Mario Kart: Super Speed
Mario Kart Super Speed Logo 2
Developer(s) YellowKoopa
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart

Mario Kart: Super Speed is a Mario Kart game for the Wii U, set for release in 2017. It features characters and items returning from previous Mario Kart titles, as well as new ones making their debut in this game. It also features the Super Speed mechanic, which is found on most tracks. The game features [undetermined] characters in total, not counting the alternate character colors. It also features amiibo compatability. However, while they still unlock Mii suits, they also unlock the characters shown on the amiibo.


The gameplay is very similar to that of Mario Kart 8's, however, instead of Anti Gravity, there is the new Super Speed mechanic, which is found on certain parts of most tracks (excluding retro ones), where there is a special variant of Boost Pad, that, when driven on, will cause the player's kart's speed to increase greatly for a set time, depending on the track. This is often used for parts 


The three stat boosts, from left to right - Kart Boost, Tire Boost, and Glider Boost.

of tracks that are particularly long and are designed to fit the new mechanic. Also, along with karts, bikes return to the game, and behave as they did in Mario Kart Wii.

When cups are completed, the player is rewarded depending on their performance. They recieve a 1 to 3 star ranking, 

determined by coins collected, places finished in, and how much the player falls off the course. The 

higher the star ranking, the greater the reward. Rewards include trophies, stat boosters, karts, and characters. Stat boosts can be used to upgrade any stat the player wishes, the karts and characters are unlockable as usual, and trophies can be viewed in the trophy gallery. They can feature characters, items, or course obstacles.

As for modes, there are two main modes - Singeplayer and Multiplayer. These both behave like they do in Mario Kart 8, and, with these modes also come Grand Prix, VS. Race, Time Trials (Singeplayer only) and Battle Mode. Battle Mode variations include Balloon Battle, Shine Thief, Coin Runners, Bob-omb Blast, and Renegade Roundup from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Once trophies are unlocked, they can be viewed in the Trophy Room. The Trophy Room can be selected on the Main Menu, and once the player does so, they can view all the trophies they've collected thus far.




 Character Portrait Name Trophy Room Entry
Toad - Mario Party

Toad + Colors

Toad is one of many denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. While he's not very brave, he's excited and ready to race! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a light driver with good acceleration but lesser speed.
Shy Guy Shy Guy is a mysterious creature that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an enemy. However, since then, he's also taken on more friendly roles. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, like other lightweight drivers, he favors acceleration but not speed.
Koopa Troopa-0
Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa is a turtle creature that, with his species, has appeared in many Mario games. Too many to count! In Mario Kart: Super Speed he's a light driver with average light stats, but also better handling and more weight.
Baby Mario Baby Mario is simply Mario's younger self. His first appearance is in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where Yoshi had to reunite him with Baby Luigi. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a very light driver with excellent acceleration but less than stellar speed.
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach Baby Peach is Princess Peach's baby self, quite obviously. Even when she was a baby, she just couldn't stop getting kidnapped! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, she's incredibly light but has amazing acceleration.
Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is the baby princess of the Sarasaland Kingdom.


 Character Portrait Name Trophy Room Entry


Mario has always been there to save the fair Princess Peach and her kingdom, no matter what. But when it comes to parties and sporting events, he's not one to miss out! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a well balanced driver that's perfect for karting beginners.
Luigi Switch


While Luigi's not as courageous, charismatic, or well-known as his brother Mario, he's no slack when it's truly time to step up. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a balanced character that favors speed.

There's something about that stare, though..


Princess Peach

Princess Peach might come off as weak or helpless, but that's not quite the truth. In Super Mario 3D World, she was ready to leap into action and go an adventure to save the Sprixie Princesses. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, she's a lighter driver who favors acceleration.

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy isn't as refined as the likes of Princess Peach, but that's not a bad thing. She's always ready to participate in sports and parties, or even kart races! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, she's like Princess Peach, but a bit heavier.


Yoshi is an energetic dinosaur that hails from Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's by far most notable appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, when he has to reunite the baby Mario Bros. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he favors acceleration and weight. Guess it's his turn to ride something, right?


