Mario Kart
Developer(s) Locked Gaming(before abandon)/User:Poisonshot(After abandon)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Wii U
25px-Flag of Japan March 9, 2015.
25px-Flag of Europe March 11, 2015.
25px-Flag of USA March 19, 2015.
25px-Flag of Australia March 21, 2015.
1-4 players.
2-32 players.
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: Three years or older.
CERO: All ages.
ACB: General.
Genre(s) Kart-racing
Media Included Wii U disc.
eShop Download.<br

Mario Kart: Mad Dash is an upcoming sequel to 2014's Mario Kart 8. This time, it was developed by a different company, Locked Gaming and it was released for one platform, Wii U. It was later, through, taken by Poisonshot after Locked Gaming abandoned it. The game features kart upgrades, item upgrades, a Double Dash mode, and much more. Players can also download more characters on the Mario Kart Channel. There is also a course maker, and players can create and share their courses.


The gameplay of Mario Kart: Mad Dash hasn't changed too much from the previous titles, as the previous titles, the player takes control of a Mario character and has to go into a 3-lap(or 1, rarely) course, avoiding hazards and getting items from item boxes. Game modes are Mushroom Championship, the normal cup tournament from the previous titles, Time Trial, do your best time in the courses, Versus, play against a computer or a player in a course and Battle, the classic multiplayer mode.

Changes are: Coins work different, as you get them after finishing a race and depending how well you go, you may get more coins. Coins can purchase kart upgrades or character upgrades. Items also get upgrades as well. If you get two same items in a row, they will upgrade to Level 2, and if you get them three times, they will upgrade to Level 3. On those levels, they become better. For example, a level 2 Green Sheel will last longer, and a level 3 one will make characters hit by hit knocked out longer.

Along with Karts, Bikes, ATVs, Wheels and Gliders, Propellers appear. They help the player underwater.

Double Dash mode returns, with now the ability of the player that isn't driving to cheat against the other racers. Also each kart has a health meter and between races, the kart will get damaged and those damages must be fixed. Course Creation is a new feature, allowing players to create their own locations.

Several asthetic effects have been added. Players can now choose what color thier karts(if they can change color) will be. Some characters can also change color.


Starting Drivers

There are 20 starting drivers.

.*Can change color

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4

Baby Mario NSMBDIY
Baby Mario

"Goo goo!"


"It's-a-me, Mario!"

Donkey Kong garridk
Donkey Kong


Wario Mario Party 8

"It's me, Wario!"

Baby Luigi NSMBDIY
Baby Luigi


Luigi SSB4

"Luigi-a time!"

Diddy Kong SSB4
Diddy Kong

"Bananas? Yummy!"

Waluigi NSMBAS

"Too bad. Waluigi time."

Baby Peach


Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

"Help me!"

Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Dixie Kong



"Where's Wario?"

Baby Daisy



"Oh yeah!"



MKXL Shy Guy
*Shy Guy

"Oh wheaw wheow!"

Yoshi garridk





"Sorry, but our princess is in another castle!"

Koopa Troopa SMBU
*Koopa Troopa

"Please don't tell Bowser I'm not doing work."

Unlockable Drivers

There are 20 unlockable drivers.

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4

Birdo MP9

"I'm a girl, not a boy!"

Wiggler Walking


MP7 Toadette


Dry Bones 2012
Dry Bones

"I'm so hungry, I think I'm made of bones right now!"


"Whahahah! I am the king of Subcon!"

Bowser Jr MP9 3
Bowser Jr.


Metal Mario!
*Metal Mario


King Boo MMWii
King Boo



"Gimme Baby Mario, Yoshi!"

Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

"Welcome. I am joining the race."

Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow

"Hey, I felt like getting a change from clouds, ok?"

Assist LumaSMWWii
*Assist Luma



"I can't believe I even thought  Mario was mean once!"

Red Marble Shy Guy

"Or wraw wrow!"

Petey Piranha


Baby Blooper


Pink Gold Peach
Pink Gold Peach

"Elp ne!"

