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Mario Kart: Superstars
Developer(s) MB inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Near future
1 player - Multiplayer - Online - Weekly Challenge
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Racing


Mario Kart: Speed Legends is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U. It is also known as Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart U.It is being produced by Nintendo and Fantendo in associasion with MB inc. It features a lot of new characters and karts as well as well as 4 new cups (2 in retro 2 in nitro) full of both old and new courses. Another feature present in Mario Kart: Speed Legends is the mission mode, where a player fights bosses and completes challenges. As mentioned before, Mario Kart: Speed Legends' biggest focus is new types of gamemodes. 

Here are all the different gamemodes:

One player gamemodes

Grand Prix- In this gamemode you face eleven CPU controlled characters in sets of cups. Like in previous Mario Kart installments, you face them in each different cup (sets of 4 races.). CPUs are set to normal mode. There are 5 different classes of Grand Prix: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, Mirror mode, and Insane mode. In insane mode, CPUs are set to extreme difficulty and it's 150cc.

Versus- In this mode, you can customize the rules- what items there are, how many races you play, the difficulty of CPUs, and the course selection. It is pretty much the same as Versus modes in previous installments of Mario Kart.

Time Trials- In this mode, you race against ghosts created by staff members of Fantendo, trying to get the best time possible. There is no items except for three mushrooms which you spawn with.

Ghost race- In this mode, you face ghosts sent by real life players from around the world.

Battle mode- In this mode, you can play 1 player battles. To see types of battles, see battle mode.

Mission mode- This mode is also present in Mario Kart DS. In mission mode, there are 7 different challenge groups, each with 8 challenges each. Challenges vary from boss battles, to races against non-playable characters with non-playable karts, to surviving for a certain period of time while an enemy chases you, to collecting red coins, and lots more. See the mission section for detailed mission ideas.

Double Dash!

This mode is unlocked once the player gets first on each of the 150cc grand prix cups. In this mode, characters are in teams of 2 (to see the teams, see the double dash section under characters.) There are some characters only playable in double dash mode. In double dash, there are 2 players working as a team to win:

- The first player has a wii remote and is in charge of steering the kart and driving it.

- The second player has the wii u gamepad and is in charge of using the items. With the gamepad there is a lot of unique features you can use with items, like control how far you shoot it, what direction it's shot, how long it lasts, etc. etc. The second player can also interact with the racing environment to place blocks to block opponents, question boxes for the first player to collect, and much more.

Multiplayer modes

Desription coming soon.

Battle Modes

There are many different types of battle modes.

1. Balloon battle. Same as previous installments of mario kart.

2. Coin Runner. Same thing.

3. Bob-omb Blastoff. In this mode all item boxes give you triple bob-ombs. The team that has been exploded the least times at the end of the  5 minute match wins.

4. Boo Tag. In this mode there are 6 Boos which will chase people around and try to posses them, like the Mario Party DS minigame. Once possesed by a boo, a timer will start running on you, counting how long that boo has been possesing you. The only way to get rid of the boo is to run in to somebody else ( hit them) and the boo will start possesing them instead of you, simmilar to the Storm Cloud item. At the end, the total amount of time that members of your team have been possesed by a boo will be tallied up and the team with the least amount of time wins.

5. Item Frenzy. In this mode, players have health bars, with 10 points. Each time you get hit by an item or hit an item etc, you loose one point. If you loose all 10 points you're out of the match. When there are 3 players left on one team, it goes into Frenzy mode, in which items are a lot more aggressive. Once all players from the opposite team are eliminated, your team wins. If no team wins by 5 minutes, it'll go into Sudden Death mode, and each player will only have 1 health.


Basic Characters

Mario Kart: Speed Legends features 39 characters. Each race has 12 contestants in it.

There are 12 starting characters:

Character Image Size Description


Normal Mario is the main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! He's back in the newest version of Mario Kart to race away!


Normal Luigi is a tall green plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom. He is Mario's brother and a hero. He returns to Mario Kart to try and win some more cups!


Normal Even though Mario's Sweetheart may seem weak because of the many times she's been kidnapped by Bowser, she's actually a strong and fast competitor and someone to look out for when you're racing!


Normal Yoshi has had a ton of adventures on his island, but he's also helped Mario a ton as a faithful companion on his journeys. Don't underestimate this green dinosaur!


Small Toad is Princess Peach's most devoted friend. What many people don't know about him is that there is a dare devilish driver under that cute face!
Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa

Small Koopa Troopa ain't your average Koopa. He has dreams of becoming the most famous driver in the Mushroom Kingdom!
Baby Mario

Baby Mario

Small Mario was just as good of a driver now than he was as a baby! Even though most would think of Baby Mario as soft, he's actually more grown up than you think!
Shy Guy

Shy Guy

Small No one knows what face might be hiding behind that queer mask. All they know is that Shy Guy will not be overshadowed by his more outgoing competitors.
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Large Donkey Kong has defeated everything from Kremlings to Tikis. He's strong, brave, and also fast! No one gets between DK and his banana hoard!


