Mario Kart: Rapid Dashers! is a game released for the Wii U in late 2013. It has many new features, and some from the past.

Modes of play

  • Grand Prix - players compete in various cups, groups of four races. Overall, there are 10 cups, and 6 unlockable cups.
  • Time Trial - (single player) The player races alone in any course to get the fastest possible time. Now, certain items can be unlocked over time.
  • VS Race - players race in courses for fun, with a Grand Prix style points system. After each race, you can change character-bike combination and decide what items will be in a race. eg. If you want to rule out Bob-Ombs in a race, you can edit in the Items section.
  • Battle - There are 4 types of battles, Coin Runners, Balloon Battle, Demolishion and Tricking Bonanza. In Demolishion, the player must hit the opposite team's racers with as many items within 1 minute. In Tricking Bonanza, the player must trick as many times as possible.
  • Wi-Fi - Players race online for VR and BR points.
  • Double Dash (UNLOCKABLE) - 2 characters join in 1 kart/bike/glider to win the race(s).
  • Challenge (UNLOCKABLE) - Various tasks on courses to gain coins.
  • Story Mode - A story where you race across various worlds to save Princess Peach.


There are 50 characters in the game overall, 20 starter, and 30 unlockable.

Starting Characters



Special Item

Baby Mario


Electric Flower - Baby Mario sends Electric balls around the course, shocking anyone in contact.

Baby Peach


Mini Heart - Baby Peach can absorb any items sent to her.

Baby DK


Giant Banana - When hit, player spins out, and three bananas are released.



Poison Mushroom - When sent to a player, they shrink and their speed decreases.

Koopa Troopa


Golden Shell - Gives Koopa Troopa a 15 second speed boost.



Yoshi Egg - When it hits an edge, it surrounds Yoshi with 7 random items.



Love Mushroom - Stuns the 3 nearest racers for 5 seconds.



Blooper - Ink is spilled over every racers screen.



Fire Flower - Mario can fire 15 fireballs at any player.



Polter Flower - Luigi can fire 15 green fireballs at any player.

Diddy Kong


Banana Fury - There's a massive explosion, and 20 bananas spill out at random places.



POW Block - Shocks all players above Goomba.



Tornado - Waluigi sends a Tornado through the course, spinning out any racers who hit it.

King Boo


Boo Bomb - A Boo Bomb races around the course, and throws the player in first place into a place from 4th-9th.



Star Bits - Rosalina can throw 20 star bits at players, making them spin out.



Green Mushroom - Gives Toadsworth a loss of gravity, meaning he can trick at anytime.

Donkey Kong


Rambi Racer - Donkey Kong sits on a Rambi, who sends him through the course for 15 seconds.



Garlic Plug - The stench of garlic stops all racers.



Bowser Shell - A Bowser Shell is sent through the course, and makes all racers who hit it bounce off.

Petey  Piranha


Piranha Power - Petey spits on the ground, and has made a lot of it offroad, so all racers but Petey must avoid it.

Unlockable Characters
Character Weight Special Item How to Unlock
Baby Luigi Feather Super Hammer - Baby Luigi holds a hammer which flattens racers who hit it. Get 40 Expert Ghost Datas
Baby Daisy Feather Flower Power - Flowers are spread around the course, but they explode after 10 seconds. Win 50cc Star Cup
Baby FK Feather Rocky Horror - Baby FK turns into a rock, and rolls through the course for 20 seconds. Win 100cc Leaf Cup
Baby Rosalina Feather Launch Star - The Launch Star launches Baby Rosalina far ahead in the course. Win 150cc Hammer Cup
Toadette Feather Propellor Mushroom - Allows Toadette to fly and gives her a 20% speed boost Win Mirror Coin Cup
Shy Guy Feather Spear - The Spear is unleashed on Shy Guy's vehicle, and pokes people for 15 seconds. Play 20 time trials
Paratroopa Light Flying Shell - Lets Paratroopa fly for 20 seconds. Win 50cc Lightning Cup
Dry Bones Light Bombshell - Turns Dry Bones into a Bomb, and will explode when in contact with 1 racer. Get 1 star in all 150cc Retro cups
Lakitu Light Thundercloud - Lakitu sends a thundercloud through the sky, raining on everyone it passes, for 20 seconds. Win Mirror Star Cup
Boo Light Boo - Turns Boo invisible for 15 seconds, and steals the most beneficial item from a player. Win 100cc Rainbow Cup
Dragonia Koopa Light Transformation Shell - Dragonia Koopa turns into a shell, and her speed is boosted by 50% for 20 seconds. Win 100 Wi-fi races
Fly Guy Light Active Propellor - Fly Guy's propellor goes into action, and he flies for 20 seconds. Win 150cc Cloud Cup
Daisy Medium Flower Fan - Daisy grows a flower fan on her kart, which acts as a Super Leaf for 15 seconds. Win 100cc Sun Cup
Birdo Medium Birdo Egg - See Yoshi Egg. Unlock 16 Expert Ghost Staff Datas
Dixie Kong Medium Fake Coin - Acts as a Fake Item Box but in the form of a coin. Win 150cc Diamond Cup
Tiny Kong Medium Mini Monkey - Shrinks Tiny Kong and increases speed. Play all 70 Time Trials
Bowser Jr Medium Paintbrush - Randomly paints the ground dirt. Win 50cc Special Cup
Tiki Goon Medium TBA Win Mirror Leaf Cup
Kritter Cruiser TBA Win 100cc Fire Cup
Wiggler Cruiser TBA Win Mirror Heart Cup
Cosmic Spirit Cruiser TBA Unlock 8 Expert Ghost Datas
Pianta Cruiser TBA Win 150cc Special Cup
Honey Queen Cruiser TBA Win 50cc Hammer Cup
Lubba Cruiser TBA Win 2000 Wi-Fi races
Funky Kong Heavy TBA Win 50cc Cloud Cup
Dry Bowser Heavy TBA Unlock 30 Expert Ghost Datas
King K. Rool Heavy TBA Win Mirror Lightning Cup
Boom Boom Heavy TBA Win 150cc Coin Cup
Metal Mario Heavy TBA Win 100cc Diamond Cup
Metal Luigi Heavy TBA Unlock 50 Expert Ghost Datas

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