Baby Rosalina MK8
Baby Rosalina


Flutter - MP Island Tour

"Welcome to the race!"

200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
*Hammer Bro

"Hammers are handy, they can fix vehicles."

Unlocking Method

  • Birdo: Win 50cc Special Cup
  • Wiggler: Win 50cc Lightning Cup
  • Toadette: Win 100cc Star Cup
  • Dry Bones: Win 100cc Leaf Cup
  • Wart: Win 100cc Special Cup
  • Bowser Jr: Win 100cc Lightning Cup
  • Metal Mario: Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
  • King Boo: Win 150cc Shell Cup
  • Kamek: Win 150cc Flower Cup
  • Rosalina: Win 150cc Banana Cup
  • Lakitu: WIn 150cc Star Cup
  • Assist Luma: Win 150cc Leaf Cup
  • Pianta: Win 150cc Lightning Cup
  • Red Marble Shy Guy: Win 150cc Special Cup
  • Petey Piranha: Beat all Normal Staff Ghosts
  • Baby Blooper: Beat all Hard Staff Ghosts
  • Pink Gold Peach: Win all 50cc cups
  • Baby Rosalina: Win all 100cc cups
  • Flutter: Win all 150cc cups
  • Hammer Bro: Win all 50cc, 100cc and 150cc cups.


There is 20 DLC Characters.

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4

250px-Larry Koopa 3D
Larry Koopa

"Err... Aren't you scared of blue shell?"

Morton Koopa Jr.


Wendy O. Koopa without tail
Wendy O. Koopa


Iggy Koopa


Roy Koopa
Roy Koopa

"...What? Why are you laughting?"

200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU-1
Lemmy Koopa


Ludwig Von Koopa


Dry Bowser Art
Dry Bowser

"Shoktim! So-y if I ca't tak wel."


Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4
Banana* Green Shell* Red Shell* Fake Item Box
Bob-Omb Blue Shell Lightning (item) Blooper
Fire Flower Super Mushroom*
Golden Mushroom
Bullet Bill Super Horn
Oil Capsule(NEW)*

.*Has a triple version


Karts, bikes and ATVs now have more things to differentiate them from other ones.

  • Karts can perform (Super) Mini Turbos and Slipstream faster then other karts.
  • Bikes can perform wheelies and their Tricks give a stronger boost.
  • ATVs can perform Mini Turbos like karts(but not Super Mini Turbos through) and can perform a weaker version of the bike's wheelie.
Karts Bikes ATVs Wheels Gliders Propellers
Standard Standard Standard Standard Super Glider Standard
Pipe Frame

Sport Bike

Mad Dasher Roller Parasol Helicoller
Biddybuggy Birdobike Wild Wiggler Sponge Cloud Glider Shipwheel
Landship Bit Bike ATUFO Palmtree Tire Magic Carpet Energy Spinner
Soda Jet Magikruiser Quadriframe Monster Waddle Wing Pipeller
Circuit Special Varmint Mini Speedster Slick Plane Glider Sharp Spikes
Shooting Star Jet Bike Shield ATV Wood Winglider Sweets
Maskart Wood Roller TV Rider Retro Wheel Boo Cloudster Cheep Propeller
Tourist Jeep Comet Off-TV Honeycomb Glider Frame Jet
Golden Kart Golden Bike Golden ATV Golden Wheel Golden Glider Golden Propeller

Bold means starter, and Italic means it can change color. The non-starter karts are unlocked randomly by getting coins.



Star Cup, Special Cup, Leaf Cup and Lightning Cup are unlockables.