Large Bowser is Mario's nemesis and has tried and failed to kidnap Peach many times with a variety of different methods. Maybe he should just take a break and try racing instead...


Large Wario is as much of a racer as he is a bad-boy. He loves his coins and is extremely greedy. And guess what? Apparently, there is a reward of coins to whoever wins the Cups. Be careful he doesn't cheat!


Large Waluigi is the self-acclaimed biggest competitor to Luigi. This sly guy has been hiding in the shadows for too long and is ready to make a difference! He and Wario have thought up countless different schemes together.

There are also 27 unlockable characters:

Character Image Size Description


Small Toadette is Toad's sister and the Mushroom Kingdom's biggest cutie! She enjoys music, but her latest cute thing to do is to race!
Baby Peach

Baby Peach

Small If you're looking to kidnap someone, don't try Baby Peach! This seemingly small and innocent little girl packs a hard unexpected punch. She is always looking to beat her rival and crush, Baby Mario.
Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi

Small Baby Luigi, just like his adult version, can be considered very cowardly at times. In truth, he's a lot braver than most will ever be! He will do anything for his sweetheart, Baby Daisy.
Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Small Dry Bones comes from a species from the same name, but all he wants to do is make a name for himself! He's learned magic, guarded castles, and tried to defeat Mario and his group many times. This loyal servant of Bowser is now trying to win races to earn himself a name!


Small It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Paratroopa! She is Koopa Troopa's best friend. Together they quit the Koopa Troop to help Mario and co. and to participate in activities like racing. She has 2 lovely groomed wings, a perfect shiny red shell and cute eyes and eyelashes.


Small Lakitu has always been around to either help or set back Mario on his many adventures. He sits atop as lovely smiling cloud and has a large supply of spinies.
Professor E. Gadd

Professor Elvin Gadd

Small Professor Elvin Gadd has made many brilliant inventions- the F.L.U.D.D., the Poltergust, many anti-ghost machines, some veichules, and lately, a super-plan which he believes will assure his win of all the races he participates in. 


Small This undeniably cute little tree spirit comes all the way from Tall Trunk Galaxy to represent his nation in the Grand Prix.
Gearmor New character, Image in the making :) Small Gearmor ain't your average Gearmo- he's one of a kind! He wears racer goggles and is a Perfectionist, which is why he believes he will win all the races. 
Kamek TBA Medium
Daisy TBA Medium
Diddy Kong TBA Medium
Hammer Bro. TBA Medium
Dixie Kong TBA Medium
Bowser Jr. TBA Medium
Birdo TBA Medium
Kappa Kritter TBA Medium
Captain Syrup TBA Medium
Funky Kong TBA Large
Rosalina TBA Large
Lubba TBA Large
King Boo TBA Large
Tiki Tong TBA Large
Wart TBA Large
Coach TBA Large
Wiggler TBA Large
Pianti TBA Large
Mii Varying Varying

Character Appearance Selection

Another option that Mario Kart: Speed Legends adds is different character appearances. Each of them have to be unlocked, just like unlockable characters. Once you select a character, it brings you to a screen where you can choose it's appearance. The screen is simmilar to the character select screen only with appearances of the character you can choose from. Some characters, like Yoshi and Toad, have outfits where their color scheme is different, while  for others, like Wario, you can select different clothes and apparel (choosing Wario's outfit from WarioWare, etc.).

Double Dash Only Characters

Some characters are only available in double dash. A few of them appear as pairs to other characters, while some pairs have no characters playable in normal mode. Here are the double dash pairs:

  • Mario and Luigi (normal)
  • Peach and Daisy (normal)
  • Yoshi and Birdo (normal)
  • Blue Toad and Yellow Toad (new)
  • Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa (normal)
  • Toad and Toadette (normal)
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi (normal)
  • Shy Guy and Dry Bones (normal)
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (normal)
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr. (normal)
  • Wario and Waluigi (normal)
  • Baby Peach and Baby Daisy (partial)
  • Lakitu and Lakilulu (partial)
  • Baby DK and Baby Yoshi (new)
  • Professor E. Gadd. and Doctor Crygor (partial)
  • R.O.B. and Gearmor (normal)
  • Kamek and Kammy Koopa (partial)
  • Hammer Bro. and Boomerang Bro. (partial)
  • Dixie Kong and Funky Kong (normal)
  • Kappa Kritter and King K Rool (partial)
  • Captain Syrup and Big Bob-omb (partial)
  • Rosalina and Lubba (normal)
  • King Boo and Tiki Tong (normal)
  • Wart and Mouser (partial)
  • Coach and Pianti (normal)
  • Wiggler and Honey Queen (partial)
  • Boom Boom and Pow Pow (new)
  • Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi (new)
  • Baby Rosalina and Young Master Luma (new)

Normal means the group composes of characters playable in normal mode. Partial means that one of the characters is playable in normal while the other is only playable in double dash. New means that the entire group is only playable in double dash.


Mario Kart: Speed Legends features amazing new courses as well as returning favorites. It also has 12 cups instead of the regular 8 (2 new nitro cups, the Coin Cup and the Pipe Cup, as well as 2 new retro cups, the Pow Cup and the Moon Cup). 

