Mario Kart: Revamped is the first game made by the gaming brand Chaotic Studios.    

They decided to give the game a new "light" and decided to restart it and name it Mario Kart: Revamped.                                                                                                                                                                      

Mario Kart: Revamped
Developer(s) Chaotic Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 16, 2015

Single Player, Multiplayer, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Blast Man Standing.

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart: Triad Teams (fanon series)
Successor TBA
Cost 59.99 US Dollars,

39.99 US Dollars during December!

Note: This Mario Kart game was a collabaration with Pokemon, so they both agreed to put some of Pokemons most popular characters into the game.


'In the Story, '

The Gold Trophy that is the prize for winning races, was stolen and found broken, Mysteriously. Now the town of Raceland (where races take place) now feel sad and empty without it.

It's up to the racers (Mostly Mario and Luigi) to get the Golden Trophy back, someway..


The roster contained a total of 29 characters.


Bowser Jr.
Baby Luigi
Baby Mario
Donkey Kong


Ash Ketchum
Ice Climbers
King Boo


The game has new characters from the series Pokemon. Some new features are Glide, which causes your kart to float in the air for a few seconds, it does cause you to not move for about 2 seconds, but it can be used to avoid shells and other things thrown at you.

Customizeable parts make a return, there is a underwater driving system and has a new driving on walls feature, where you can drive on walls around you for about 4 1/2 seconds, sometimes walls have boosts and useful items.

A new feature is a slot machine at the main menu, you can use three coins from your total too try to win an item to help you in your next race.

This game introduces a new class, called Hardcore, which is under Heavy.

The game has some new steering mechanics and is a bit more sensitive to things.

Online Play

You can play online with friends off of your friends list with max players being 28, you can also play with a mixture of bots as well.

You can do everything in Online Play as you can do Offline Play, such as all the game modes.


Control What It Does
Control Stick (L) Lets the player move the kart left/right while racing.
D-Pad Scroll through the Menu, Up Arrow Key lets you look backwards while racing.
A Button Select on the menu, Accelerate.
B Button Cancel on the menu, Brake/Go Backwards, what you use to work the slot machine in the Main Menu.
X Button Use Items while racing.
Y Button Change into first-person view.
StartButton Used to start the game.
Select Button To pause the game.
L Button Use Items while your racing.
R Button Is used to Drift
ZL Button Look Backwards, Used To Get On Walls
ZR Button Perform Tricks

Game Modes

Single Player

Is just a relaxing way to play alone, with bots ranging from 2-24 players. You can pick difficulty from level one to nine. 

Classifications: One - New Player, Two - Learning, Three - Okay, Four - Average, Five - Great, Six - Difficult, Seven - Hard, Eight - Challenging, Nine - Champion.


A game mode you can use to play with friends, or people online. 16 Max. CPUs are allowed, and you can set their difficulty, you can also set laps from 1-50, and also you can do multiple races in a grand prix form.

Grand Prix

Can be used online, with a max of 28 players/bots total.


Points for Grand Prix
Place Points
1st 20
2nd 19
3rd 18
4th 17
5th 16
6th 16
7th 15
8th 14
9th 13
10th 12
11th 12
12th 11
13th 10
14th 9
15th 8
16th 8
17th 7
18th 6
19th 5
20th 4
21st 4
22nd 3
23rd 2
24th 1
25th 0
26th 0
27th 0
28th 0

Time Trial

It's a single player one lap race, where you try to complete the lap in the fastest time possible, it's used for practice.

Blast Man Standing

It's a gamemode where 8 players (you can play with bots) all start off on a flat platform. You have to push people off, everytime you do you get a point, every 3 points you get you get a bomb to blast someone off of the platform, if you blast someone off the platform, they are out. The last person alive, or the person with the most points after 3–5 minutes is the winner.


For a list of items, click here.


