Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour
Developer(s) Red Blizzard Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Racing


Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour is a new game for the Wii U. The game introduces many new features to the Mario Kart series, including the Character Vault, non-Mario characters, and more. The game is still in development, and is planned to be released during Spring 2014.

Retro Features

Aside from all the new features in the game, several classic Mario Kart coponents are returning. These classic features include retro cups, mirror mode, and bikes. Also returning are the customizable kart options, gliders, and the ability to drive underwater. Coins, seen in Mario Kart 7, will not be returning.

New Features

Non-Mario Characters

As mentioned above, Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour will feature playable characters who do not originate from the Super Mario series. These characters come from Nintendo's other most popular franchises, including The Legend of Zelda, StarFox, Metroid, and Kirby.

Special Items

Another new component in the game are Special Items, similar to those seen Double Dash!! These items are given to a racer automatically after completeing a lap. Each character in the game has a different item. For example, Mario's Special Item is a mushroom, while Donkey Kong's Special Item is a banana. The amount of items you get depends on your placing at the beginning of each lap.

Character Vault

One of the game's most biggest features is the Character Vault. The Character Vault acts as a shop/inventory for all the characters in the game. Here, unlockable characters can be purchased. Also, all characters can be upgraded by meeting specific criteria.

Upgrading a character can unlock new karts, make Special Items more powerful, or unlock alternate costumes.



Image Name Description Class Special Item
Mario The star of Mushroom Kingdom returns again! But this time, he has his sights set on something besides saving the Princess! This time, the Kingdom is his! All-Around
Luigi Luigi is Mario's overshadowed brother. However, if he can win the key to Mushroom Kingdom, all of that will change! Acceleration
Toad Peach's right-hand man is joining the battle to become the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom! Toad is racing hard, and helping the Princess in any way he can! Speed
Peach Princess Peach has ruled Mushroom Kingdom for a very long time, and plans on keeping it that way! With the help of her loyal citizens, she'll be keeping the Kingdom away from Bowser at all costs. Skill
Bowser Bowser, king of the evil Koopas, is finally getting his chance to officially take over Mushroom Kingdom! He'll be racing with power, wit, and... well... fire. Mario and company better watch out! Power
Yoshi Yoshi may be a huge help to Mario in his other adventures, but in the Mushroom Tour, Yoshi is going solo! All-Around
Donkey Kong Coming from deep in the jungle, Donkey Kong has joined the line-up of racers looking to win Mushroom Kingdom. If he wins, Donkey Kong plans to create a monkey empire, where monkeys rule, and bananas are abundant. Power
Banana Peel
Wario Besides Bowser, Wario is Mushroom Kingdom's greatest criminal, and with the help of Waluigi, the two plan on stealing the kingdom and all it's worth. Power
Daisy Peach's friend Daisy may be the ruler of Sarasaland, but that doesn't mean she isn't going to try and win Mushroom Kingdom as well! With the help of her flower power, Daisy is in it to win it. Acceleration
Waluigi Waluigi, along with his partner in crime, Wario, wants Mushroom Kingdom for his own, and he intends to make it so. Skill
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong has left the jungle to join the intense race for Mushroom Kingdom! Will he be able to win it all? Speed
Baby Mario If Mario as an adult can fight to win the kingdom, why can't his baby counterpart? Baby Mario and his army of infants are ready to take the gold, and Mushroom Kingdom! Speed
Blooper 3D Land


Image Name Description Class Special Item
Bowser Jr. Bowser's only son, and master of the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. is revved up and ready to race! With his trusty Clown Car, Bowser Jr. is sure he can win Mushroom Kingdom, and make his father proud. Acceleration
Thunder Cloud
Shy Guy Despite being timid, Shy Guy is a quiet troublemaker who has a desire for winning the gold.  Skill
399px-Ice Flower
Rosalina Aside from watching over the galaxies, Rosalina enjoys racing every once in a while. And with an offer as tempting as ruling Mushroom Kingdom, Rosalina couldn't pass it up. All-Around
Orange luma
Baby Luigi Just like his baby brother, Baby Luigi is going to fight hard to try and win Mushroom Kingdom! Speed
Koopa Koopa is one of Bowser's many minions, but has his own plans. Aside from being a part of Bowser's army, Koopa will be racing for the prize. Skill
Buzzy Beetle Shell SMWU
Lakitu Lakitu has taken a break from working to join the races! Lakitu is often overlooked, but if he wins Mushroom Kingdom, that shouldn't hapeen ever again... Acceleration
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong is Diddy Kong's girlfriend, and an experienced racer. Despite coming from the jungle, Dixie Kong loves the idea of having Mushroom Kingdom for herself. Speed
Banana Bunch Image
Birdo Birdo is a strange creature, but that doesn't excuse her from the chance to win Mushroom Kingdom. She'll use her many skills in... to try and win the grand prize. Power
Toadette Although she plans on rooting for Toad, Toadette is just as confident in winning the gold and taking home the rights to the kingdom! Speed
Link Coming all the way from the kingdom of Hyrule, Link is looking for an oppurtunity to save another kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom, from any evil. All-Around
Kirby Kirby has left his home in Dreamland to join the Mushroom Tour. Can he leave with the kingdom in his chubby hands? Skill
Warp Star KDL3D
Samus The bounty hunter of the Metroid series has joined the competiton! Power
Fox Not only is Fox McCloud skilled behind the Arwing, but behind a kart, too. Will he be able to take on some of Mushroom Kingdom's greatest racers? Speed