 Character Portrait Name Trophy Room Entry
Bowser - Mario Party 10-1-
Bowser Bowser is the almighty King of the Koopas and Mario's longtime enemy. Truth be told, nobody invited him here.. but he came anyway. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's one of the most heavy surly drivers. He's got excellent speed, but his acceleration is.. meh.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the savior of a faraway island named.. Donkey Kong Island? Anyway, he's actually not the "Donkey Kong" you see in the classic arcade game-- that's his grandpa, Cranky Kong! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's not as heavy as the likes of Bowser, but he's a good choice if you're a fan of handling.

Wario is Mario's iconic doppelganger that's been popular for a while now. He's not quite as heroic as Mario, or reserved, or polite, or even.. well you get the idea. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a good choice if you like speed.

Don't drive right behind him, though..

Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork
Waluigi Waluigi is to Luigi what Wario is to Mario; a bad copy. No, really.. does this look like a copy to you? Anyways, Waluigi is a heavyweight character despite being as skinny as a twig. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's got more focus on acceleration.
Rosalina Rosalina is generally a mysterious person who somewhat keeps to herself. Well, not so much anymore. She's gone so far as to join Mario and co. on their adventures to save.. well, whatever needs to be saved! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, Rosalina is a heavyweight character with somewhat balanced out stats.



 Character Portrait Name Trophy Room Entry
Toadette - Mario Party 10
Toadette Toadette is a young Toad girl that resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, like Toad, she is a lightweight character but with even better acceleration and handling, but less speed. Some people think she has a crush on Toad. I wouldn't look into it..
Toadsworth sunrise stroll by vinfreild-d7no3sq
Toadsworth Toadsworth is Princess Peach's primary advisor and primary worrywart. However, he's not your average old Toad. He's actually quite lively! He even plays sports like golf, tennis, kart racing, and even baseball! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's a heavier lightweight with better speed but worse acceleration.
Parabones nsmb3 nx
Parabones Parabones might seem like an unusual driver, and the truth is, he is! But why didn't we choose Dry Bones instead? Because he's already a course obstacle! Anywho, in Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's got fantastic acceleration, but his speed is rather.. eh. Hey, he's not too bone-dry of a character, right?
No Cloud Lakitu
Lakitu You might be thinking "Wait, Lakitu's the referee, not a driver!" or "What a lazy character choice!" Well, he's bored of being the referee now. He wants to join in on the fun! Don't worry, we hired an intern referee. Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's pretty average for a lightweight. Nothing notable.
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's partner and young hero of Donkey Kong Island. He's been through it all, from having his banana hoard stolen, to having his island frozen solid! In Mario Kart: Super Speed, he's heavy for a lightweight and good speed.
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong is Diddy Kong's girlfriend and secondary young hero of Donkey Kong Island. In Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, he teams up with Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, and Donkey Kong to save their precious island from being eternally frozen over. In Mario Kart: Super Speed, like Diddy Kong, is a heavier for a lightweight but has more acceleration and less speed than him.



Item Image Name & Rarity Trophy Room Entry



The classic Mario Kart item returns once again Mario Kart: Super Speed, where you can plant them on the ground or use it as a barrier for incoming items behind you. Try to get your friends to slip right into them!

Triple Bananas


Triple Bananas appear again in Mario Kart: Super Speed, functioning as more of a barrier than anything else. They can block up to three shots, or you can plant three bananas. You choose! 

Green Shell


Green Shells appear for the umpteenth time in Mario Kart: Super Speed as a very common item second only to the banana itself. While it doesn't lock on to other racers, it's quite bouncy. Hit someone with a Green Shell for satisfaction like you wouldn't believe!

Triple Green Shells


Triple Green Shells return in Mario Kart: Super Speed as one of the '"triple" type items. Like the regualr Green Shell, they're bouncy! Triple the satisfaction!

Just don't throw them all at once..


Red Shell


Red Shells return in Mario Kart: Super Speed, ready to smack into someone! Unlike their green cousins, Red Shells lock onto targets for an almost guarunteed hit! Pow!

Triple Red Shells


Triple Reds shells bounce back into action in Mario Kart: Super Speed! ..Well, okay, they don't bounce. But don't fret, this has triple lock-on firepower to shoot into the opposition! Bing, bang, KAPOW!
Buzzy Beetle Shell SMWU

Buzzy Beetle Shell



Buzzy Beetle shells make their Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart: Super Speed! They function like your average Green Shell, but are able to withstand more bounces and can hit more than one player without breaking. Just don't hit yourself!



