This is all downloadable content for Mario Kart: Off Road. It can be purchased by collecting coins or using your eShop funds to purchase the packs.


Mineral Pack

Two mineral characters are driving into the off-road race! The Mineral Pack features two mineral clones, one old and one new, for you to race with! It also includes the Ore Cup.
Mineral Pack description


Race Tracks

Ore Cup

N64 Choco Mountain

Mmmm....chocolate. This course takes place on a mountain made entirely out of chocolate! A mining operation has started and some anti-gravity panels were added to help minecarts reach the base faster. It's also home to Candy Goombas as well.

GBA Sunset Wilds

A scenic campsite has been turned into a crazy racetrack. As the race goes on, the sun goes down and some campers (mainly Shy Guys, Bandits, and Koopas) get angry with your loud driving interrupting their sleep. You can glide right over the tents, but if you don't, watch out for those unhappy campers.

WU Shy Guy Falls

Shy Guys have appeared almost everywhere in this cup, and they aren't going to stop now. This track takes racers through a mining operation on the side of a cliff! Anyone racing here should take precaution and use alternate routes.

Wii Wario's Gold Mine

The final race of this downloadable cup is one of the hardest tracks ever. Wario opened this place back in 2008, and it's seen better times. Some new tunnels with Off-Road panels have been blasted open, and Bandits are now roaming these parts.

Classic Pack

4 new courses and 1 returning character! This pack is sure to bring nostalgia back to Mario fans.
Classic Pack description


Race Tracks


Console Workshop
Nostalgia Circuit
Pixel Forest
Bandit Shoreline