Mario Kart: Hyperspeed Racers (tentative title)
Developer(s) Cryobyte
Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) BlendCryo Collabaconsole
Age Rating(s)
E for eveyone
Genre(s) Racing

Mario Kart: Hyperspeed Racing (tentative title) is a collaboration project between Cryobyte and Blender Maximum. It is largely inspired by F-Zero.


The gameplay plays out mostly the same as Mario Kart 8. The ZR button is used to accelerate and that's the most important button, so I'm not going into any more detail on the controls. The lowest speed is the speed of F-Zero, marked as 0CC.






  • The game was created after CryoticYoshi came up with the concept of a Mario Kart game with the speed of F-Zero.

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