Unlocking Criteria 

Unlocking Criteria
Bowser Jr. Win 50cc Mushroom & Flower Cups Win 20 Races
Shy Guy Win 100cc Mushroom & Flower Cups Win 50 Races
Rosalina Win 150cc Mushroom & Flower Cups Win 100 Races
Baby Luigi Win 50cc Star & Special Cups Win 120 Races
Koopa Win 100cc Star & Special Cups Win 150 Races
Lakitu Win 150cc Star & Special Cups Win 200 Races
Dixie Kong Win 50cc Banana & Shell Cups Beat All Donkey Kong Time Trial Ghosts
Birdo Win 100cc Leaf Cup Beat All Yoshi Time Trial Ghosts
Toadette Win 150cc Lighting Cup Beat All Toad Time Trial Ghosts
Link Complete Story Mode with Team Mario
Kirby Complete Story Mode with Team Peach
Samus Complete Story Mode with Team Koopa
Fox Complete Story Mode with Team DK

Character Vault Prices

After the criteria to unlock a character is met, the character must be purchased using coins. Coins can be found along courses. Players must collect coins to purchase vault items.

Bowser Jr. 50 coins
Shy Guy 50 coins
Rosalina 50 coins
Baby Luigi 100 coins
Koopa 100 coins
Lakitu 100 coins
Dixie Kong 150 coins
Birdo 200 coins
Toadette 200 coins
Link 500 coins
Kirby 650 coins
Samus 700 coins
Fox 900 coins


Aside from the retro courses found in the Story Mode, there are a total of 8 cups and 32 courses in the game, all brand new. This is different from many past Mario Kart games, where the Banana, Shell, Leaf, and Lightning cups all feature retro courses. In Mushroom Tour, all cups feature new courses.

Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour Courses
Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup
Star Cup
Special Cup
Special Cup
Shroom Gardens Bowser Battlefield Sunset Isles Fort Toadstool
Silver Circuit Snowflake Lake Owl Graveyard Wario Raceway
Yoshi's Hillside Circuit Banana Wastelands Daisy's Greenhouse Thunder Highway
Galleon Bay Luigi Circuit 5 Frozen Coast Rainbow Road
Banana Cup
Banana Peel
Shell Cup
Green Shell NSMBU
Leaf Cup
Red Leaf
Lightning Cup
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
Toad Village Airship Airway Warp Star Canyon* Lakitu Beach
Waluigi Wildlands Triforce Woodlands* Bowser Jr. Bluff Fire Flower Tower
Donut Mountain Maple Resort Delfino Highway Wiggler Caverns
Pipeland Plaza Cheep Cheep Cove Yoshi Egg Ruins Bowser's Castle

Story Mode


The events of Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour revolve around a competiton to win the famous Mushroom Kingdom.

At the beginning of the game, Princess Peach can be seen in the castle along with MarioLuigiToadYoshi, DaisyBaby MarioDonkey Kong and other inhabitants of the kingdom celebrating the kingdom's 50th anniversery. As usual, Bowser crashes the party. This time, Bowser has recruited fellow villains Wario and Waluigi to attack the anniversery party, and of course, kidnap Peach.

While Mario and Luigi are distracted by Wario and Waluigi, Bowser manages to find Peach. Once Mario and Luigi fight off their evil dopplegangers, they begin to attack Bowser. Discouraged, Bowser calls upon Kamek for assistance. 

When Kamek arrives, he immediately opens up a mysterious vortex to somehow assist Bowser. However, the vortex is apparently too powerful, and sucks up everyone at the anniversery party, including Bowser and his gang. 

The party arrives back in Peach's castle, however, they are now in an alternate universe. They soon find out that the kingdom is now ruled by Havin, a giant purple Magikoopa with unknown powers. 

Havin informs the group that he is the best racer in this alternate universe. So confident, Havin challenges Mario and company to a race across the kingdom, the winner taking complete control of the kingdom. Of course, Bowser immediately jumps on the offer, causing Mario and friends to do the same.


Story mode is played through teams, which are in groups of three. Because story mode can be completed with each team, special unlocking criteria can be met by completeing the story mode for each team, respectively. 

Team Mario


Team Peach


Team Koopa


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