A list of reviews for Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit from Fantendo Critics.

Remember, you have the right to your opinion. You don't have to like it, but don't express with profanity-filled rants with no real point.

Master Clyde Super gave this article a rank of 2 Stars. They also said: While it seems like some effort was put into it, the premise is completely stupid. Mario doesn't get in trouble with cops and drive around in the real world with real cops... Don't like this review? Make your own or dicuss on their talk!


There are now "karts" so it isn't Mario Kart, Mario gets chased by....the police?, and it's basically just Midnight Club! This doesn't get my coin of approval. 2.5/5


A Mario Kart game will never be like this. There will never be an MK game where it takes place in an urban city and Mario is chased by the cops. Mario isn't a villain he's a hero, plus it just doesn't give me that Mario Kart vibe. I don't like how Clover tried to "change" the series. This is also the Mario version of a Midnight Club game, but at least you tried hard making this game. 2.3/5


What the fuck is that? Is hack of Midnight Club with Mario characters in, okay, let's be serious, it's a good idea, but the shit part is the Mario characters!; Also, Sonic in a Mario game, I know it's a fan wikia. The screenshots is maded on paint, and, is horrible. Finishing, it's a good idea, but, it's not a good idea for a Mario game. 3.2/5


Well, this game could work as a stand-alone title, or perhaps related to another character, one better known for villainy- perhaps Wario could have his own karting game, with help from Waluigi and maybe the WarioWare crew.  However, the idea of real-life/realistic urban locations, cars, and Mario getting pulled over isn't really what Mario Kart is about- it's a more upbeat racing game, with fantasy settings.  All in all, I give Hot Pursuit a 6,5/10- it could use work and it may not click with Mario, but it's got some good ideas and lots of effort.


Ive tried this and honestly its a copy to midnight club but its a great expierence and a decent title from clove games 3/5  7.5/10


Yes, yes, yes.. this title dosen't fit a Mario game... bla, bla, bla. Yes, it WOULD fit wario better, but still. WHO THE HECK DOSEN'T WANT TO CRASH PEACH INTO THE POLICE!?? HA! YOU WON'T BE GETTING SAVED BY YOUR PRANCING PLUMBER NOW! But, seriously, it's a great game, that dosen't fit Mario, but deserves a 7.9/10.

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