Mario Kart: Boost
Developer(s) Hammy Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix

Time Trials

Double Dash



Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Wii U Disc

Mario Kart: Star Drive, for the Nintendo StarGame is the 9th installment in the Mario Kart series, after Mario Kart 8. This game brings back features from previous installments such as Kart customization from Mario Kart 7, anti-gravity driving from Mario Kart 8 and more. 


Grand Prix

Choose a character, customize your vehicle, and RACE! In this mode, like all other Mario Kart games, you play one cup against 11 other racers. At the end you are given points to determine how well you did and given a trophy if you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Time Trials

See how fast you can beat the course! Another essential for a Mario Kart game, in this mode you are timed and you have to try to get the best time possible!

Double Dash

Two players in one kart or bike, no way! In this new mode, you can play on any course that you've unlocked with two players in the same kart or bike. The player in front drives and the back one uses the items.


You mission, if choose to accept it... In this mode, you have to complete set missions.


There are three games:

Balloon Battle

Pop those balloons! In this mode, you have three balloons tied to your kart. Your goal is to pop as many of your opponents balloons as possible with items. But they can hit you as well! So beware...

Coin Collector

Get those coins! In this mode, you have to collect as many coins as possible. If you are hit with an item, you will lose coins.

Maze Solver

Escape that maze! In this new mode, you are in a maze, which you have to escape from. Items can help you by letting you go through walls and more.

Returning Features

Many old features return. Those being: Coin collecting (7), Kart customisation (7), Gliders (7), underwater (7), tricks (Wii), Bikes (Wii), anti-gravity (8) and two players in one Kart (Double Dash). Having two players in one Kart is only available in Double Dash mode.


There are five weight categories: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy.

Default Characters

Image Name Summary Weight Special Item
Baby Mario Artwork Baby Mario Mario's infant form returns to the track! He has good speed and handling. Feather

Triple Volt:

Baby Mario gets three Lightning Bolts to shrink opponents with.

Baby Peach Artwork 2 Baby Peach The younger form of Princess Peach is ready to race! She has good acceleration but bad drift. Feather

Baby Bill:

Baby Peach fires a Baby Bill at her opponents.

ToadMK7 Toad Peach's faithful servant is here to drive! He has great speed but bad off-road. Feather

Mushroom Sprout:

Toad gets five Mushrooms to use.

Shy Guy MK7 Shy Guy Shy Guy speeds in! He has bad acceleration but brillaint drift. Feather

Fly Guy:

Shy Guy temporarily turns into Fly Guy and gains a speed boost.

PeachMK7 Peach Princess Peach appears! She has good drift and handling. Light

Triple Heart:

Peach gets three hearts circling around her. The hearts absorb attacks.

MK7 Daisy Daisy Princess Daisy of Sarasaland is ready to race! She has good speed and off-road. Light

Petal Rain:

Petals cover the other players' screens.

200px-Koopa MK7
Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa returns to the track! He has bad acceleration but good off-road. Light

Six Shells:

Koopa Troopa gets 3 green shells and 3 red ones.

Blooper Artwork Blooper Blooper races for the first time! He has bad off-road but great acceleration. Light

Oil Leak:

Blooper leaves a trail of ink on the track, slowing whoever drives in it.

Mario The mushroom hero takes to the track! He has pretty balanced stats. Medium

Cape Feather:

Mario's kart gets a cape that speeds him up and allows him to use it similar to the Tanooki Tail.

Luigi MK7
Luigi Mario's brother is ready to race! He has good speed but bad handling. Medium


Luigi gets his Poltergust out to slow down everyone in front of him.

Yoshi Mario's trusty steed speeds in! He has decent acceleration and great speed. Medium

Egg Roll:

Yoshi gets out of his kart and rolls along the track as an egg, going much faster than normal.

Diddy Kong Artwork 2 Diddy Kong The little monkey swings in! He has decent speed but bad drift. Medium


Diddy gets out his Peanut Popgun to shoot the other racers.

WaluigiBike Waluigi The devious Waluigi appears! He has good drift and acceleration. Cruiser


Waluigi gets out of his kart and runs ahead.

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong swings in! He has great off-road but bad speed. Cruiser

Jungle Beat:

Donkey Kong gets out his bongos and slows down time with his tune.

