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Items are a major part of Mario Kart: Speed Saga. There are many more items than past games, and several items which were removed in past games have returned.


In a departure from the traditional item system, MK:SS uses an elemental system to upgrade items to more powerful ones. To do this, all the items in the game have been grouped into 9 categories:

  • Static- Items that stay in place once they are placed. Mostly defensive.
  • Dynamic- Items that stay in motion once thrown. Ideal for long-distance attacks.
  • Ballistic- Items that have a wide attack radius. Not as much range, but can easily hit multiple targets.
  • Projectile- Items that create several throwable projectiles. While they are weak, it can hit a target several times.
  • Mounted- Items that attack ahead at close range. It keeps racers from passing, but can't block items from behind.
  • Boost- Items that primarily increase the racers speed. Makes passing opponents safer, and opens shortcuts.
  • Invulnerabiltiy- Items that make racers immune to attacks. Very good for both passing and taking shortcuts.
  • Status- Items that strike every racer with a powerful attack. They can be avoided with the right item.
  • Other- Items that do not fit well into any category. These items have various applications.

​There are seven items under each category- 1 standard item and 6 possible upgraded ones. The exception is the Other category, in which there are eight items- 4 standard items and 1 upgrade for each one. Thus, there is a total of 64 items in the game. 

For each category (except Other) the base item can be charged with one of the six mix chips to produce one of the six upgraded items. For the Other items, the upgraded item is the same regardless of the chip used. There is a Fire chip, an Earth chip, a Water chip, a Sky chip, a Star chip, and a Dark chip. The Star and Dark chips are more powerful than the other four, and are rarer. Mix chips are gained automatically when grabbing an item box. If the current one is not used, it will be replaced at the next item box.

Static Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Banana SS
Neutral Spins out the first racer it hits -3coins
Podoboo SS
Fire Creates a fiery puddle that spins out racers. A podoboo jumps out at intervals, and will knock over a racer. -3coins
Earth When dropped it remains flat until a racer drives on it, then it flips the racer. -0coins
Freezie SS
Water It slides briefly when thrown forward. When hit it freezes the racer momentarily, while the victim bounces off and slides away until it melts. -0coins
Thundercloud SS
Air It floats above the track and strikes with lightning at regular intervals, causing racers to spin out. -2coins
DK Barrel
DKbarrel SS
Star Stops the first racer that hits it while spilling 5 bananas onto the track. -0coins
Oil Drum
Oildrum SS
Magic Similar to the DK Barrel, except it explodes on contact with a racer. If it is not hit, it leaks oil over time that reduces traction- this oil catches on fire once the drum explodes. -5coins

Dynamic Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Koopa Shells
Neutral Green shells travel in a straight line and bounces off of walls, while Red shells follow the track and home in on the next racer. Both knock over a racer on contact. -3coins
Fire Snake
Fire Bounces along the track in a straight line. Each time it bounces it loses a segment and creates a small fiery patch. When it only has its head left, it bursts into a large flame. It knocks over racers on contact and its flame patches spin out racers. -1coins/ -3coins
Spike Ball
Earth Rolls quickly in the direction it is thrown. It acts similar to a green shell, except it bounces off of racers rather than breaking. It violently knocks away any racer it hits. -4coins
Water Gains size as it rolls, eventually bursting into a massive icy patch. It bumps racers aside when it is small, knocks them over when medium, and crushes racers when large. -1coins/ -3coins
Warp Whistle
Warp Whistle
Air Summons a tornado that rushes ahead in a waving pattern. If it hits a racer, it carries them for a short distance before throwing them into the air. It sucks up and throws away any items it hits. -0coins
Gold Shell
Star Acts exactly like the Red Shell, except it can hit up to three targets without breaking. When used defensively it can take three hits before breaking. -0coins
Yoshi Egg
Yoshi's Egg
Magic If it hits a racer it will trap them inside and continue to roll in the direction thrown, possibly carrying a racer right off the road. It breaks after a few seconds, sooner if the victim burns rubber. -0coins

Ballistic Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Bob Omb
Neutral Explodes shortly after being thrown, creating a fiery shockwave. While it can be used to block incoming attacks, it will likely hit its user too unless the racer is moving very fast. -3coins
Fire When it hits the ground, it creates a large pool of lava. If a racer enters the pool, a Magaargh will eat the racer and drag them into the pool, trapping them for a few seconds. It can eat up to three racers at once, including the one who summoned it. -3coins
POW Ball
Earth When it lands, it creates a large shockwave that spins out racers and forces them to lose their item. It can be avoided by hopping just as it lands. -0coins
Water Creates a large explosion of juice that slows down racers and gunks their screens. The resulting puddle is very sticky and behaves like offroad terrain. -0coins
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill SS
Air When thrown it travels in a straight line, curving toward nearby racers. It explodes on contact, but the shockwave is small. -3coins
Magic Wand
Star Creates a blinding flash of light that reduces the visibility of any racer that can see it. It will also petrify any racer within the blast radius. The stone form can be quickly escaped by mashing the attack button. -0coins
Doom Boom
Magic Creates a massive shockwave that affects each racer differently- it can freeze, burn, shrink, blind, crush, or scramble the controls of a racer. -4coins

