Mario Kart: Top Speed! is the ninth game in the main Mario Kart series, and is developed by Nintendo and JP, Inc.. Zero gravity does not return, though gliding and underwater driving does, and scooters join the line-up of karts. It is for the Wii U, like its predecessor.


The gameplay is effectively the same as previous games. As mentioned above, zero gravity does not return. Bikes and scooters have the ability to perform a wheelie, while karts and buggies cannot. Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS also returns.


Under construction.


  • Mario Circuit
  • EIGHT Sunshine Airport
  • Untitled Music-themed Course


  • Grand Prix
  • Battle
  • Mission


Under construction.


Unknown/Unconfirmed Information

  • In the image for Yoshi and Birdo, they are seen riding in the same kart, implying gameplay similar to Double Dash!!. However, Baby Daisy's artwork shows her in her own kart. Additionally, in the announcement for Baby Mario, Baby Wario, and Baby DK, Nutta stated that the Goo-Goo Buggy only holds one character "in this mode", implying a Double Dash mode.


  • The Poison Mushroom is marked as a new item in promotional material, despite appearing in Super Mario Kart. This is likely because in Super Mario Kart, it was not usable by players.