King Boo Artwork King Boo King Boo haunts the competition! He has bad handling but good speed. Cruiser

Boo Fetch:

King Boo sends a Boo out to get the best item in that a racer has and bring it to him.

Rosalina Mk7 Rosalina Rosalina takes to the track! She has good handling but bad drift. Cruiser

Luma Launch:

Rosalina sends out Lumas to hit other racer's karts.

Bowser Bowser speeds in! He has poor acceleration but great off-road. Heavy

Fire Breath:

Bowser breathes fire in front of his kart, sending other racers who get hit by it spinning.

Wairo MK7 Wario Wario returns to race! He has good drift and handling. Heavy

Coin Toss:

Wario throws coins at the other racers, sending them flying.

MK7 wiggler Wiggler Wiggler is ready to race! He has bad handling, but great acceleration. Heavy


Wiggler turns red and charges into his opponents.

Petey Piranha Artwork Petey Piranha Petey takes to the track! He has good drift but bad apeed. Heavy

Big Bite:

Petey chomps on whoever he passes, including obstacles.


Image Name Summary Weight Special Item
Baby Luigi Artwork Baby Luigi Luigi's infant form takes to the track! He has good speed and handling. Feather

Bowling Boo:

Baby Luigi throws a Boo, who rolls along the track, slowing whoever it hits.

Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is ready to race! She has bad off-road but good drift. Feather

Flora Folly:

Baby Daisy makes flowers grow from the ground, causing blockades and turns.

Paratroopa Artwork Paratroopa Paratroopa is putting the pedal to the metal! He has great drift but bad acceleration. Feather

Double Spiny:

Paratroopa gets two Spiny Shells to throw.

FileToadette MK9 Toadette Toadette returns to the track! She has good speed and acceleration. Feather

Cupid Wings:

Toadette gets Cupid Wings and flies ahead.

FileToadsworth MK9 Toadsworth Peach's attendant is ready to race! He has bad off-road but great handling. Light

Toad Run:

Toadsworth summons a bunch of Toads to run around the track.

Pneguin Artwork Penguin Penguin slides in! He has great speed and drift. Light


Penguin gets to throw as many snowballs as he can for a few seconds.

Lakituofficial Lakitu Lakitu returns to the race! He has great acceleration and drift. Light

Triple Thunder:

Lakitu throws three Thunderclouds onto the track, shrinking whoever drives into them.

Boo Artwork Boo Boo spooks the competition! He has great off-road but bad handling. Light

Spooky Speed:

Boo turns invisible, also gaining a large speed boost.

Bowser Jr Artwork Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. drifts in! He has good drift and speed. Medium

Fake Coins:

Bowser Jr. gets 5 red coins that slow you down if you drive into them.

Pianta Artwork Pianta Pianta is ready to race! He has great off-road and acceleration. Medium

Shine Shield:

Pianta gets surrounded by three Shine Sprites to defend him from attacks.

Birdo Artwork
Birdo Birdo returns to the track! She has good drift, but bad off-road. Medium

Birdo Bow:

Birdo pulls out a bow capable of shooting hair-bows.

Dixie Kong Artwork
Dixie Kong Dixie monkeys around! She has great handling and acceleration. Medium

Banana 10:

Dixie gets 10 bananas to leave behind her.

Metalmarionkart mk79w8h9 Metal Mario Metal Mario takes to the track! He has good off-road but bad handling. Cruiser

Metal Shell:

Metal Mario gets a metallic shell to throw. The shell doesn't break until it hits a racer.

MKPC Funky Kong Funky Kong Funky Kong swings in! He has great acceleration and drift. Cruiser

Barrel Rocket:

Funky Kong's vehicle turns into a barrel rocket, zooming ahead.

MKPC Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss drifts in! He has great drift but bad speed. Cruiser

Goomba Swarm:

Goomboss summons an army of Goombas.

Cosmic Spirit Artwork Cosmic Spirit Cosmic Spirit takes to the track! She has great handling and acceleration. Cruiser Cosmic Guide:

Cosmic Spirit will teleport 2 places ahead.

Dry Bowser Artwork Dry Bowser Dry Bowser drifts in! He has great drift and acceleration. Heavy

Bony Boost:

Dry Bowser is surrounded by bones to block attacks, while he speeds up dramatiacally.