Projectile Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Neutral Throw a wrench at an opponent. It does not fly very fast, but travels a long distance before disappearing. Spins out whoever it hits. 6 wrenches can be thrown. -1coins
Fire Flower
Fire Spawns fireballs that burn and spin out racers. A charged fireball creates a small fiery blast when it connects. 10 ammo; -1 uncharged, -2 charged. -1coins/ -2coins
Boomerang Flower
Earth Spins out any racer it hits, returning to its user each time. When charged, it does not fly as far, but knocks racers over. 3 ammo; -1 charged or uncharged -2coins
Ice Flower
Water Spawns ice balls that freeze racers and slows them down rather than spin them out. Repeated hits also drastically reduces traction and prevents miniturbos from activating. The time frozen can be reduced by burning rubber. 10 ammo; -1 uncharged, -2 charged. -0coins
Cloud Flower
Air Creates a cloud that travels a short distance. It crates a large cloud either when it hits a racer or stops moving. The large cloud bounces racers away. When charged, the large cloud will also electrocute on contact, shrinking racers. 8 ammo; -1 uncharged, -2 charged. -0coins/ -1coins
Gold Flower
Star Creates golden explosions that turns obstacles into gold coins. Racers that are hit turn into gold- this spins them out, reduces acceleration, and turns their item into a coin- they can use the coin, or wait until the effect wears off to regain their old item. Cannot be charged. 12 ammo. +1coins
Void Flower
Magic Creates blasts of dark energy. When they connect, it darkens the screen, reduces handling and acceleration, and twists the screen. A second attack will cause the HUD to fade out, and a third will cause the screen to flip vertically. Does not spin out or knock over racers (although CPU's will always slow down when hit), and cannot be charged. 12 ammo. -0coins

Mounted Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Neutral Uses a modified UltraHand toy combined with a boxing glove. It doesn’t actually injure racers, but it can knock them aside. It can destroy obstacles and items on the track. -0coins
Fire Bar
Fire Bar SS
Fire Summons a short range flame bar that sweeps the area directly ahead. It burns and spins out racers it hits. Pressing the item button extends the reach of the bar temporarily. -1coins/ -2coins
Piranha Pot
Piranha Pot
Earth Spawns an apparently trained Piranha Plant. It will attempt to hit any racer or item within reach, knocking the racer over and creating a small boost in the process. It will attack automatically, or when the item button is pressed -3coins
Blooper Box
Blooper Box
Water Summons a white, blooper-shaped box that shoots out blobs of ink- when it hits a racer, it obscures their vision and reduces their traction and top speed. It will only attack when the item button is pressed, but if the button is held, it can shoot farther. -0coins
Spark Magnet
Air Creates a giant magnet that attracts racers and coins to it. It spins out any racers it hits, and collects coins. When the item button is pressed it becomes temporarily charged, and will also electrocute any racer it hits -0coins/ -2coins
Star Drags the racer along the track, aiming for any racer in the way. It will knock over any racer it hits. Pressing the item button will prompt the Chomplet to lunge forward, which temporarily increases its speed and flips any racer it hits. -3coins
Cannon Box
MagicLaunches small cannonballs that explode on contact with a racer. Pressing the item button launches a cannonball; if the button is not pressed, the cannon will charge up over time. A charged cannonball creates a larger explosion. -3coins

Boost Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Super Mushroom
Neutral When used creates a brief burst of speed. While boosting, offroad terrain can be crossed without losing speed. -0coins
Nitro Mushroom
Fire Creates three extended boosts instead of one. While boosting, bashing into another racer will spin them out. -2coins
Mega Mushroom
Earth Instead of creating a boost, increases the racer’s size. While in giant form, driving over weak items will have no effect, offroad areas can be crossed with minimal speed loss, and crushing other racers will create a small boost of speed. The racer returns to normal after a few seconds or if hit with lightning. -3coins
Tidal Mushroom
Water Creates an extended boost that gradually increases the racers speed. As speed increases, a wave of water appears that pushes away racers. The boost will last a very long time unless the racer is hit by an item or is forced to brake. -0coins
Static Mushroom
Air Increases the racer’s top speed. Drifting creates a small electric field around the racer which electrocutes racers and increases the power of mini-turbos. The field becomes larger the more the racer drifts, and fades over time. -3coins
Gold Mushroom
Star Allows a racer to boost repeatedly. Each boost creates a golden shield that destroys items and knocks away racers. -0coins
Poison Mushroom
Magic Increases top speed, but reduces acceleration. It also creates a toxic cloud that makes other racers dizzy on contact, reducing their speed and clouding their screen. -1coins

