Mario Kart: Off Road! is an upcoming installment in the Mario Kart series, along with being the final Super Mario title produced by GalaxySoft Inc. It features new off-road sections, new racers, and amazing HD graphics. Mario Kart: Off Road! is the second game in the series to feature DLC, and the game is set for release on November 4, 2017 for the Nintendo Wii U.


Standard Gameplay

The gameplay of any normal race is similar to that of the previous Mario Kart titles; 12 racers (including the player) race through race tracks while trying to get in 1st place. Hang-gliding, underwater, and anti-gravity sections all return, along with a new Off-Road feature. Off-Roading allows players to go faster while off-road no matter what vehicle combination they have. However, to activate one of these sections, players must drive over a mud-colored panel that turns their tires into a bulkier version of said tires.  

This feature does have some disadvantages, though. Small/Feather characters will be slower by a bit during these sections, Medium characters lose about a medium amount of speed, and Cruiser/Heavy characters will lose lots of speed during the transition from road to Off-Road.

Battle Gameplay

Battle Mode returns once again in this installment with Balloon Battle and Coin Runners returning. There is a brand new battle mode called "Enemy Knockout" where players must elimenate the opposing team's enemies (Koopas , Goombas , Monty Moles , etc.) before time runs out. The team with the most enemies vanquished wins. Enemies are spawned in by collecting them from Item Boxes at the start of the match; some are rarer than others. 

Track Customization/Mario Kart TV

Mario Kart: Off Road! introduces track customization into the series, allowing players to make their own custom tracks that can be shared online or on Miiverse. The customization options are below, and some must be unlocked using coins.

Track Customization Options

Track Types
  • Circuit: A simple speedway-like course that houses visitors to each race. It usually doesn't many obstacles and is already unlocked.
  • Stadium: Fans of real-world racing can always look forward to this track type. It's already unlocked.
  • Beach:
  • Ice:
  • City: Weave your way through a bustling metropolis...if you choose this track type. It is unlocked for 100 coins. 
  • Castle: The final world arrives and you're ready. This track type is unlocked by grabbing 5000 coins, making it one of the harder track types to get.
  • Desert:
  • Space:
  • Mountain:
  • Jungle:
Track Features/Obstacles
  • Coin: An item that can be collected to unlock vehicle parts and to gain a speed boost. It's already unlocked.
  • Item Box: Need a Blue Shell or Super Horn to get ahead in the race? Grab one of these and you'll get a random item. These are already unlocked.
  • Finish/Start Line: Get ready to race and finish it! This beautiful line is already unlocked.
  • Section Start Line: Want a segmented track? Use this three times. It's already unlocked.
  • Bottomless Pit:
  • Pipe Tunnel:
  • Bouncy Mushroom:
  • Green Mushroom:
  • Tree:
  • Hill:
  • Billboard:
  • Trick Ramp: You can do tricks off of these to gain a speed boost. They are already unlocked.
  • Glider Ramp:
  • Glider Blue Mushroom:
  • Anti-Gravity Pad:
  • Off-Road Panel:
  • Goomba: Goombas are the simplest enemies in the Mario series, but they act as speed bumps here. They're already unlocked.
  • Monty Mole:
  • Wiggler:
  • Fire Snake
Road Types
  • Asphalt:
  • Sand:
  • Grass:
  • Cloud:
  • Wood:
  • Candy: Fulfill your childhood dreams as you race across a strip of candy track. This sweet treat is unlocked by collecting 2500 coins.



There are 34 racers in Mario Kart: Off Road!, which includes Fawful, a Sprixie Princess and Dixie Kong added to the roster as well as the Koopalings returning.

Default Racers

Unlockable Racers


All Mario Kart games feature items, and Mario Kart: Off Road! is no exception. Classic items return, including the Super Horn and Mushroom, but there are three new items; the Double Cherry, the P-Balloon, and the Hammer Suit.

New Items

Item Function
175px-Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Double Cherry

Creates 3 clones of the person who obtains it; each clone follows the same commands the player inputs and are destroyed after 1 hit. The clones aren't immune to any projectiles.

It is uncommon in 12th-8th place and rare in 7th-1st place.



Inflates the vehicles of players surrounding the person who got it, causing them to go slower.

