There are multiple events, each with their own little "advent calender", so to say.

Christmas Advent Calender

Date Name Type
1 December Super Sleigh Kart
2nd December Snowballs Wheels
3rd December Blue Ribbon Glider
4th December Shining Star Bike
5th December Baby Rosalina Character
6th December North Raceway Course
7th December Frozen Fantasy Kart
8th December Candy Wheels
9th December Blizzard Rider Bike
10th December Baubles Wheels
11th December Angel Soarer Glider
12th December Frosty Kingdom Course
13th December Baby DK Character
14th December Golden Ribbon Glider
15th December Little Donkey Kart
16th December Puppet Item
17th December Elf Suit Outfit
18th December Present Palace Course
19th December Ice Bullet Bike
20th December Bell Balloon Glider
21st December Reindeer Racer Bike
22nd December Parade Kart Kart
23rd December Ice Climbers Character
24th December Stable Loop Course
25th December Christmas Cup Cup

Hallo'ween Jack-O-Lantern

Date Name Type
25 October Shadow Factory Course
26th October Pumpkin 3 Kart
27th October Demon Pit Course
28th October Mask Glider Glider
29th October Mushroom Manor Course
30th October Spooky Speedster Bike
31st October Hallo'ween Cup Cup

Easter Egg

The date on which this starts depends on the year. Example: If you use this in 2015, it will start on the 29th of March and end on the 6th of April.

Date Name Type
Day 1 Cookie Castle & Jelly Jump Park Courses
Day 2 Choco Eggs Wheels
Day 3 Rabbit Tunnel & Egg Stadium Courses
Day 4 Bunny Bike Bike
Day 5 Ear Propellor Glider
Day 6 / Easter Cocoa Egg 1 Kart
Day 7 Easter Cup Cup

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