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General Introduction

Mario Kart: Lightning Afterburners is the newest release in the Mario Kart series, featuring over 1000 possible kart combinations. It also features Lightspeed Mode, Time Trial Mode, Mission Mode, and Daredevil Mode other than the Grand Prix.


In MK: LA, players can use 50+ karts, 50+ wheels, 50+ gliders and many more objects to customize your kart. After selecting a kart, a type of wheels, a glider, a type of afterburners and power-ups, people can start racing in one of the 16 racetracks. There will be 12 characters; 1 selected by the player and 11 other random characters. Also available is the steerable wheel that can aid players in steering the kart, and the kart gamepad that allows to select engine power, speed and other stuff


This is the list of playable characters, locked and unlocked.

Unlocked characters

Locked characters

# Name How to Unlock
9 Princess Daisy Complete Mushroom Cup (see below)
10 Baby Mario Complete Fire Flower Cup
11 Baby Luigi Complete Star Cup
12 Baby Toad Complete Special Cup
13 Baby Yoshi Complete Shell Cup (see below)
14 Baby Peach Complete Lightning Cup
15 Baby Daisy Complete Red Shell Cup
16 Bowser Jr. Complete Spiky Shell Cup
17 Bowser Beat the ghost on Bowser's Volcano
18 Diddy Kong Beat the ghost on Gigantic Jungle
19 Metal Mario Beat the ghost in Metalhead Factory
20 Metal Luigi Win a Grand Prix with Metal Mario
21 Golden Mario Win 3 Grand Prixes with Metal Mario
22 Golden Luigi Win 3 Grand Prixes with Metal Luigi
23 Rosalina Win Mushroom, Fire Flower, Star and Special Cup
24 Wario Win Shell, Lightning, Red Shell and Spiky Shell Cup
25 Waluigi Win 1up, Ice Flower, Grand Star and Super Cup
26 Diamond version of any character Win N64, Wii, 7 and 8 Cup


Grand Prix Mode

This is the main part of the game. There are five difficulties and four grand prixes: the difficulties are 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, and 200cc Mirror Mode. The grand prixes all have four cups, so here are they:

Normal Grand Prix

Mushroom Cup

The first and easiest cup. Has these four racetracks: Mario's Raceway, Green Greens, Star World, and Revamped Raceway.

Fire Flower Cup

The second cup. Racetracks: Metalhead Factory, Waluigi Pinball World, Gigantic Jungle and Yoshi Bridge.

Star Cup

The third cup. The tracks are tricky and can be hard to manuever. Racetracks: Daisy's Course, Royal Canyon, Bowser Jr. Play Plaza.

Special Cup

The final cup of the normal grand prix. The tracks are very hard and the Rainbow Road is the hardest ever created up to this point. Racetracks: Luigi Autoway, Bowser's Volcano, Electrodynamic Colosseum, Rainbow Road.

Retro Grand Prix

Revamped Grand Prix

Revamped Retro Grand Prix

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