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Rainbow Road - Mario Kart DS Music Extended30:00

Rainbow Road - Mario Kart DS Music Extended

Game Music: Items Ahead

Mario Kart: Item Fusion
Mario Kart Logo
Developer(s) Kitty Curse Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Next Nintendo System
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)

Multi Online

Age Rating(s)
Media Included 3DS Gamecard

Mario Kart: Item Fusion is the ninth title in the Mario Kart series and features all new items, characters, courses, and has 2 new Rainbow Roads as well as 2 old ones. It is also the first to feature the Mega Mushroom Cup and brings back the Mission Mode.


There are tricks like in Wii, 7, and 8 and drifting too. Item boxes come back as well as new MEGA Item Boxes which hold mega items. Gliding and underwater comes back as well as a new feature that invloves inflatable tires for gliding on top of water. There are no gravity features though.

Playable Characters


  • Mario, Medium
  • Luigi, Medium
  • Peach, Light
  • Yoshi, Medium
  • Toad, Feather
  • Bowser, Heavy
  • Wario, Heavy
  • Koopa, Feather
  • Waluigi, Light
  • Daisy, Light
  • Birdo, Heavy
  • Shy Guy, Feather
  • Mii, Depends on Size


  • Big Bully*, Heavy
  • Pokey, Cruiser
  • Kamek*, Cruiser
  • Baby Mario, Feather
  • Baby Peach, Feather
  • Baby Wario**, Light
  • Pink Boo*, Medium
  • Rosalina, Cruiser
  • Retro Bowser**, Super-Heavy
  • Robirdo**, Super-Heavy

Note: *New To Series, **New and Remade Character



  • Mushroom
  • Triple Mushrooms
  • Golden Mushrooms
  • Item Box
  • Fake Item Box
  • Banana
  • Green Shell
  • Red Shell
  • Triple Red Shells
  • Spiny Shell
  • Star
  • Lightning
  • Bobomb
  • Blooper
  • Boo (DS)
  • Piranha Plant
  • Boomerang Flower
  • Fire Flower


  • Mega Mushroom (Wii)
  • Giant Shell
  • Big Banana
  • Triple Bobombs
  • Triple Lightnings
  • Triple Bloopers



Mushroom Cup

  • Peach Curcuit
  • Crystal Coastline
  • Luigi Curcuit
  • Beabean Castle

Flower Cup

  • Mario Curcuit
  • Yoshi Falls
  • Pokey Volcano
  • Grumble Valley

Star Cup

  • Twilight Tree
  • Birdo Curcuit
  • Snowy Undergrounds
  • Pinna Park

Mega Mushroom Cup

  • Peach's Highway
  • Bowser Castle
  • Rainbow Road 1
  • Rainbow Road 2


Shell Cup

  • DS Moo Moo Meadows
  • SNES Vanilla Lake 2
  • Wii Toad's Factory
  • Wii U Dolphin Shoals

Banana Cup

  • Wii DK Summit
  • GBA Boo Lake
  • GCN Wario Colosseum
  • SNES Bowser's Castle 1

Leaf Cup

  • Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • DS Bowser Castle
  • GBA Sunset Wilds
  • GCN Dry Dry Desert

Lightning Cup

  • SNES Ghost Valley 3
  • Wii U Electrodome
  • GCN Rainbow Road
  • DS Rainbow Road

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