Mario Kart: Triad Teams
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) WiiU
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart: X-Speed
Mario Kart: Triad Teams is an upcoming sequel in the Mario Kart Franchise, it is the eleventh game in the franchise after Mario Kart: X Speed. It brings back Multi-Character Racing, a concept initially concieved in Double Dash, however is expanded upon to accomodate a third character. The playable Roster has expanded to 72 characters although there has been a major change in the playable characters, namely the removal of the Koopalings and a few extra characters.


In Mario Kart: Triad Teams the player is able to choose a variety of stages which include Single Racer, Triple Racer & Battle Mode.

Single Racer Mode

Returning from previous Mario Kart Games, Single Racer Mode allows the player and all competitors to control one character in a grand prix or specifically chosen races. The player's goal is to race around the chosen courses, collecting power-ups and overtaking opponents in an effort to claim first. All Race sets are comprised of 4 Tracks which are either determined by the Grand Prix or Player, depending on the sub-mode chosen. In addition in Grand Prix the player can earn a variety of Medals depending on how well they performed in the races with Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze medals being obtainable. In the Course Select Sub-Mode the player will simply recieve their podium finish.

(2-8 Players Local, ~40 Wi-Fi)

Triple Racer Mode

An upgrade to Double Dash's Dual Racer approach, this mode allows the player to control three character in a single kart with triple the amount of items and differently shaped courses to fit the chaotic nature of this mode. Like Single Racer Mode, Triple Racer Mode allows the player to choose between Grand Prix or Player Selected Courses.

(2-8 Players Local, ~40 Wi-Fi)

Battle Mode

Returning again in the Mario Kart Series, Battle Mode has the player control their three racers in a variety of side-games that test the players skill rather than their speed. In Mario Kart: Triad Teams these modes heavily rely on the player's ability to work with three different characters. The Battle Mode Games are listed below.

  • Balloon Charge (Solo & Team)
  • Tower Crumble Bomber (Team Only)
  • Coin Battle (Solo Only)
  • Jackpot Stock (Team Only)
  • Twister Carnage (Solo & Team)
  • Solar Flare (Solo Only)

Triple Racer

The new concept introduced into Mario Kart: Triad Teams is Triple Racer Racing, this is an expansion on Double Dash which featured Dual Racer Racing. The major factor to Triple Racer Racing is that the player is control of three different characters, with their own unique traits. All Triads are split into a Light, Medium & Heavy Weight character which each share the same Special Item. For example; Baby Mario, Mario & Wario all share the Mega Mushroom while Baby Luigi, Luigi & Waluigi share the Poltergust 5000.


With the addition of the new mode, many new courses are available, this entry in the franchise introduces 16 Cups, 8 Regular and 8 Retro.

Regular Cups

Course No. Mushroom Cup Banana Cup Flower Cup Cherry Cup Mirror Cup Star Cup Fireball Cup Special Cup
1 Mega Circuit Mountain Ascent Fireball Junction Daisy Circuit Delphino Beach Rocket Jet Escape Lava Bomb Field Regal Gateway
2 Goomba Plains Tiki Jungle Clockwork Tower Big Top Drop Piranha Cliffs Luma Fields Bowser Jr. Electro Tower Spaceship Mario
3 Castle Grounds Shy Guy Pyramid Dry Bone Dragon Grounds Sky Peak Dome Toad Treasure Cove Koopa Asteroid Blue Fire Volcano Dread Castle Cave

Peach's Garden

DK Island Magnetic Factory Luigi's Spook Carnival Wario Inc. Rosalina's Comet Jumper Bowser's Castle Rainbow Road

Retro Cups

Course No. Shell Cup Spiny Cup Leaf Cup Yoshi Cup Bullet Cup Barrel Cup Lightning Cup Rainbow Cup
1 Mario Circuit (SNES) Cheep Cheep Beach (DS) Wiggler's Den (X-Speed) Mushroom Bridge (GC) Electrodome (WiiU) Snow Land (GBA) Neo Bowser City (3DS) Rainbow Road (N64)
2 Moo Moo Farm (N64) Luigi Circuit (Wii) Ghost Valley (SNES) Delphino Square (DS) Wario Wrestling Studio (X-Speed) DK Mountain (GC) Sunshine Airport (WiiU) Rainbow Road (GC)
3 Riverside Park (GBA) Melody Motorway (3DS) Choco Mountain (N64) Maple Treeway (Wii) Koopa Beach (SNES) Airship Fortress (DS) Bowser's Tower (X-Speed) Rainbow Road (Wii)
4 Peach Beach (GC) Twisted Mansion (WiiU) Boo Lake (GBA) Piranha Plant Slide (3DS) Royal Raceway (N64) Grumble Volcano (Wii) Rainbow Road (SNES) Rainbow Road (WiiU)


As stated before, the characters are split into Triads with Light, Medium & Heavy Weights each sharing a particular Special Item.

