Birdo Station: 
  • Koopa Tower:
  • Haunted Graveyard:
  • Jungle Falls:
  • Bob-omb Factory:
  • Bowser Jr.'s Playroom:
  • Hammer Dunes:
  • Metal Raceway:
  • Blargg Volcano:
  • New Donk City:
  • Airship Armada:
  • Bowser's Castle:
  • Rainbow Road:

Retro Courses

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