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Mario Kart: Team and Fun is a new game on 3DS and Daytime Studio.

Playable Characters

M stands for Medium

S stands for Small

L stands for Large




Mushroom Cup

Course Name Character Staff Ghost Time
Birdo Circuit Yoshi and Birdo Nin*MIKO 0:59:120
Blooper Beach Boo and Blooper Nin*Rasner 1:32:293
Peewee Temple Peewee Piranha and Monty Mole Nin*Xtreme 1:59:100
Ninja Showdown Kat and Ana Nin*GOO 2:00:000
Stingby Hive Queen Bee and Wiggler Nin*0POOP0 1:42:150

Flower Cup

Course Name Character Staff Ghost Time
Shy Guy Mania Wart and Shy Guy Nin*Univer 2:17:218
Haunted Cackle Ashley and Red Nin*Killer 2:10:293
Peach Castle Princess Peach and Princess Daisy Nin*TP 2:40:250
Tiki Jungle Tiki Goon and Tiki Tong Nin*Shit 1:56:120
Forever Fever Jimmy T. and Mona Nin*FuckYu 1:53:192

Star Cup

Course Name Character Staff Ghost Time
Bob-omb Factory Bob-omb and Bob-ette Nin*Hawkx3 2:19:444
Mario Raceway Mario and Luigi Nin*Bulbor 1:33:192
Music Circuit Pauline and Kritter Nin*Nooooo 3:51:234
Goomba Valley Goombario and Goombella Nin*King 2:29:212
Funky Jungle Funky Kong and Tiny Kong Nin*Gloria 2:21:888

Shine Cup

Course Name Character Staff Ghost Time
DK Jungle Ruins Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Nin*Seven 2:19:245
Kiddy Kong Raft Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong Nin*Zero 2:00:000
Diddy Jungle Tiki Tank and Tiki Buzz Nin*Hawkx3 2:00:000
Magma Mines Dry Bowser and Dry Bones Nin*Nooooo 2:10:120
Luigi's Mansion Petey Piranha and King Boo Nin*Questy 3:32:250

Special Cup

Course Name Character Staff Ghost Time
Paratroopa Desert Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopa Nin*Demon 2:59:210
Robot Factory R.O.B. and R.O.B.E.R.T.A. Nin*Stupid 1:12:113
Baby Yoshi's Grassland Baby Yoshi and Baby Yoshi Nin*FuckYu 2:27:287
Bowser's Castle Bowser and Bowser Jr. Nin*Sad 3:00:000
Rainbow Road Rosalina and Lubba Nin*Stupid 3:33:333


coming soon


coming soon

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