Mario Kart Race Track Rivals! is an upcoming game for the 3DS/Wii U.The first release will be on the 6th March 2012.;

Mario Kart: Race Track Rivals!
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PlayPal
Release Date(s)
6th March Europe

7th March Japan 20th March America/North America 8th March Australlia

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included PlayPal Cartridge/Disc


Default Modes

Grand Prix Mode

Race on four circuit to see who is number one!

Vs Mode

Choose how many races, then choose circuits to see who is the best.

PlayPal Connection Mode

Challenge people from around the world to races!

Shopping Mode

Buy kart parts with your collected Mushroom Miles!

Battle Mode

Battle in a baloon battle, or a coin battle!

Download Play/Connect Play

Connect with up to three other players on download or who have the game by eachother. Downloaders will only get the choice of Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Wario,Waluigi,Bowser,Bowser Jr., DK,Diddy,Toad or Yoshi and will only get a standard Kart Frame, Wheels and Glider.

Time Trial Mode

Race on a course for the best time!

Story Mode

For main article see here

Unlockable Modes

Double Dash Mode

Race on a course with two characters!

Survival Racing

In this new mode, you race around the course with all characters and at the end of every lap one character in last is eliminated, this happens until there is only one surviving. The other part is Hit and Run where you have to hit people with items and they will go out, but you have to dodge items or you'll be out too!

Coin Keepers

Extra mode in battles, for this you have 10 coins, every item you hit you lose one coin. If you lose all coins you are out. This happens until there is only one person with coins


In a race you race with 8/10/12/16(If enough) characters, 16/20/24/32 in Double Dash Mode. Please note that on 3DS there would be too many character too hold so 25 are downloadable into the system, on the other hand Wii U has only 5 downloadable.


The Complete Roster made by T0M.V.12

Feather Weight Competitors


Special Move/Item

Standard Partner

Baby Mario


Baby Mario gets F.L.U.D.D which squirts slippery water in front and behind causing players to spin if they go through it.

Baby Luigi Default
Baby Luigi Baby Mario


Baby Peach Baby Daisy Default
Baby Daisy Baby Peach Unlockable
Toad Toadette Default
Toadette Toad Unlockable
Toadsworth *NEW*

Golden Mushroom

Toadsworth can use a golden mushroom for one lap of the course.

Zip Toad Unlockable
Zip Toad *NEW*

Paparazi Poser (Sunglasses are item)

Zip Toad is suddenly surrounded by Paparazi, this protects him from players bumping in to him and items for a short amount of time.


Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Shy Guy spear pack. shy guy is able to throw 5 spears Fly Guy Unlockable
Fly Guy *NEW* fire frenzy. fly guy is able to spist 3 fire balls and 1 flame thrower Shy Guy

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Goomba *NEW*

Goomba's Shoe

Goomba's kart turns into a shoe it stomps forward fast, squashing any players below.

Paragoomba Unlockable
Paragoomba *NEW* Goomba

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Blooper *NEW*

Gooper Blooper Block (Tentacle as item)

Gooper Blooper appears on the course blocking some racers except Blooper for a short amount of time.


Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Lakitu (Red Shell)

Spiny Eggs x8

Lakitu gets eight spiny eggs which he can throw at players.

Lakithunder Unlockable
Lakithunder *NEW*

Thunder Cloud

Lakithunder gets a Thunder Cloud over his head and any player he knocks it will pass on to, once passed there will be ten seconds to pass until the thunder will shrink the player with the Thunder Cloud.

Lakitu Downloadable

Light Weight Competitors

Name: Special Move/Item Standard Partner Unlockable?



Peach gets two Hearts surrounding her which protect her from items for a lap (Special Items do affect)

Daisy Default

Flower Power Bloom x3

Daisy gets three Daisy buds which she can plant anywhere when a driver drives on them the flower grows up high with the player and then goes back down again, causing that player to go behind other racers.

Peach Default
Koopa Troopa Gold very strong Koopa Paratroopa Default
Koopa Paratroopa

Koopa Paratroopa Shell x3

Koopa Paratroopa gets three winged red shells, these target a player and hits them taking some of their speed which then is added to Koopa Paratroopa's speed total.

Koopa Troopa Unlockable
Penguin *NEW*

Ice Berg Tip (Ice Block as item)

When Penguin activates this, the course starts to tip and racers (except Penguin) will tip backwards and Penguin will slide forwards for a short period of time


Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Dry Bones 3x dry shells Dry Bowser Unlockable
E Gadd. *NEW* Pauline Unlockable
Kat *NEW* Ana

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Ana *NEW* Kat

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Boo *NEW* King Boo Unlockable
Mallow *NEW* Geno Unlockable
Baby Waluigi *NEW* Baby Wario

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Star Bunny *NEW*

Shooting Star

Star Bunny's kart turns into a star and flies through the race track hitting any players in the way.

