This is a page for discussion about the upcoming game, Mario Kart: Speed Legends made by MB inc


Got any character ideas? As long as they are original, they will be considered!

The course dilemma

There are a few courses I do not currently like. I feel like there are better courses that could replace them.

Course Status
Luigi Circuit Confirmed
TBD (To Be Decided) Originally Acorn Hills, I decided that Acorn Hills would be better off as a battle course.
Hazy Maze Pipeway Confirmed.
Luma's Observatory Confirmed.
Mario Circuit Confirmed.
TBD Originally Puzzle Plank Pipeway, I think we can do better than that, and there can be a puzzle plank battle course.
Baby Boardwalk Confirmed
Bowser Jr's Airship Confirmed
TBD Originally Toadette Circuit, I think there is an alternative that'll work better.
Bob-omb Beach Confirmed
Paratroopa Pass Confirmed
TBD Originally Thwomp Factory I feel there is a better course out there.
Funky Airport Confirmed
Casino City Confirmed
Yoshi Tree Confirmed
Aurora Mountain Confirmed
TBD Originally Rosalina's Reef.
Tiki Tak Trail Confirmed
Fossil Canyon Confirmed
Boo Bayou Confirmed
TBD Originally Delfino Circuit.
Waluigi Stadium Confirmed
Bowser's Castle Confirmed
Rainbow Road Confirmed

Some of the courses positions will be moved around. We now have 6 empty spots, and we need your help to fill them up!Post as many course ideas as you can! Post ideas in the comments.Don't name them, just give the concept, and I will put them into consideration when I decide which ones will fill the empty spots!

Here are the current contestants, including the ones I didn't like but still might be included:

  • A simple hilly course full of clovers.
  • A course surrounded by GIANT waterfalls that you go through and into.
  • A crude stone factory (Thwomp factory)
  • A course that takes place on the Isle Delfino (Delfino Circuit)
  • A course that takes place high in the mountains and has an East Asian theme similar to the App temple run 2
  • A tropical reef and jungle (Rosalina Reef)
  • A course that takes place on Yoshi's Island (probably full of dinosaurs)

Got any other ideas? Please post them in the comments! Thank you so much!

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