Character Availability Light Character Medium Character Heavy Character Item
Initial Baby Mario Mario Wario Mega Mushroom
Initial Baby Luigi Luigi Waluigi Poltergust 5000
Initial Baby Peach Peach Rosalina Power Star
Initial Baby Daisy Daisy Tatanga Sandstorm
Initial Kamek Bowser Jr. Bowser Mega Fireball
Initial Yoshi Birdo Dino Piranha Egg Bomb
Initial Toad Toadsworth Goomboss Golden Mushroom
Initial Dixie Kong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Mega Banana
Initial Dry Bones Boo King Boo Boo Thief
Initial Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Troopa Hammer Bro. Shell Storm
Unlockable Toadette Piranha Walker Petey Piranha Rose Storm
Unlockable Sumo Bro. Pom Pom Boom Boom Mega POW Block
Unlockable Motley Bossblob King Ka-Thunk Boss Brolder Double Cherry
Unlockable Shy Guy Wiggler King Bob-Omb Seeking Bob-Ombs
Unlockable Mecha Koopa Metal Guy Metal Mario Titanium Slide
Unlockable Starbit Luma Polari Lubba Luma Camouflage
Unlockable Tiny Kong Lanky Kong Chunky Kong DK Boombox
Unlockable Cranky Kong Candy Kong Funky Kong Banana Trail
Unlockable Monty Mole Major Burrows Dry Bowser Bone Rush Barrage
Unlockable Klaptrap Kritter King K. Rool Kremling Command
Unlockable Mimi Dimentio Count Bleck Paper Fold
Unlockable Ninji Rex Chargin' Chuck Dino Charge
Unlockable Lakitu Bee Queen Bee Slow Down Honey
Unlockable Winged Mii Mii Armoured Mii Mii Force Field


Each Weight category has 10 Vehicles available to it with 4 different components; Body, Motor, Wheels & Glider. Each one of these effects the Vehicle in a different way. Since the game has players controlling three characters, all vehicles are karts.

Light Vehicles

Body Motor Wheels Glider
Standard L Frame Standard L Motor Standard L Wheels Standard L Glider
Koopa Shell Shell Rotor Drive Red Shell Wheels Koopa Cape
Winged Squirrel Acorn Accelerator Wooden Wheels Squirrel Glider
Coin Cart ? Block Motor Golden Wheels Coin Cover
Baby Carriage Rattle Motor Plastic Wheels Balloon Glider
Cheep Cheep Mobile Blooper Oil Drive Sea Rock Wheels Urchin Parachute
Bob-Omb Blast Countdown Gear Tick Tock Wheels Explosion Wings
Little Wiggler Jungle Water Motor Swoop Cave Wheels Jungle Leaf Glider
Mini Jet Jet Fuel Propulsion Lunar Wheels Planet Parachute
Mushroom Cart Flower Burn Motor Cherry Wheels Tanooki Glider

Medium Vehicles

Body Motor Wheels Glider
Standard M Frame Standard M Motor Standard M Wheels Standard M Glider
Yoshi Blaster Egg Accelerator Cloudy Wheels Egg Glider
Mini Castle Royal Rotor Crowned Wheels Peach Cover
Harlequin Circus Big Top Motor Brass Horn Wheels Spotlight Glider
Lakitu Puffer Spiny Gears Spiny Wheels Cloudy Cover
Fire Flower Garden Super Mushroom Drive Starman Wheels P-Wings
Triclyde Launcher Bob-Omb Motor Pokey Wheels Birdo Glider
Lunar Cradle Starbit Motor Planetoid Cluster Wheels Ringed Wings
Blooper Trooper Red Coin Motor Cheep Cheep Wheels Mantaray Cover
Barrel Blaster Banana Drive Coconut Wheels Banana Glider

Heavy Vehicles

Body Motor Wheels Glider
Standard H Frame Standard H Motor Standard H Wheels Standard H Glider
Koopa Clown Car Fireball Motor Koopa Rammer Wheels Bowser Glider
Rhino Rider Barrel Motor Bongo Wheels Palm Tree Fliers
Galactic Cruiser Solar Core Drive Black Hole Wheels Starlight Wings
Nessie Speeder Oceanic Turbine Accelerator Beach Castle Wheels Crab Glider
King Bill Bomber Rocket Propulsion Drive Sky High Wheels Banzai Wings
Blue Fire Maniac Volcanic Motor Lava Bomb Wheels Steam Glider
Haunted Mansion Kart Boo Spectral Motor Spooking Wheels Bogmire Wings
Honeycomb Hive Sweet Tooth Drive Wood Work Wheels Canopy Cover
Thwomp Colossi Rocky Gears Stone Carved Wheels Flying Rock Glider


Like in all previous Mario Games, items help or hinder the player along the way, the player may recieve an item that protects them or an item to attack their opponent or possibly even an item that will hurt them.

  • Green Shell
  • Triple Green Shell
  • Red Shell
  • Triple Red Shell
  • Spiny Shell
  • Golden Shell
  • Mushroom
  • Triple Mushroom
  • Mini Mushroom
  • Lightning Cloud
  • Blooper
  • Fake ? Block
  • Super Horn
  • Piranha Pot Plant
  • Goomba Trap
  • Bullet Bill
  • Banzai Bill
  • Banana Peel
  • Triple Banana Peel
  • Hammer
  • Boomerange Flower
  • Ice Flower


Hyrule Racers

  • Triforce Cup
    • Hyrule Field
    • Gerudo Desert
    • Skyloft
    • Ganon's Tower
  • Characters
    • Light: Zelda
    • Medium: Link
    • Heavy: Ganondorf

Popstar Racers

  • Copy Ability Cup
    • Dreamstalk
    • Mirror World
    • Dedede's Castle
    • Zero Dimension
  • Characters
    • Light: Kirby
    • Medium: Meta Knight
    • Heavy: King Dedede

Doki Doki Racers

  • Subcon Cup
    • Pokey Desert
    • Waterfall Cliffs
    • Birdo Temple
    • Wart's Palace
  • Characters
    • Light: Mouser
    • Medium: Clawgrip
    • Heavy: Wart

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