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Mario Kart: Off Road Adventure!
The logo, by Lumoshi (tbc).
Developer(s) LightningLuigi93
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe November 2014

25px-Flag of Japan December 2014

25px-Flag of USA February 2015

25px-Flag of Australia February 2015

Grand Prix, Time Trials, Worldwide Play
Age Rating(s)
3Rating ERating
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor None
Successor None yet
Media Included 3DS Game Card
Mario Kart: Off Road Adventure! is a Mario Kart game for the 3DS, created by LL93 (tbc). It is the second Mario Kart game for the 3DS and will be released in late 2014 to early 2015. MKORA has 27 playable characters, 36 courses plus 8 DLC ones, and 3 modes. The game keeps the gliding and underwater features from Mario Kart 7, and includes the new feature: if you have a Super Star, walls will appear around you so you can't fall off the track. The character roster is the same from Mario Kart Wii, with the addition of the Koopalings, Luma, Lubba and Metal Mario.


Princess Peach had just been captured, and Mario promptly saves her. Toadsworth runs up to Bowser. "Why can't you leave our princess alone?" Bowser Jr. says, "Let's race for it! If we win the tournament, we can take her when we want. If you win, we'll never come near the castle again." Everyone agrees. The tournament starts with the player touching the button "Start Race!".


There are 3 modes found in the game.

Grand Prix

The player is given 4 races to do in each course cup. You can do it multiplayer as well. There are 16 new courses and 16 retro ones.

Time Trials

Aim for a best time in any course. You also have the option to do it like Coin Rush.

Worldwide Play

Using Nintendo Network, play the world with this mode! You can also submit your score to the Worldwide Best Times.




Picture Character Description
MarioMK7 Mario Mario is back! Ever since his debut in Donkey Kong, he's always saved Princess Peach from Bowser. But now he's here in the next Mario Kart adventure!!
LuigiMK7 Luigi Mario's green brother is here to race...and win! He is on Mario's team.
PeachMK7 Peach Princess Peach, the hostage of most games, is here to race. She is on Mario's team. (obviously)
ToadMK7solo Toad Toad, loyal servant of Princess Peach, has joined the race along with his sister Toadette! He's a lightweight player on Mario's team.

This is not the end of the characters. Expect more to come!






See here.


See here.


  • You can play as Bowser, the Koopalings or Bowser Jr. to try and beat Mario and friends.
  • If Mario doesn't win, Peach can be seen crying and all the others disappointed.
    • However, if the Mario crew wins, Toadsworth carries a huge trophy and Bowser's team stumble away annoyed.

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