Mario Kart: Super Sanchez is a sequel to Mario Faggio 64, and is a modified version of Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the Game Boy Advance. Like its predecessor, the karts are replaced by motorbikes from the famous Grand Theft Auto series of open-world action games. This time, the bike used is the Sanchez off-road bike, as the title suggests.


This game retain all the newly added elements inherited in Mario Faggio 64, including the crash hazard, the health system, the recovery mechanic, and so on. Due to the presence of coins in Super Circuit, health can be replenished by 0,5 hp each time you collect five coins.

There is also a small change in fourteen courses; Peach Circuit, Mario Circuit, Luigi Circuit,, the four Bowser Castles, the four SNES Mario Circuits, and the three SNES Bowser Castles. These course had concrete surface in the original Super Circuit, whereas in Super Sanchez, the surface is replaced by dirt track, to fit the dirtbike theme this game uses.

In addition, unlike Mario Faggio 64, engine classes were returned, instead of being fixed at 150cc.

New additions

Aside from all elements from MF64 brought back to this game, there are also new elements as well;

  • a small BOOST meter to display the charging of mini-turbos while drifting. It is white when charging, and turns blue when it's ready to release (fully charged)
  • Almost all courses (both the GBA and SNES cups) now incorporate small inclined dash panels, intended for jumping and speed boost at the same time. Once again, to fit the dirtbike setting. These ramps look like the ones found in the game ExciteBike.
  • If you manage to beat all cups in 150cc, you will be awarded with a new bike called Manchez. This has better speed and acceleration, as well as lighter weight, with stronger mini-turbos

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