IMPORTANT: Many of the courses you see here are not finalized. Please go here to contribute to a discussion and pick out the courses you like out of the contestants, as well as suggest your own ideas. Thank you!

Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup

Course Description
Luigi Circuit The first course you play in Super Mario Kart U is also the simplest. The course is the shape of Luigi, and there are plenty of stands where citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom
Clover Hills This course takes place in a hilly, fresh, and green environment resembling Ireland with many clovers in fields. The course goes around a blue lake, and at the end there is a large bridge.
Hazy Maze Speedway Super Mario 64 fans can say it resembles the world "Hazy Maze Cave.". It starts above ground, then it goes underground in a huge pipe. You then go through a series of small caverns that have many turns in them, before coming out onto a cage-like platform leading over poisoned waters. At the end you go through a large cave with huge crystals and giant bouncy mushrooms (like those from mushroom gorge) before coming back out on to the surface.
Luma's Observatory Luma's Observatory is the final course of the Mushroom Cup. It takes place in outer space, but however does not look like the observatory from SMG 1. It consists of a giant dome in the center with a ring of a floating island circling around it. You start at one end of the ring (which has many trees, and a waterfall that might sweep you away if you aren't careful), while the ring slowly progresses into a more metallic feel. The course then curves into the dome, where there is an escalator, and working machinery that you must dodge before exiting the dome on the other side and going into the final part of the ring. On the third lap star bits start falling from the sky.

Flower Cup

Course Description
Mario Circuit This is a classic. It winds through a village (sort of like that of Mario Kart wii's) and the background resembles that of NSMBW. At the end you cross a bridge over a peaceful river and go through Peach's castle.
Bob-Omb Beach
Baby Boardwalk This course goes through an amusement park where Baby Park from Mario Kart DS is seemingly located. The starting line is by the ocean on a long straight boardwalk containing many amusement park stands. After turning away you go through an area filled with lots of circus tents, some filled with nothing, others with pits, and others with enemies or items. You then pass an area where a haunted mansion, Baby Park, and a dodgem ride are viewable. The player must go through the dodgem ride while avoiding the dodgem carts driven by toads and shy guys where they will find a launch star that launches them through a Ferris wheel and on to a large roller coaster. You go down the roller coaster, do a loop-de-loop and end up at the Boardwalk again.
Bowser Jr.'s Airship This is the final course of the flower cup. It takes place on an airship mid-flight. The course goes both on-deck and inside the airship, where there is a large half-pipe and a bunch of dare devilish props that you have to go on to proceed. It is very easy to fall off.

Pipe Cup

Course Description
Funky Airport Funky Airport is a relatively simple course that takes place on a rainy day outside an airport apparently opperated by Funky Kong (all the planes have Funky Kong symbols on them). It sometimes goes inside the airport and underground. There are obstacles such as moving cars, planes that are taking off and landing on runways, and airships that drop bananas from the sky.
Daisy Gardens
Paratroopa Pass This course has a very simmilar feel as the feel of Koopa Cape. It takes place high in the mountains on a rock road that takes you through many tunnels and passages. Eventually, you get to the peak of the mountain, which is higher than the cloud level. You bounce on clouds for a while before you get to a break in the cloud layer and you go into a nosedive. You will land in a valley in the mountains on a steep downhill near a beautiful clear lake before coming into a steep ascent and completing the lap.
Kamek's Library

Moon Cup

Course Description
Aurora Mountain This is the first course in the Moon Cup. It winds around a tall, snowy mountain in a large mountain range. It takes place at night, and there are lots of stars visible in the sky. There is an aurora on the third lap. Even though this course has a lot of uphills and downhills, there's still fences to block you from falling off the curves. It also goes inside the mountain to go through some frozen crevices at one point.
Casino City Casino City takes place in a large city at night that has lots of electronic billboards simmilar to Moonview Highway. It starts in an underground parking lot, goes through a large casino full of Shy Guys, goes outside on a road with many cars before crossing a bridge and entering a tunnel which leads to the underground parking lot where you finish a lap.
Yoshi Tree This course takes place on a giant tree seemingly located on Yoshi's Island. It resembles Tall Trunk Galaxy. For a while, you race through the canopy of the tree, then slowly descend. There is a hollow branch that you must race through for a while simmilar to the branch on the mission Tall Trunk's Big Slide. At the end there is a launcher which launches you back up to the top.

Waluigi's  Arcade

This course is to Waluigi Pinball as Moo Moo Meadows is to Moo Moo Farm. This time, instead of simply racing through a giant pinball game, you race through an entire giant arcade, full of many different games, including an 8-Bit NES area, a pinball game, a brick breakers game where you have to dodge the balls, an air hockey game and a virtual world full of bright twisted vortex tunnels.

Star Cup

Course Description
Delfino Resort
Tiki Tak Temple
Fossil Canyon
Boo Bayou

Special Cup

Course Description
Sky Abode
Shy Guy Stagecoach
Bowser's Castle
Rainbow Road