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Mario Kart Turbo Race is a Mario Kart Game for the Wii U. It has 37 characters to play as. It will be realeased Summer 2012.





Wii U Cups

Mushroom Cup

  • First Course: Mario Circuit
  • Second Course: Toad Playground (Japan: Toad Park)
  • Third Course: Waluigi Desert
  • Final Course: Peach's Castle

Flower Cup

  • First Course: Yoshi's Island
  • Second Course: Classic Circuit (Japan: Mario Circuit 2)
  • Third Course: Daisy Garden
  • Final Course: Luigi Circuit

Star Cup

  • First Course: Star City (Japan: Shine Town)
  • Second Course: Donkey Kong Jungle
  • Third Course: Bowser Jr. Fortress (Japan: Koopa Jr. Tower)
  • Final Course: Koopa Troopa Beach

Special Cup

  • First Course: Wario Circuit
  • Second Course: Frozen Pass (Sherbet Pass)
  • Third Course: Bowser's Castle (Japan: Koopa Castle)
  • Final Course: Rainbow Road

Retro Cups

Shell Cup

  • First Course: DS Figure-8 Circuit
  • Second Course: 3DS Daisy Hills
  • Third Course: Wii Luigi Circuit

Final Course: SNES Ghost Valley 1

Banana Cup

  • First Course: Wii Toad's Factory
  • Second Course: DS Cheep-Cheep Beach
  • Third Course: 3DS Wuhu Loop
  • Final Course: N64 Royal Raceway

Leaf Cup

  • First Course: N64 Toad's Turnpike
  • Second Course: GBA Ribbon Road
  • Third Course: 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • Final Course: SNES Mario Circuit 4

Lightning Cup

  • First Course: N64 Yoshi Valley
  • Second Course: GCN Wario Colluseum
  • Third Course: GBA Lakeside Park
  • Final Course: 3DS Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

  • Baby Fair (Japan: Baby Carnival)

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