Co-Star Luma Unlockable
Co-Star Luma *NEW* Star Bunny Unlockable
Mona *NEW*

Jimmy T. (If downloaded) None (if Jimmy isn't downloaded)


Middle Weight Competitors

Name: Special Move/Item Standard Partner Unlockable?


Signature M

Mario creates a fireblast hitting any players in front.

Luigi Default


Poltergust 3000

Mario Default


Yoshi Egg Rampage

Yoshi's kart turns into a giant Yoshi Egg which he rolls on automatically, this will make opponents spin if they are touched by it. After a while the egg will crack and the kart will reappear

Birdo Default


Yoshi Unlockable
Bowser Jr.

Echoing Roar (Bowser Jr.'s mouth as item)

Bowser Jr. screams causing any players in front to shrink down and will make them slower.

Bowser Unlockable
Diddy Kong Peanut Gun Dixie Kong Unlockable
Dixie Kong *NEW* Diddy Kong Unlockable
Candy Kong *NEW* Tiny Kong

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Tiny Kong *NEW* Candy Kong Unlockable
Geno *NEW* Geno Whirl (Whirl item) Mallow Unlockable
Noki *NEW* Pianta Unlockable
Brighton *NEW* Twila

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Twila *NEW* Brighton

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wiii U)

Baby Wario *NEW*


Baby Wario gets a magnet that pulls racers backwards for a short period of time.

Baby Waluigi

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Mr. L Metal Mario (If Lakithunder has been downloaded two.) None (If Lakithunder hasn't been downloaded) Downloadable

Cruiser Weight Competitors

Name: Special Move/Item Standard Partner Unlockable?


Waluiwhirlpool (Whirlpool with his signature letter for item) Wario Default
Rosalina Lubba Default

Rage (Angry Wiggler face item)

Wiggler throws his kart fowards, turns red and starts shooting down the track, any players hit will spin, he then will get back into his kart.

Flutter Default
Flutter *NEW* Wiggler

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Magikoopa *NEW*

Backwards Spell (Wand Item)

Magikkoopa uses a spell which make all other players go backwards for a short period of time.

Kammy Koopa Unlockable
Kammy Koopa *NEW* Magikoopa

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Pauline *NEW* E Gadd. Unlockable
Monty Mole *NEW* 3x wrenchers Petey Piranha Unlockable
Ludwig Von Koopa *NEW* Wendy O. Koopa

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Wendy O. Koopa *NEW* Ludwig Von Koopa

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Hammer Bro. *NEW* Sledge Bro. Unlockable
Boom Boom *NEW*

Pow Block

When Boom Boom activates this all other players with spin-out at a certain point.

Pom Pom Unlockable
Pom Pom *NEW*

Pom Pom Boomerangx3

Pom Pom gets three of her signature Boomerangs, when thrown they will target as many players as possible.

Boom Boom Unlockable
Kritter *NEW* King K. Rool Unlockable
Jimmy T. *NEW* Mona Downloadable

Heavy Weight Competitors

Name: Special Move/Item Standard Partner Status
Wario Waluigi Default
Bowser bowser shell Bowser Jr. Default
DK Donkey Kong Earthquake (Barrel item) Funky Kong Default
Funky Kong

Surfs Up (Surfboard Item)

Funky Kong's kart turns into a surfboard and a giant wave comes, Funky Kong surfs this and any other players will have to drive slower underwater for a short period of time.

DK Unlockable
Lubba *NEW* Rosalina Unlockable
Metal Mario Mr. L Unlockable
Pianta *NEW* Noki Unlockable
Sledge Bro. *NEW* Hammer Bro.

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Big Bob-Omb *NEW* Whomp

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Whomp *NEW* Big Bom-Omb

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Dry Bowser dry bowser shell Dry Bones

Downloadable (3DS)

Unlockable (Wii U)

Petey Piranha

Piranha Plants x3

Petey gets three pipes which he can place on the track, if a player other than Petey goes by it, a Piranha Plant will try to eat the racer for a while then spit out backwards a short distance.

Monty Mole Unlockable

King Boo

Boo Unlockable
King K. Rool *NEW* Kritter Unlockable
Honey Queen

Honey Bob-Omb

Honey Queen gets a yellow Bob-Omb, when throwed the Bob-Omb will explode like a normal one, but also that part of the course will be covered in honey and will be hard for racers to drive through.

None Downloadable

3DS Unlocking Criteria

Nintendo decided to make the unlocking easy for anyone to be able to get all characters.