Invincibility Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Starman SS
Neutral Increases top speed and acceleration, negates offroad slowdown and items, and knocks over any racer it comes in contact with. -3coins
Blaze Meteor
Fire Blazing Meteor-Increases top speed and miniturbos. Creates a flaming trail while drifting and knocks over racers on contact. -3coins
Metal Box
Earth Transforms the racer to solid metal. While in this form, weight and top speed are increased. It effortlessly bumps aside any racer it comes in contact with. -0coins
Chill Comet
Water Increases handling and top speed. Surrounds the racer with an icy fog that freezes items, turning them into ice cubes that interfere with other racers. Racers are also frozen on contact. -0coins
Boo Ball
Air Makes the racer intangible and invisible. Top speed is maxed out, but driving offroad will still slow them down. Items cannot be collected, but the Boo will try to grab coins. -0coins
Launch Star
Star Blasts a racer forward at incredible speeds, knocking away items and racers in the way. While the racer will follow the track, they can steer slightly. -3coins
Magic Blasts devastating sound waves that knock over racers and make them dizzy. Each blast of sound also boosts the racer forward, and pressing the item button on each beat increases the blast radius and speed boost produced. -1coins/-3coins

Status Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Neutral Steals coins from racers further ahead. 2 coins from 11th-8th, 3 coins from 7th-4th, 4 coins from 3rd-2nd, and 5 coins from 1st. All stolen coins are transferend to the user -2coins/ -5coins
Angry Sun
Fire Causes all vehicles to overheat- if the racers continue to drive at top speed, they will stall and be forced to stop. Fireballs also fall from the sky and create flaming craters. Can be avoided by going underwater. -3coins
POW Block
Earth Creates a shockwave that causes all racers to spin out, as well as cause racers in places 5th-1st to lose their items. Can be avoided by hopping or being in the air. -0coins
Shaved Ice Sticker
Water Creates an icy haze that causes racers engines to freeze over if they move too slowly. It also causes the track to become slippery and creates crosswinds that push racers. The effects are reduced while underwater. -0coins
Air Shrinks every racer ahead of the user, causing them to drop their items. While shrunken, they can be briefly flattened when run over. Racers take longer to return to normal size the further ahead they are. The attack can be avoided by a well timed boost. -3coins
Star Causes racers to fall asleep and lose their items- racers take longer to recover the farther ahead they are. While sleeping, the screen goes completely dark, and the HUD and map are obscured. The racer recovers immediately if hit with an item. -3coins
Dark Moon
Magic The course is obscured by a thick fog, and all the racers are haunted by ghosts depending on their position. Racers 11-10: Greenie steals a coin. Racers 9-7: Slammer grabs hold of the racer and slows them. Racers 6-4: Hider dives into the engine and inverts the players controls. Racers 3-2: Creeper ginks the screen and reduces speed and traction. For 1st place: Poltergeist grabs the leader and levitates him for several seconds before throwing him backwards. Continues to try and slow him down by throwing bricks and books afterward. -1coins/-3coins

Other Items

Reveal/Hide Items
Name Image Element Description Coins Lost
Coin/ Yoshi Coin

It's just a coin. Not much else to say.

  • Coin- The coin item is worth three coins when used, and grants a slight boost when used.
  • Yoshi Coin- The Yoshi coin is worth five coins, and grants a modest speed boost when used.
Fake Box/ Phantom Box
Neutral Spawns a decoy item box that will injure racers instead of give them an item.

  • Fake Box- Looks like the real thing, except it is colored slightly differently and the ? mark is upside down. It’s color is less apparent at a distance, but there is no mistaking it up close. It will flip any racer that hits it.
  • Phantom Box- Nearly identical to its cousin, except it is fainter and its color is closer to replicating the Item Box. The longer it sits idle, the fainter it appears, making it difficult to see. If it is hit, it will flip the racer and steal their item. The coins dropped by the racer are sent to the one who dropped the item.
Turbo Shell/ Spiny Shell
Neutral When thrown, these items target first place and attack them.

  • Turbo Shell- Flies overhead until it reaches the leader, then attempts to attack from behind. Due to its trajectory, it can be countered by any strong weapon that is thrown back, although boosting won’t work.
  • Spiny Shell- Flies low, attempting to hit any racers along the track, until it reaches the leader. At that point, it flies overhead and attempts to dive from above. It can only be countered with an Invulnerability item, the Super Horn, or a well timed boost.
Air Horn/ Super Horn
Neutral Creates large blasts of sound that can destroy items.

  • Air Horn- Can be directed either ahead or behind, and creates a small directional blast of sound. The larger, spherical blast just pushes items and racers rather than strike them. Because of this, it can counter the Turbo Shell, but not the Spiny Shell.
  • Super Horn- Creates a massive, spherical blast that destroys items and flips racers. It can counter both the Turbo and Spiny Shells.

DLC Items

If a DLC character is used, they will occasionally use one of their own items instead of the usual one. For example, Link may use the Boomerang instead of the Boomerang Flower, Pikachu can use Thunder instead of the Lightning Bolt, and Sonic can use the Chaos Emeralds instead of the Starman.

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