Mushrooms are boosting out again in Mario Kart: Super Speed as one of many returning items. Use it for a huge boost to cut across corners and knock your opponents aside, but don't crash into any walls..

Triple Mushrooms


Triple Boost Mushrooms, like their singular counterparts, appear once more in Mario Kart: Super Speed. It's three mega boosts, but take caution not to fly off any cliffs, either. Try them on ramps!

Mini Mushroom



Mini Mushrooms make their Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart: Super Speed. Don't bother using it on yourself: you'll just be shrunk! Throw it or drop it behind you to shrink any opponent who drives into it temporarily. If you become tiny, I'd advise staying away from the other racers unless you're fine with being run over.

Cape Feather


Cape Feathers are returning way back from Super Mario World to join the race in Mario Kart: Super Speed. Hop over your opponents and make them spin out! Take care not to jump over any barriers, or the results might not work in your favor..
Super Leaf Build

Super Leaf


Super Leaves appear again after an absence from Mario Kart 7. When you get this item, just keep on button mashing to whack the opposition away as you hop to 1st Place!

Potted Piranha Plant


Potted Piranha Plants are sprouting once more to join the fray from Mario Kart 8 into Mario Kart: Super Speed! Use them to your advantage; chomp down on your friends enemies alike! Also good for disposing of those pesky Bloopers!

MK8 Fake Item Box
MK8 Blue Fake Item Box

Fake Item Box


The infamous Item Box's doppelganger returns to Mario Kart: Super Speed after its most recent appearance in Mario Kart Wii. While it might look like your run-of-the-mill Item Box from far away, when you try to get something out of it, you get.. bad results. Pay more attention next time!


Fire Flower


Fire Flowers are returning from Mario Kart 8 into Mario Kart: Super Speed as quite a useful item! Throw as many fireballs as you can in about 5 seconds. Have you practiced your button mashing skills lately?
IceFlower LTL

Ice Flower



Ice Flowers are a brand new entry into the Mario Kart series, making its here in Mario Kart: Super Speed! Throw iceballs at your friends and enemies alike as they freeze into ice cubes! Don't forget to mash those buttons!


Boomerang Flower


Boomerang Flowers are coming back from Mario Kart 8 as a long-range item. Use it three times as you throw a boomerang at the other racers, making them spin out. Remember, you can only use it 3 times, so don't be disappointed when it doesn't come back to you.

Mega Mushroom


Mega Mushrooms are finally returning from Mario Kart Wii into Mario Kart: Super Speed! Use it and watch as you squash all of your foes like bugs! It doesn't last too long, though, so enjoy your superpowers while you can!



Bob-Ombs are blasting in from the artillery of King Bowser himself into Mario Kart: Super Speed! Throw it into your opponents to KABOOM them into the air! Be warned, though, don't let the Bob-Omb get hit by an item while it's behind you, or else you'll be feeling the KABOOM. Ouch.
200px-Blooper - MarioPartyStarRush



Bloopers return as a staple of the Mario Kart series in Mario Kart: Super Speed! When you use it, it'll spray ink in the other racers' faces! If you happen to get inked, using a Mushroom or going into water will clean that icky goop right off. If you happen to have a Potted Piranha Plant with you, it'll have a nice calamari lunch. Bye-bye, Blooper!

Lightning Bolt


Lightning bolts make a not-so shocking appearence in Mario Kart: Super Speed! If you're lucky enough to get one of these, all of the opposition ahead of you will be electrocuted and shrunk micro-size! Flatten them like bugs as you zoom ahead to 1st Place!


Thunder Cloud


Being one of the items that had an absence from Mario Kart 8, the Thunder Cloud finally returns in Mario Kart: Super Speed. This smiling little cloud might look cool, but it's actually going to zap you! However, the electric charge makes your engine more effective, so you can cut across rough terrain with ease. Ram into another racer to pass it to them. Try to do it at the last second so they can't seize the opportunity!


Super Horn


Super Horns are returning from Mario Kart 8 as an item in Mario Kart: Super Speed! The horn's blaring sound is so loud that it can even defend you from the mighy Spiny Shell! Or you can just use it on your buddy and slow them down. That also works..

POW Block


POW Blocks return from Mario Kart Wii in Mario Kart: Super Speed! Use this, and you'll cause an earthquake that'll make your opponents spin out. Watch out for falling rocks! ..Okay, not really.

