Mario Kart: Hearts of Cup is a racing game with new drivers, and will release in 2012.



Locked Racers

  • Birdo (unlock by win the 50c Mushroom Cup with Yoshi)
  • T.T. (returnd, New in Mario Kart) (unlock by play time trials in all track with save date or beat Diddy Kong Racing DS)
  • Bowser Jr (unlock by win 30 battles with Bowser)
  • P.P. (New) (unlocked by play as T.T. and get 15 points in VS mode)
  • Baby Peach (unlock by play as Peach and get 15 points in VS mode)
  • Baby Daisy (unlock by play as Daisy and get 15 points in VS mode)
  • Toadette (unlock by play as Toad and win all 50c cup)
  • Paratroopa (unlock by play as Koopa and win 15 battles)
  • Dry Bones (unlock by must to unlock Paratroopa)
  • Dry Bowser (unlock by play as Dry Bones or Bowser and win the 50c Star Cup with 3 stars)
  • Rosalina (unlock by beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 or play as Peach or Daisy and win the 50c Shell Cup)
  • King Boo (unlock by win the 50c Lighting Cup with all starter racers)
  • Funky Kong (unlock by win the 50c Banana Cup with all Kongs)
  • Kiddy Kong (returnd) (unlock by win 30 battles with Donkey Kong)
  • Drumstick (returnd, New in Mario Kart) (unlock by must to unlock all racers)
  • Petey (unlock by beat the hidden Mario Kart Maze)
  • King K. Rool (unlock by win the 50c Rainbow Cup)
  • Sonic (unlock by beat any cup with 3 stars)
  • Etc.


Mushroom Cup

  1. Mario Raceway
  2. T.T. City
  3. Birdo Falls
  4. Bowser Beach

Flower Cup

  1. Luigi Raceway
  2. Jungle Falls
  3. Peach's Castle
  4. Yoshi Lane

Star Cup

  1. T.T. Raceway
  2. DK Freeway
  3. Ghost House
  4. Koopa Beach

Sun Cup

  1. Peach Raceway
  2. Petey Park
  3. Dry Dry Street
  4. Green Hills Zone

Luma Cup

  1. Daisy Raceway
  2. Cold Cold City
  3. Bowser's Castle
  4. Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

  1. GBA Cheese Land
  2. WII Moonview Highway
  3. NGC Mushroom City
  4. DS Cheep Cheep Beach

Banana Cup

  1. N64 Moo Moo Farm
  2. WII Koopa Cape
  3. DS Waluigi Pinball
  4. NGC Baby Park

Leaf Cup

  1. SNES Koopa Beach 1
  2. GBA Sky Garden
  3. NGC Dino Dino Jungle
  4. WII Mushroom Gorge

Lighting Cup

  1. DS Tick Tock Clock
  2. WII Dry Dry Ruins
  3. NGC Peach Beach
  4. N64 Banshee Boardwalk

Rainbow Cup

  1. SNES Rainbow Road
  2. N64 Rainbow Road
  3. GBA Rainbow Road
  4. NGC Rainbow Road
  5. DS Rainbow Road
  6. WII Rainbow Road


This item can spin the wheel after touch the Item Box.

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