The P-Balloon is rarely found in lower places, but is common in higher places.


Hammer Suit

Allows players to throw hammers at their opponents, stealing an item if it directly hits the opponent. It has 5 Hammers, allowing for 5 throws.


32 tracks are in the game, consisting of 16 nitro tracks and 16 retro tracks. 

Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup

Mushroom Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Flower Cup

Flower Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Star Cup

Star Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Special Cup

Special Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Shy Guy Circuit

A basic circuit owned by Shy Guy. Some Snifits wander the road, acting as obstacles for the racers.

Jelectro Swamp 

Get ready for a shock! The swamp here has been taken over by Jelectros and now the water is electrified. Racers are advised to use the alternate routes to avoid crashing.

Mario Circuit

Mario's ninth personal circuit. This one features an underwater section that goes through the basement of Peach's Castle.

Bullet Railroad

Bowser has his own railroad...of doom! Just try to survive his Bill Blaster Brigade as you race across the track. Maybe you can find some alternate pathways to get over and under the rails.

Palmtree Docks

This frantic and fast-paced harbor takes place in the heart of Toad City's harbor. Watch out for the crates!

Seashore Resort

A 3-section course that offers an interesting experience for the racers. You'll be driving through the resort itself, out to sea, and even on an under construction bridge!

Yoshi's Island

The Yoshi home has been paved over into a race course with segments! Many familiar locations can be found, including the ruins of Baby Bowser's castle. Harry Hedgehogs, Bandits, and Shy Guys roam the track here.

Frozen Mountainside

How does a frozen volcano exist? Thanks to the Snowmads, it does. The course is set all throughout the Snowmads' lair on DK Island!

Dairy Town

Moooo. It's a milking station owned by Yoshi, and a great scenic track for the racers. The course has no added features, making it stand out above the other courses.

Technic Metropolis

Are you in the future? You are when you race on this track! This bustling metropolis is a futuristic area filled with robotic Goombas, blue Fire Bars, technology, and much more. It also features anti-gravity and hang-gliding.

Seasonal Meadows

This calming and scenic area offers a pleasent race experience with hang-gliding included. The only things ruining it are the Monty Moles that have invaded and the amount of gasoline that the karts produce.

Bowser's Castle

Enter this treacherous castle...if you dare. Bowser's hired two lava golems and several of his minions to patrol his personal castle.

Switch-Way Caverns

Are you lost or not? This course tests a player's knowledge of direction with multiple pathways.

Haunted Ruins

Something happened here years ago that caused a haunting. Several airships crashed here, making it a very interesting course. Why are there so many Boohemoths and other ghosts?

Podoboo Desert

This scorching desert is a great place for drifting, but a bad place for heat. Fire Snakes and Podoboos have made their home here.

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road returns with a huge track to drive across. There are plenty of trick ramps, no guardrails, and the occasional comets.

Retro Courses

Shell Cup

Shell Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Banana Cup

Banana Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Leaf Cup

Leaf Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

Lightning Cup

Lightning Cup Logo - Mario Kart 8

3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

This bustling bazaar has been getting several new shops! Anti-gravity has been added to further enthuse tourists and give racers a more creative experience.

WU Toad Harbor

This is the location of Palmtree Docks, but Toad Harbor is just northeast of the aforementioned docks. The course is mostly unchanged, aside from a few added obstacles.

SNES  Koopa Beach 1

Koopa Beach 1 is one course many won't forget. Get ready for one fast-paced race as you glide over and drive in a resort. Some Shy Guy pirates appear to have invaded, so watch out for them on the southern shores of the island.

3DS Wario Shipyard

An abandoned shipyard full of wrecks makes a surprisingly good race track! Some of the ships now feature anti-graviity sections through their hulls, and Peepas now inhabit the track as well.

DS Figure-8 Circuit

Thankfully the race didn't get rained out, because a storm's raging. Some oil spills recently occured on the track, so racers should be careful while racing in the rain.

N64 Wario Stadium

Wario's personal stadium is avaliable for race day. The track has both off-roading and gliding sections as new areas.

GBA Lakeside Park

A pleasant vacation for the racers was disturbed by an active volcano. The race now goes through the volcano thanks to MKTV funding and some anti-gravity panels. Hold onto your steering wheels!