King K. Rool Artwork King K. Rool King K. Rool speeds in! He has great off-road and speed. Heavy

Kritter Lift:

K. Rool will get lifted up by an army of Kritters, gaining a speed boost.

LubbaKartRXP Lubba Lubba takes to the track! He has bad drift but great handling. Heavy

Star Spin:

Lubba gets to use the Star Spin for a few seconds.

MKPC Honey Queen Honey Queen Honey Queen is ready to race! She has good acceleration but bad speed. Heavy

Honey Droplet:

Honey Queen splatters honey all over the other racers' screens.

Unlocking Criteria

Name Unlocking Criteria
Baby Luigi Win 150cc Flower Cup
Baby Daisy Beat an Expert Ghost
Paratroopa Win 150cc Lightning Cup
Toadette Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Toadsworth Attempt all Time Trials
Penguin Buy for 500 coins in the shop
Lakitu Win 150cc Shell Cup
Boo Win 150cc Leaf Cup
Bowser Jr. Win 150cc Special Cup
Pianta Win 150cc Star Cup
Birdo Collect 500 coins
Dixie Kong Unlock all Expert Ghost Data
Metal Mario Win all Modern Cups in Mirror Mode
Funky Kong Win 150cc Banana Cup
Goomboss Complete Mission Mode
Cosmic Spirit Use Bullet Bill 20 times
Dry Bowser Beat all Expert Ghost Data
King K. Rool Win all Retro Cups in Mirror Mode
Lubba Beat 5 Expert Ghost Data
Honey Queen Collect 1,000 coins

Vehicle Parts

See Mario Kart: Star Drive/Vehicle Parts


See Mario Kart: Star Drive/DLC



Image Name Description
200px-SuperMushroomK&K Mushroom This item gives you a short burst of speed.
TripleMushroom Triple Mushroom This item is basically three mushrooms.
GreenShell Green Shell This item is thrown. It bounces against walls until it hits a racer.
TripleGreenShells Triple Green Shell This item is basically three green shells.
RedShell Red Shell This item is basically a green shell that homes in on the racer in front of you. It breaks when it hits a wall.
TripleRedShells Triple Red Shell This item is basically three red shells.
Banana Peel Banana This item is put on the track. If you drive into it, you will spin out of control.
100px Triple Banana This item is basically three bananas.
Coin Coin A collectable item. For every coin you collect, you speed up a bit.
Blooper Blooper This item spreads black ink on other racers' screens.
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7 Lightning This item shrinks everyone in front of you.
Thundercloud Thundercloud This item hovers above you for 5 seconds before shrinking you. If you crash into another racer, the Thundercloud will hover above them.
MegaMushroom Mega Mushroom This item will temporarily double your size and speed you up.
SuperLeafFlip Super Leaf This item will give your kart a temporary tanooki tail. You can swing the tail around to attack racers and destroy items.
BobombNSMBU Bob-Omb This item can be thrown. It will explode as soon as it hits the ground.
BlueShell2 Spiny Shell This item flies to the player in first place, then explodes on them.
GoldenMushroom2 Golden Mushroom This item acts like a regular mushroom, except you can use it as many times as you want for a few seconds.
StarFlip Star This item makes you invincible for a few seconds and speeds you up.
Bullet Bill Art SMWU Bullet Bill This item turns you into a Bullet Bill. You will speed along the course, with the Bullet Bill controlling where you go.
FireFlower Fire Flower This item lets you shoot fireballs for a few seconds.


Image Name Description
Spiny2 Spiny This item can be placed on the track, where it will slowly move around. If you drive into it, you will spin around, out of control.
IceFlowerSME Ice Flower This item lets you shoot iceballs for a few seconds. Whoever is hit will freeze for a few seconds.
Boomerang Flower Boomerang Flower This item lets you shoot boomerangs for a few seconds. The boomerangs will come back to you, giving an opportunity for extra chaos.



Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Koopa Circuit Petal Grove Blizzard Boulevard Magic Hallway
Baby Playroom Rusty Ruins Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Paper Petalburg
Sushi Shore Cloudy Cottage Honey Route Bowser's Castle
Twhomp Tower Yoshi City Star Stadium Rainbow Road



Event Cups

Easter Cup Summer Cup Hallo'ween Cup Christmas Cup
Cookie Castle N/A Shadow Factory North Raceway
Jelly Jump Park N/A Demon Pit Frosty Kingdom
Rabbit Tunnel N/A Mushroom Manor Present Palace
Egg Stadium N/A Pumpkin Patch Stable Loop


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