Mushroom MK8
Mushroom Championship
Flower Championship
Star MK8
Star Championship
Special Championship

Mushroom Stadium

Moo Moo Windmill

Retro World

Baby Blooper's Playroom

Bowser Jr's Volcano

Seaside Shrine

Mario's Pipeland

Toadette Industries

Tanooki Land

Para-Beetle Warzone

Illusion Forest

Virtual Bitland

Spooky Swamp

Bowser's Fused Castle*

Avalanche Mountain

Road of Rainbows*


Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii
Shell Championship
Banana Championship
Leaf Championship
Lightning Championship

Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon

SNES Choco Island 1

3DS Neo Bowser City

GBA Cheese Land

NDS Mario Circuit

Wii U Twisted Mansion

Wii Toad's Factory

SNES Vanilla Lake 2

GCN Wario Colosseum

Wii Wario's Gold Mine

3DS Rock Rock Mountain

GBA Cheep Cheep Island

GBA Broken Pier

SNES Bowser's Castle 2

Wii U Mount Wario

N64 Wario Stadium


Feather Championship
Bell Championship
Ice Flower SM3DW
Ice Flower Championship
Boomerang Championship

Shy Guy Mines

Lakitu Airship

Hammer Wasteland

Feather Plains

Bowser's Lava Ruins

Gold Metallurgy

Bell Church

Haunted Castle

SNES Vanilla Lake 1

GBA Snow Land

N64 Sherbet Land

3DS Rosalina's Ice World

3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon

GBA Yoshi Desert

GCN Mushroom CIty

Wii U Sunshine Airport

175px-Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Cherry Championship
Luma red
Cosmic Championship
Mario&#039;s Transpparent Hat

Mario Championship

Rainbow Championship

Vanilla Fissure

Mysterious Forest

Yoshi Circuit

Mario Kart Club

Freezeflame Galaxy

Comet Observatory

Honey Kingdom

Rainbow Road

Wii U Shy Guy Falls

SNES Mario Circuit 4

GCN Mushroom City

GBA Lakeside Park

GBA Riverside Park

Wii U Mario Kart Stadium

DS Shroom Ridge

3DS Rainbow Road

.*The track is actually composed of multiple tracks from old games.

Track Info


Mushroom Championship
  • Mushroom Stadium is a short course, shapen like a Super Mushroom, taking place in a stadium. There are a few speed boosters. When players and CPUs reach the "mushroom"s cap, antigravity is used to travel a kinda tall wall, while when racers reach it's other end, they enter a gliding section. Those who fail to enter that gliding section go in an underwater section instead.
  • Moo Moo Windmill starts in a part with loops and hills, with cows making it a bit harder. After this section, the racers enter the windmill, using antigravity to reach the top of it, then you glide to the starting area. The track looks like very similar to others Moo Moo stages in terms of both land and background.
  • Retro World is a course split in not three...but four sections! It is based on the first world from Super Mario Bros, only made 3D and able to be looped.
  • Baby Blooper's Playroom starts on a peaceful beach, but racers quickly go in an underwater section. Going through a pipe with a lot of boosters, characters enter a crazy underwater playroom with antigravity and toy trains raming into the poor racers. The racers then enter a more natural-looking water area, through there is oil making them slip. Finally, a ramp leading to a gliding one makes 'em out of the water and back to the starting section.
Flower Championship
  • Bowser Jr's Volcano is a volcanic track, with the characters going in a spiral to a Bowser Jr. Statue at the top of the volcano. Once they reach the top of the Volcano, racers enter it in an antigravity section, before beign boosted very far in the sky, activating the glider and bringing them back to the starting area.
  • Seaside Shrine is one of the shortest stages in the game. To compensate this, it has six laps instead of three. It takes place in a shrine. The players dash into a straight road with holes, before they use antigravity to reach the covered in water ceiling, and go back to the starting area.
  • Mario's Pipeland is a maze full of pipes. It is so mazy that there is a total of 4 different paths to do a lap, with each something different to them. The first one uses antigravity and is in a vertical pipe. Second one uses the glider to reach three more pipes that combine into one. The third path is the longest one, but it is full of boosters. The last path has Piranha Plants in it, and while it is the shortest one, it is also the hardest by far.
  • Toadette Industries is basically a much harder and much more terrifying version of Toad's Factory. It starts in an area with chainsaw-like gear damaging bikes, karts and ATVs a lot. Racers then enter an area with Thwomp-like crushers, before beign grabbed by a crane and beign knocked off it with an hammer, activing the gliders over a lava pit. The players than race back to the starting place using side-changing conveyors.
Star Championship
  • Tanooki Land is quite similar to Retro World: It is actually the 2nd stage from Super Mario Bros 3, and unlike Retro World, it isn't split into sections.
  • Parabeetle Warzone is the second stage of the Star Cup. It takes place in the clouds, wih Para-Beetles flying around. Some fly downs in the course and serve as walls. They actually are great shortcut if riden on, but it is very hard to make it on and you might also get sent in a place before it. Otherwise, the course mostly consists of loops, with a flat road with King Bills trying to ram into you at one point.
  • Illusion Forest is a real maze. It is full of dead ends, and even CPUs get lost sometimes. To make matters worse, there is no map to help you.
  • Virtual Bitland is a track that seems to take place in a computer. It starts with a glider section. The rest of the track then takes places on a SNES Rainbow Road-esque road, with green "bits" beign normal, red ones harming you and blue ones boosting you.
Special Championship
  • Spooky Swamp is the third track where it is raining. Boos appear on the screen sometimes. It starts with an antigravity section where you ride a tree. Then racers enter a glider section above a lake with mud and water around. They then pass through loops and straight roads before completing a lap.
  • Bowser's Fused Castle is a stage split in four section. It is actually a combinaison of the four Bowser Castle tracks in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. You start in Bowser's Castle 1, then use a tower to enter Bowser's Castle 2, use a glider to enter the third one and finally fall in a pit to enter Bowser's Castle 4.
  • Avalanche Mountain is a Mount Wario-like track based on Avalanche Mountain from Toad's Time to Shine. Flurries are found around pushing you, and the track is shaped like one as well. Players use a glider when they enter the "foot section" to reach the other feet.
  • Road of Rainbows is by far the longest track in the history of Mario Kart: It is a mix of all the Rainbow Road from past games. When you finish a lap in one of the Rainbow Road, you teleport into another one in a random order, through the SNES one will always be first and the 3DS one will always be last.


