Mario Kart: Racetrack Island, also known as Mario Kart 9, is the 9th game in the Mario Kart series and 2nd for the Wii U.


The gameplay is pretty much the same as the previous games, mostly from the last 3 Mario Kart games. New elements include using a submarine, (similar to a glider, but underwater) a rocket, (similar to the glider, but way faster and can go longer distances) and a boat. (can drive on top of any liquid. 2 characters that bump into each other will bounce away). Additionally, there are now 16 racers on the track, instead of 12 or 8. That means the point system is different.

1st 25pts

2nd 20pts

3rd 15pts

4th 12pts

5th 11pts

6th 10pts

7th 9pts

8th 8pts

9th 7pts

10th 6pts

11th 5pts

12th 4pts

13th 3pts

14th 2pts

15th 1pt

16th 0pts

Game Modes

Working on it :)

Playable Characters

Working on it :)

Vehicle Parts

Working on it :)

Race Courses

Working on it :)

Mushroom Cup

Peach Circuit (An easy, short racetrack with no gimmicks. There are two bridges over a small river. Peach's Castle is in the background.)

Blooper Lake (A racetrack on the beach with a small jump at the start. The racers go underwater and avoid Bloopers, and eventually, go to the submarine ramp, and make a large jump to the finish. This course introduces underwater driving and the submarine.)

Boo Express (The haunted track of the game is actually shaped like Boo himself. There are sharp turns and they have to avoid one train going along the middle of the track. There is a glider jump over his mouth, and they can make tricks off his tongue. On the final stretch, there are Boos as obstacles. This course introduces gliding.)

Mario Space Station (A course slightly based off of Mario Kart 8's Rainbow Road. After a big loop in anti-gravity, there is a large rocket jump. Then, they have to drive on a rocket ship and a space station highly resembling the real world's International Space Station. After going back to anti-gravity briefly, the finish awaits. This course introduces anti-gravity and the rocket.)

NOTE: Please tell me how to make proper grids/tables and make/put in pictures. It would really help. If you want, you can edit this page to fix things. But you must, and I mean MUST ask me in the comments and tell me what you are going to do.

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