Chararacter: Criteria:
Baby Luigi Buy in the Shop.
Baby Daisy Win the 50cc Fire Flower Cup
Toadette Buy in the Shop.
Toadsworth Play as Toad and Toadette in Double Dash! mode five times.
Shy Guy Beat in a Rival Race
Goomba Beat in a Rival Race
Lakitu Beat in a Rival Race.
Koopa Paratroopa
Dry Bones
E. Gadd
Star Bunny
Co-Star Luma
Bowser Jr.
Diddy K
Dixie K
Tiny K
Monty Mole
Hammer Bro.
Boom Boom
Pom Pom
Funky K
Metal Mario.
Petey Piranha
King Boo
King K. Rool



Customizable Kart Parts

MarioKart PlayPal brings back the feature of being able to customixe your kart, now though there are parts for every character's personality, and also parts that don't belong;

All Character's Kart Frames



Name: Belongs To: Colour's Differently?
B Dasher 1 Mario


Stripes change depending on character (e.g Daisy: orange stripes, Peach: pink stripes, Koopa: green stripes)

??? Luigi ???
Peachy Pie 2 Peach

Fuel and filling that comes out if hit,

Peach/Baby Peach:Peach

Daisy/Baby Daisy: Orange

Girl Kongs: Banana

Rosalina: Blueberry

Honey Queen: Honey

Flower Power Campervan 2 Daisy

Yes, Colour of campervan and flower decals,

Daisy: Orange,Green and White

Petey Piranha: Green,Red and Yellow

Bruiser 1/2 (New design of Yellow Car, with Purple spikes and Wario's moustache by teeth on front) Wario


Wario: Signature new one

Anyone else: standard retro version

Waluigi Racer Waluigi No
Yoshi Licker 1 (new name for Egg 1) Yoshi


Depends on your Mii's favourite colour

Turbo Birdo Birdo No
Banisher 1

Dry Bones

Koopa King 1 Bowser No
Banzai Rusher 2 Bowser Jr. No
Scared E Cat 2 E Gadd. No
Barrel Boat 2 DK No
??? Diddy K No
Wiggly Train 2 Wiggler Choice of red (Angry) or yellow (normal)
Glacier Gazer 2 Penguin No
Shooting Star 1 Rosalina No
Bunny Bus 2 Star Bunny No
Luma Lifeboat 2 Co-Star Luma


Blue: Rosalina

Orange: Co-Star Luma/Other

Yellow: Star Bunny

Purple: Lubba

Boo Bed 2 Boo No
H20 1 Lakitu


White for Lakitu, grey for Lakithunder.

Bumble V 1 Honey Queen No
Comet Cruiser 2 Lubba No
Mushmellow 1 Toad


Toad/Other: Standard

Toadette: Pink style with braids

Toadsworth: Brown style with moustache.

Toadette Tricycle 2 Toadette No
Toadsworth Taxi 2 Toadsworth No
Baby Moo Moo Racer 2 Baby Mario No
??? Baby Luigi ???
Goo Goo Buggy 1 Baby Daisy Changes depending on Baby
Quacker 1 Baby Daisy Changes depending on Baby
??? Zip Toad ???

Other Parts

Default Frames Default Wheels Default Gliders
  • Standard*
  • Birthday Girl**
  • Monster Truck
  • Banana Buggy
  • Cact-X
  • Below Zero
  • Piranha Pipe Pounder
  • Chomp Chomp Crusher***
  • Standard*
  • Cake
  • Monster*
  • Wooden
  • Pokey
  • Ice
  • Piranha
  • Spiked
  • Standard*
  • Birthday Baloon**
  • Parafoil
  • Banana Bunch
  • Swooper
  • Freezie
  • Flower Glider
  • Bowser Shell
Unlockable Frames Unlockable Wheels Unlockable Gliders
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Silver

All Character's Wheels


The game releases 10 cups for retro and nitro! 5 from each being downloadable

Mushroom Cup

Fire Flower Cup

Star Cup

Special Cup

Rival Cup

Koopa Troopa Circuit Gooper Blooper Seas Bowser Jr. Airship DK Rafter Random Rival Race 1
Bubble Beach Flower Fields Pokey Pokey Desert Wario Wastelands Random Rival Race 2
Boo's House of Horrors Wiggler's Treetop Highway Milk and Cookie River Bowser's Doom Castle Random Rival Race 3
Cloud 9 Motorway Honeybee Hive Kamek's Restaraunt Rainbow Race (Rainbow Road being land, Rainbow River underwater and Planet Tour for gliding. Random Rival Race 4

Coin Cup

Freezie Cup

Bob-Omb Cup

Pow Cup

ALL CHARACTER RACE (Only can be downloaded when all characters are unlocked
Penguin Peaks Kat and Ana's Ninja Hideout

Character Gallery

Feather Weights



  • CSS
  • Zip Toad Art

Gallery of Game things

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