Mario Kart: Hyper Dash is the 9th installment in the Mario Kart series.




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Mario Luigi Yoshi Peach Toad Bowser
Bowser Jr Koopa Goomba Wario Waluigi Donkey Kong
Diddy Funky King K. Kamek Petey Dry Bones
Boom Boom Boo Fawful Daisy Count Bleck Wiggler
Geno Metal Mario Luma Bee Queen Birdo Koopalings
Wart Shy Guy Monty Mole Baby Mario Baby Luigi Paper Mario
Ballyhoo E.Gadd Mii Pikachu Fox Kirby


Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Circut
  • DK Feilds
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Toad Factory

Fire Flower Cup

  • Luigi Circut
  • Shy Guy Falls
  • Wario's Gold Mine
  • Luigi's Mansion

Tanookie Cup

  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Super Bell Hills
  • Galactic Raceway

Super Bell Cup

  • Figure 8
  • Retro Runway
  • Fawful's Fort
  • Rainbow Road

Spring Cup

  • Peach's Castle
  • DK Falls
  • Baby Circut
  • Jr's Playroom

Hammer Cup

  • Flipside
  • Undead Vally
  • Subbcon
  • Funky's Stadium

Lightning Cup

  • Bob-omb Battlefeild
  • Party Highway
  • Dalfino Plazza
  • Good Egg Galaxy

Starman Cup

  • Golden Hills
  • Volcano Raceway
  • Bowser's Airship
  • Rainbow Road (N64)


Image Name Use
75px-MushroomMarioKart8 Mushroom Gives the user a speed bost
97px-TripleMushroomMK8 Triple Shroom Gives the user 3 boosts
63px-GoldenMushroomMK8 Golden Shroom Gives the user 10 boosts
Greenshellbetter Green Shell Can hit someone
Red Shell Red Shell Homes in on enemies
Bob-omb (MKWii) Bob-omb Makes a huge explosion
Bulletbillmk8 Bullet Bill Turns user into a Bullet Bill
79px-BananaMK8 Banana Peel Uses as an hazard
100px-Itembox MK7 False Box Can be used as a hazard
Lightningbolt2 Lightning Bolt Shrinks all opponents
150px-SuperHornMK8 Horn Box Use to destroy hazards
Hammer g&w Hammer Lets you slam 5 times



Beta Elements

  • Pom Pom, Green Lead Luigi, Pink Gold Peach, a Greenie, Tatanga, and a Shroob where all planed character's, but where scrapped.


  • TBA