Note: Unless the land and background look very different, changes to it won't be mentioned.

Shell Championship
  • Sweet Sweet Canyon didn't got any real change.
  • The section with the chocolate part in Choco Island 1 is now covered in chocolate, with a gliding ramp to glide around it. The background now shows clearly the track takes place on an island.
  • Neo Bowser City is almost completely put upside down, excluding the starting and gliding section. The tunnels now have water in them.
  • The speed boosters in Cheese Land have been replaced by glider ramps. The part taking place above the ramps is anti-gravited now.
Banana Championship
  • Mario Circuit didn't get much changes, other than the grass section beign anti-gravited.
  • Twisted Mansion didn't get any real changes.
  • Toad's Factory now has a glider section replacing the part with the moving platforms, the hill part and a gliding ramp is added at the mud section.
  • Vanilla Lake 2 is very different from it's classic counterpart. It is now in a cave with dark ice instead of the light color scheme it used to have. Most of the track also take place in water, with the starting area on the cave's ground and the ice block area taking place on the cave's ceiling. A pit replaces the water from the original version.
Leaf Championship
  • Wario Colosseum is now anti-gravited around, and is split into sections.
  • Wario's Gold Mine now exits the cave with a gliding section.
  • Rock Rock Mountain now uses anti-gravity.
  • Cheep-Cheep Island now has underwater sections and the fifth bridge is replaced with a gliding section.
Lightning Championship
  • Broken Pier's Boos no longer steal coins, and the volcanos occasionally fire fireballs.
  • Bowser's Castle 2 no longer indicates the right way at the dead end section, more item boxes have been added and the road has no walls.
  • Mount Wario has a pit instead of water in the cave section. No changes seem have been done otherwise.
  • Wario Stadium now has gliding sections.

Battle Tracks

The battle tracks are all just tracks from the game with added ramps to make some impossible to do backward tracks possible.

Battle Tracks

Mushroom Stadium

Toadette Industries

Wii Toad's Factory

SNES Choco Island 1

Beta Elements

The game was originally planned to be releasen for the Nintendo Silver, but Poisonshot couldn't understand how the console's scripting worked.

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