Super POW Block

(Very Rare)


What's this? Another POW Block? It's actually a Super POW Block, making its debut in Mario Kart: Super Speed! When you use it, you'll cause a huge earthquake that not only flips other racers over, but eliminates all the items on the track. Use with caution!

Gold Mushroom


Gold Mushrooms appear again in Mario Kart: Super Speed as an item once again! While you probably won't be seeing this in first, someone who gets it might be seeing you in no time! It's basically an infinite mushroom, but it's timed.. Seriously, have you button mashed before?

Invincibility Star


Invincibility Stars return into Mario Kart: Super Speed as a reccuring item from past installments. Use it, and you'll be invincible! ..For a little while, anyway. But don't let that stop you from cutting across rough terrain and ramming your friends behind you! You're not invincible to falling of the track, however..

Spiny Shell

(Very Rare)

The Spiny Shell, one of the most widely known items in the Mario Kart series isn't going anywhere in Mario Kart: Super Speed! Throw it and watch as it explodes onto the player in first. If you're the one in first, there's a few ways to escape the fiery blue explosion. What are those ways? That's a secret!



King Boo's faithful minion returns as an item from Mario Kart DS, being more unique among the other items. When you put this little guy to work, you'll turn invisible for a brief while, and he'll steal an item from another player! What happens if there's no items, you ask? You get.. disappointment. Sorry!
Bandit MP11




The Bandit makes his first entry in the Mario Kart series here in Mario Kart: Super Speed! While he's not a playable character, he's still quite a useful partner! When you're fortunate enough to get his help, he'll hop on the back of your kart and steal any items from the player unlucky enough to cross your path. But this begs the question, can Bandits steal Bandits? ..No.

Wacky 9



The Wacky 9 is a brand new item appearing in Mario Kart: Super Speed. Well, not BRAND new. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, you'll be awarded with nine items circling you, as follows: Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Mushroom, Bob-omb, Star, Blooper, and a Fake Item Box. My goodness, what's next? A Miraculous 10? An Enigmatic 11? An Amazing 12? Okay, I'll stop.



Cup Emblem Courses

Yoshi Circuit

Goomba Way

Toad Town Sewers


Blooper Bay

DK's Construction Site

Monty Mole Hill


Wario Circuit

King Boo's Castle

Bandit Valley

Bob-omb Factory


Shy Guy Peak

Wiggler Forest

Piranha Plant River


Rosalina's Starway

Shiver Snowfield

Bowser's Castle

Rainbow Road



New to the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart: Super Speed features an achievement system. The achievements can be anything, ranging from winning a race to falling off a course. Depending on an achievement's difficulty, they can earn trophies or stat boosters.


Image Name How to Acquire
Welcome to Mario Kart! Start up the game for the first time.
Winner! Win 1 race.
A Grand ol' Time Finish a Grand Prix in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
Super Mario Odyssey Finish all Grand Prix in 2nd or 3rd place.
Master Karting Finish all Grand Prix in 1st Place. (Note: if achievement is acquired without Super Mario Odyssey already in achievements, the player will recieve both.)



Name How to Acquire



Name How to Acquire
Super Speed Indeed Cut across rough terrain with any sort of speed boost.
Just Rude Smack another racer with a Tanooki tail.
White Tanooki Have a Tanooki Leaf in effect while under the effects of an Invincibility Star.
Power of the Stars Hit at least 5 people in a row while using an invincibility star.
Downsized Be struck by lightning while under the effects of a Mega Mushroom.
Light as a Feather Hop on to a barrier using a cape feather.
Pretty Penny Get 1 coin.
Loadsamoney Have 100 coins in total.


Have 500 coins in total.
Bury me with my Money Have 1,000 coins in total.



Name How to Acquire
Fall Out Boy Fall off a course.
Paper Mario Get crushed by something such as a Thwomp.
Thwompilation Get crushed 15 times.
This Match will get Red Hot Fall into lava.
Blooper Reel Fall into water.
Light as a Feather Hop on a barrier using a cape feather.



Name How to Acquire
Challenger Approaching! Unlock 1 character.
The Gang's all Here Have all characters unlocked. (Amiibo characters do not count.)
Who's that? Scan an amiibo and get the character from it.

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