Mario Kart: Super Shell
Developer(s) PoaR Logo
Publisher(s) PoaR Logo
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
To Be Released
Singleplayer (1 Player)

Multiplayer (1-4 Players)

Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8
Successor None

Mario Kart: Super Shell is a kart racing game for the Personal Computer made by Pug on a Rug Productions. It is unknown when it will be released.


This game gets it's name from a new aspect: Racing on Koopa Shells. Shells are much faster than karts and bikes, but are very weak. Hover, Glider, and Underwater modes are still in the game. Here are how these three modes work with Shells;

Hover: Since the shells are so light compared to the cars, and since they're going so fast, Shell-users can race on walls.

Glider: Two small wings eject from the arm-holes in the shells. This lets Shell-users glide.

Underwater: The weight and speed of the Shells also let Shell-users zoom along beneath the surface of the water.

MK:SS includes first-person mode, but Kart customization is removed. It also has bikes, tricks, and Retro Karts.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters


Returning Items

Name Artwork Description
Coin NSMB2
Coins can be found hovering around tracks. When a racer gets 10, they are given a short boost of speed.
Gives the user a short speed boost.
Mega Mushroom
Makes the user giant for 10 seconds.
Fire Flower
The Fire Flower allows it's user to throw fireballs forwards or backwards. It lasts for 10 seconds, or when the player has thrown 10 fireballs.
Makes the user invincible for 10 seconds.
If driven over, the victim will spin-out for either 3 seconds (kart or bike) or 5 (koopa shell).
When used, all other racers will shrink, making them smaller, slower, and their voices high-pitched. The effect wears off quicker if you are in or close to last place.
Super Horn
When used, it will block incoming items with sound waves.
When launched, the Blooper will squirt large blots of ink on the screens of racers ahead of the user.
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill Art SMWU
This item transforms the racer's kart or bike into a Bullet Bill, which will rocket down the track on auto-pilot for 10 seconds. Note that racers on shells will not be able to get this item.
Fake Item Box
Fake Block
When a racer makes contact with a Fake Item Box, their vehicle spins out for 5 seconds

New Items

Name Artwork Description
Cheep-Cheeps behave like Green Shells. They will shoot forward in a straight line, and will ricochet off walls. After 5 bounces the Cheep-Cheep will disappear.
Deep-Cheeps behave like Red Shells. They will home in on racers one position above the user. Deep-Cheeps are also very fragile compared to Cheep-Cheeps, and will disappear on contact with a wall or item.
Spiny Cheep-Cheep
Spiny Cheep-Cheeps behave like Spiny Shells. It flies over the racers until it gets to the racer in 1st place. Then it dives, making an explosion that spins-out the target and all racers around it.
Coin Coffer
When used, the Coin Coffer will jump on the user's head and attract nearby coins. It will stay for 10 seconds before disappearing. The user keeps all the attracted coins.


*Images Coming Soon* Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups have all-new tracks (16 to be exact), while Leaf Cup is the one Retro Cup.

Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Circuit
  • Koopa Beach
  • Power Flower Raceway
  • Toad Casino

Flower Cup

  • Luigi Highway
  • Kong Mountains
  • PiranhaLand Park
  • BiddyBud Forest

Star Cup

  • WarioWare Warehouse
  • Yoshi's New Island
  • Monty Mole's Cave
  • Bowser's Castle

Special Cup

  • Pokey Cloud Desert
  • Luma Circuit
  • Koopaling Castle
  • Rainbow Road

Leaf Cup

  • SNES Vanilla Lake 1
  • Wii Daisy Circuit
  • 3DS Cheep Cheep Laggoon
  • Wii U Thwomp Ruins




  • Standard VL
  • Goombler
  • Paratrooper
  • Naskart
  • Plumber Cap Small
  • Biddybuggy (Retro Kart)

Medium Weight

  • Standard VM
  • Boulder Roller
  • Matress
  • Pron-Go
  • Plumber Cap
  • Cucumber (Retro Kart)


  • Standard VH
  • Blooper Gooper
  • Money-Mobile
  • Terrainer
  • Plumber Cap Large
  • Bullet Blaster (Retro Kart)




  • Standard BL
  • Monty Roller
  • Lil' Boo-ster
  • Jet Bubble (Retro Bike)

Medium Weight

  • Standard BM
  • Tanooka
  • Boomeranger
  • Sugarscoot (Retro Bike)


  • Standard BH
  • King Boo-ster
  • Boom Boom Bike
  • Wario Bike (Retro Bike)

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