Developer(s) LameCubeGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Projectograph
Release Date(s)
August 9th, 2013
1-4 Players

NintendoNetwork Online

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included DVD, Digital Download
Mario Kart: Holo Raceway is the Nintendo Projectograph adaptation to the famous racing series Mario Kart. The game features tons of new characters and tracks, as well as car parts from both Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. It is the biggest Mario Kart game to date.


Mario Kart is a series where Mario characters race each other in insane tracks, using items to slow the others, or help themselves beat the rest. This style of gameplay still applies to the new game in the series, as well as adding some new additions such as creating Holo Roads under your kart using the new kart add-on, HoloTrack Generator. This new car part is one of many others, including hang gliders, underwater propellers and anti-gravity wheels.


This is a list of all the racers that can be unlocked in the game.

Racer Description Weight How to Unlock

The red-hatted plumber we all know and love.

Medium Starting Character
Luigi Mario's underappreciated brother with a stylish green hat. Medium Starting Character
Princess Peach The damsel-in-distress of the Mario series. Light Starting Character
Yoshi Mario's green dinosaur companion. Light Starting Character
Bowser The villain of the Mario series who's always capturing Princess Peach. Heavy Starting Character
Donkey Kong Mario's old archenemy who lives in the jungle and loves bananas. Cruiser Starting Character
Toad He's a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom. Feather Starting Character
Koopa Troopa One of Bowser's loyal minions. Feather Starting Character
Wario The coin loving Mario opposite. Heavy Starting Character
Waluigi Wario's partner in crime. Cruiser Starting Character
Rosalina The mother of all Lumas. Light Get 1st place on Luma Highway 150cc
Bowser Jr. Bowser's son that he somehow got. Light Get 1st place on Bowser's Castle 150cc
Birdo A pink, strange and unknown creature. Medium Get 1st place on Flower Cup 150cc
King K. Rool The villain in the Donkey Kong Country games. Heavy Get 1st place on Star Cup 150cc
Wiggler A caterpillar-like enemy in the Mario series. Cruiser Get 1st place on Mushroom Cup 150cc
Lakitu A Koopa who flies around on a cloud. Feather Get 1st place on Mushroom Skies 150cc
Shy Guy A short creature that conceals its face with a strange mask. Feather Get 1st place on Mushroom Cup 100cc
Gooper Blooper A giant Blooper that spews out poisonous goop. Heavy Get 1st place on Rico Harbor 150cc
Petey Piranha A mutated Piranha Plant with a large appetite. Heavy Get 1st place on Goomba's Fortress 150cc
Dry Bowser A skeletal version of Bowser. Heavy Get 1st place on all 150cc Mirror cups
Pac-Man A yellow ghost-gobbling creature from the Pac-Man series. Light Get 1st place on Pac Maze 150cc
R.O.B. The Nintendo robot acessory. Medium Get 1st place on Secret Cup 100cc
Unten Fantendo's blue bear mascot. Light Get 1st place on Secret Cup 150cc
Mii Select whichever one of your Miis you'd like to race as. Medium Get 1st place on 3 cups 150cc


A list of the games race tracks and areas.

Track Description Cup
Goomba Grasslands A grassy field full of Goombas. Mushroom Cup
Koopa Shell Shores A shore inhabitated by Koopas. Mushroom Cup
Tutankoopa's Tomb A pyramid guarded by chain chomps. Mushroom Cup
Goomba's Fortress A fortress defended by Goombas. Mushroom Cup
Rico Harbor A harbor on Delfino Island. Flower Cup
Secret Mine A snowy, haunted mine. Flower Cup
Boo Ship A haunted ghost ship. Flower Cup
Wario's Bank Wario's stash of coins. Flower Cup
Luma Highway A highway through the stars. Star Cup
Mushroom Skies A trip through the Mushroom Kingdom's skies. Star Cup
Cheese World A world made of cheese. Star Cup
Treacherous Mansion A haunted mansion in the middle of a large ravine. Star Cup
Mario Robot A giant robotic Mario. Special Cup
Bowser's Castle Bowser's giant castle. Special Cup
King Boo's Illusion King Boo's alternate dimension. Special Cup
Rainbow Road A road that goes through space. Special Cup
Pac Maze A maze full of ghosts and dots. Secret Cup
Game & Watch Town A town full of Game & Watch situations. Secret Cup
Holo Raceway A techno, holographic race track. Secret Cup
Fantendo Zone A track that goes through some of the most famous Fantendo game areas. Secret Cup

Miiverse Infinity

This game features Miiverse Infinty support for custom made karts. Players can upload and download each others creation via this feature. The karts can be made using the KartKrafter that can be accessed through the game's menu.

Model Viewer

The game comes with one Model Viewer model of Mario's kart. It's not much, but it also allows players to interact with the things in the kart, such as the horn, using the Holopad.


This is a list of pins you can get in this game.

  • First Time Racer - Play throught your first race.
  • Mushroom Cup - Win the Mushroom Cup.
  • Flower Cup - Win the Flower Cup.
  • Star Cup - Win the Star Cup.
  • Special Cup - Win the Special Cup.
  • Secret Cup - Win the Secret Cup.
  • It's a Secret to Everybody - Unlock the Secret Cup.
  • Mother of the Lumas - Unlock Rosalina.
  • Father Bowser - Unlock Bowser Jr.
  • It's a Birdo, It's a Plane...! - Unlock Birdo.
  • Too K. Rool - Unlock King K. Rool.
  • Listen to Wiggler! - Unlock Wiggler.
  • On Cloud 9 - Unlock Lakitu.
  • A Bit On The Shy Side... - Unlock Shy Guy.
  • Boogie and Bop - Unlock Gooper Blooper.
  • Petey Shiny Time! - Unlock Petey Piranha.
  • All Dried Out - Unlock Dry Bowser.
  • Pac Dot Collector - Unlock Pac-Man.
  • The Best Accessory? - Unlock R.O.B.
  • You Unlocked Yourself! - Unlock Mii.
  • Fan Gamer - Unlock Unten.
  • Bank R.O.B.-er - Play as R.O.B. in Wario's Bank.
  • Ultimate Driver's License - Unlock every MK:HR Pin.

Pin Icons

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content for this game has been talked about and official information has been revealed.

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