WU Bowser's Castle

The heavy rock music pounding in your ear, you race through treacherous areas in Bowser's castle, including his lava area, guarded by a Bow-golem. This may cause some insanity while racing.

WU Twisted Mansion

A strange mansion in the middle of the you want to go in? A graveyard got added to the place for off-roading on. Try not to disturb the Boos!

GBA Cheese Land

This would be a mouse's paradise; the entire course is made of cheese! Watch out for Mousers, though.

3DS Neo Bowser City

What doesn't Bowser own? This city is advanced, having forcefields and some new tricks up its figurative sleeve.

Wii Moonview Highway

Traffic got backed up on a moonlit night, and you're racing through it. Thankfully for you, you can drive up the sides of the road!

Wii Toad's Factory

Get ready for a wild ride through a factory! Toad owns this place, and he can add whatever he wants to it, including a Gliding section.

S'NES Ghost Valley 1'

Somethings go bump in the night; not just ghosts. Part of the bridge collapsed here, so you'll have to go underwater or glide through the air in order to make it through the creepy course of Ghost Valley.

GCN Wario Colosseum

Wario's personal colosseum boasts new jumps, panels, and everything in between. The race is shortened to two laps due to the length of the track.

GBA Rainbow Road

This course has been enhanced with funding from MKTV to put it over the top! GBA Rainbow Road now features a hang-gliding section and some anti-gravity areas.

Battle Courses

Original courses designed specifically for Battle Mode return after their absence in Mario Kart 8. Several older battle courses also return, including Mario Kart: Super Circuit's Battle Course 2.

The asterick indicates that a course is unlockable.

New Battle Courses Returning Battle Courses
Kamek's Library GBA Battle Course 2
Chilly Village 3DS Wuhu Town
Neon Club Wii Chain Chomp Wheel
DK Island* DS Tart Top*
Shell Dungeon* GCN Nintendo GameCube*
Treacherous Outskirts* N64 Double Deck*

Unlock Criteria (Battle Mode)

Stage Name Criteria
DK Island Win 10 Balloon Battles.
Shell Dungeon Win 10 Coin Runners matches.
Treacherous Outskirts Win the Mirror Shell Cup/100 combined battles.
DS Tart Top Win the 150cc Banana Cup/200 combined battles.
GCN Nintendo GameCube Win the 100cc Leaf Cup.
N64 Double Deck Win all 50cc Cups with an A (or higher) ranking.

Downloadable Content

Mario Kart: Off Road! is the second game in the series to feature DLC (the first being Mario Kart 8). You can find all of the downloadable content here.

Vehicle Parts

Karts, bikes, and ATVs all return from previous Mario Kart installments. Along with being able to customize their vehicles with tires and gliders, players can now add decals to their vehicle. The Standard Kart, Speedstar, and the Warp OR are avaliable from the start for kart bodies.

  • An asterisk next to a body/tire's icon indicates that it is unlockable. 
  • Bold text means that it is avaliable from the start.


Image Kart Name Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction
Standard Kart 0 0 0 0 0
Kart MK64
Pipe Frame 0 +0.25 -0.25 +0.5 -0.5
Speedstar +0.5
Warp OR 0
Hissing Blast
Boom Bro*
Golden Standard*
Red Fire 3 3 3 2.75 2.5
Standard DS* 2.75 0 0 +0.25 1.5
120px-MK7 Cact-X
Cact-X* +0.25 -0.25 0
Parade Kart*




Image of Decal Decal Name Unlock Criteria
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Mushroom Default
Star MK8
Star Default
480px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
1-UP Mushroom Default
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Boo Win against the Staff Ghost in SNES Ghost Valley 1.
StatueLeaf LTL
Statue Leaf Win against the Staff Ghost in Seasonal Meadows.
Podoboo Win against the Staff Ghost in Bowser's Castle.
Bullet Bill Win all 150cc cups.
Mushroom Piston Win against the Expert Ghost in DS Shroom Ridge.
Lemmy's Tire Service Win against the Expert Ghost in N64 Wario Stadium.
Nintendo Logo Win all Mirror Cups.


  • Professor E. Gadd was planned to be in the game, but was scrapped. The same thing happened during Mario Kart DS's development. He did appear in a GalaxySoft Inc. Mario Kart game which was Mario Kart: Burning Drift.