MK Party = Mario Kart Party

MK Galaxy = Mario Kart Galaxy

Name One Two Three Four
Star Cup MK Party Stadium Radiation Zone Metal City
Galactic Cup Dusty Dune Melty Molten Galaxy Beack Bowl Galaxy MK Galaxy
Retro Cup Cheep Beach Dry Desert Moo Meadows Rainbow Road
Hydro Cup Sandy Shores Water Droplets Cloud Factory Rainy Night
Champion Cup Showhaven Runway Twilight Town Mushroom Heights Peach's Castle

Battle Stages

Battle Stages
Retro Battle Stages New Battle Stages
Black Fort Dungeons of Snowhaven
Sky Scraper Bowser's Arena
Palm Shore Battle Course 5
Yoshi Valley Candyland

Downloadable Content

To see the downloadable content (DLC), click here.


50cc - After completed, you get 100cc, for completing 50cc you get a small bronze trophy.

100cc - After completed, you get 150cc, for completing 100cc you get a big bronze trophy.

150cc - After completed, you get 200cc, for completing 150cc you get a big silver trophy.

200cc - After completed, you get 250cc, for completing 200cc you get a small gold trophy.

250cc - For completing you get a huge gold trophy. (250cc is very difficult and may take hours to complete)


Name WEIGHT Class Unlocking Criteria
Standard Kart  Feather Avalible at the beginning of the game.
Booster Feather Avalible at the beginning of the game.
Rattle Buggy Feather Avalible at the beginning of the game.
Bullet Blaster Feather Unlock Lucario.
Road Galleon Feather Avalible at the begginning of the game.
Soul Varoon Light Unlock Mewtwo and Mew.
Metal Spark Light Already available at the beginning of the game.
Galaxy Comet Light Unlock Eevee and Ice Climbers.
Dragonfly Light Unlock Alakazam.
Hurricane Light Unlock Gengar.
Gold Mantis Medium Already available at the beginning of the game.
Zipper Medium Already available at the beginning of the game.
Banisher Medium Already available at the beginning of the game.
Wildlife Medium Unlock Skitty.
Day Tripper Medium Unlock Torchic.
Bumble V Cruiser Beat 150cc and Grand Prix on Level 7 or more.
Tiny Tug Cruiser Unlock Gengar.
Blue Seven Cruiser Beat 150cc.
Cloud 9 Cruiser Beat 150cc.
Cact-X Cruiser Unlock Charmander.
Sports Coupe Hardcore Beat 200cc.
P-Wing Hardcore Beat 200cc.
Prancer Hardcore Play the game for a total of 48 hours.
W 25 Silver Arrow Heavy Unlock Fox.
GLA Heavy Beat 250cc.
Gold Standard Heavy Beat 250cc and unlock Ash Ketchum.

Beta Elements

  • This game was originally going to be called Mario Kart: Reloaded, but was changed to Revamped.
  • This game originally had another new class called "Heavy Cruiser" but was deleted, as it was not a successful idea.
  • The game has 5 cups, but was originally was going to have 4 of five levels, it was changed to 5 of 4 levels.


  • This game was going to have 24 carts, but added the Prancer and the Cloud 9, to made a total of 26.
  • Eevee is the only character in the game, that can not drive the "Prancer" vehicle, some people have conspiracy theories of why he/she cant.
  • This game is the first mario game to allow 28 players, the most out of any mario kart game so far.
  • This Mario Kart game has Karts from old games, which have been redesigned.
  • Charmander is seen hiding in the background in one of the cutscenes, but it's unknown why.
  • Knuckles the Echidna was going to be a character, but was then changed to Skitty.


Credit obviously goes to the people who made/uploaded these below, go subscribe to there channels! No copyright intended.

MK Party:


Radiation Zone:

Metal City:

Dusty Dune:

Melty Molten Galaxy:

Beach Bowl Galaxy:

MK Galaxy:

Cheep Cheep Beach:

Dry Dry Desert:

Moo Moo Meadows:

Rainbow Road:

Sandy Shores:

Water Droplets:

Cloud Factory:

Rainy Night:

Showhaven Runway:

Twilight Town:

Mushroom Heights:

Peach's Castle:


  • The Karts are from other Mario Kart Games, but are edited to look better. 
  • Most of the music is from other Mario Kart Games, but is remixed by the team who made the music for the game.
  • The game has a lot of items from the other games, but they are remade to be better, there are also some new ones.
  • This Mario Kart Game has references to Mario Kart 8 with a lot of the returning characters.