Mario Kart: Grand Prix U is the second Mario Kart game for the Wii U, and a game designed to be the ultimate Mario Kart game. The game has 40 characters and an assortment of modes.


Grand Prix

Mirror Mode

Time Trials

VS. Mode

Double Dash

Battle Mode

Shine Battles
Coin Battles

Story Mode: Champions of the Track


There are 40 characters in this game, with 20 being default and 20 being unlockable. Unlike previous installments, this game brings in a wider range of characters from other Mario sub-series, such as Donkey Kong and Wario, and even a guest character makes an appearance!

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Unlocking Criteria

Character How to Unlock
Honey Queen Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 50cc Mushroom Cup.
Ashley Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 50cc Flower Cup.
Birdo Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 50cc Star Cup.
Kamek Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 50cc Bell Cup.
Dixie Kong Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 50cc Special Cup.
Cranky Kong Beat 4 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials.
Mona Connect to a copy of Game and Wario/Beat 16 Staff Ghosts in TIme Trials.
Dry Bowser Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 100cc Shell Cup.
Captain Toad Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 100cc Banana Cup.

Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 100cc Leaf Cup.


Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 100cc Cherry Cup.

Fawful Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 100cc Lightning Cup.
Toadette Win 10 Double Dash Races.
Captain Syrup Get a Star Ranking or above in all of 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc.
Pianta Get a Star Ranking or Above in 150cc Mushroom Cup.
King K. Rool Get a Star Ranking or Above in 150cc Banana Cup.
Professor E. Gadd Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 150cc Star Cup.
Funky Kong Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 150cc Cherry Cup.
Captain Falcon Get a Star Ranking or Above in the 150cc Special Cup.


There are five cups in each type of Grand Prix, and four tracks in each cup. Each character "owns" a certain track.

Nitro Grand Prix

Mushroom Cup

  • Luigi Circuit - A simple circuit around a simple track. Luigi's Mansion can be seen in the distance on a hillside while the racers race along a dirt track. (Owned by Luigi)
  • Donkey Kong Island - An icy level that depicts Donkey Kong Island when it was frozen by the Snowmads, with various ice structures spread about, as well as snow covered palm trees and various Snowmads. (Owned by Dixie Kong)
  • Airship Armada - A long network of Airships that seem to be attacking Princess Peach's Castle. This track does not have laps, instead being a continuous network of airships that ends in the airships crash landing into the ground after being defeated by a large robotic Mario. (Owned by Boom Boom).
  • Fawful Theater - A complex theater filled with dancing showgirls, an audience full of people, and many thin roads...all with Fawful's face. (Owned by Fawful)

Flower Cup

  • Mario Circuit - A simple circuit based around Mario, in a giant complex stadium. Many different audience members can cheer on racers as they speed through the course. (Owned by Mario)
  • Witch's Mansion - A mansion full of enchanted spellbooks and haunted things, with Red the Imp running around and terrorizing the racers by knocking over various potions, changing the way the players move, from gliding, to a section where they are shrunken down and swim around in a fish tank. (Owned by Ashley)
  • Shellshore Resort - A beautiful resort, decked out with various chairs and relaxing Goombas, Toads, and Koopas. A swimming pool and drink bar appears as the racers travel throughout this luxurious resort. (Owned by Koopa Troopa)
  • Gear Getaway - A unique, entirely gliding based course that takes the racers throughout the path of a Rocket Barrel as it travels through a factory full of grinding gears and other things, all of which are dangerous to the player. (Owned by Donkey Kong)

Star Cup

  • Woolly World - A simple course based around a yarn-like asthetic that allows the players to progress. There is a pair of knitting needles that pursue the first place racer throughout the course and knit various bridges and paths for the players to cross. (Owned by Yoshi)
  • Gyro Factory - A factory full of conveyor belts and steaming machines that creates the little tops that many enjoy. (Owned by R.O.B.)
  • Pinna Park - A park filled with various rides and a carousel, lit up beautifully at light. Various Piantas and Nokis can be seen about, and Mecha Bowser is even seen at one point. (Owned by Pianta)
  • Gangplank Galleon - A large pirate ship with various Kremlings roaming about, trying to mess with the racers. In the middle of the second lap, the ship hits some rocks and begins to sink, as Kremlings scramble about, the final lap takes all the racers off the ship to safety. (Owned by King K. Rool)

Bell Cup

  • Wario CIrcuit - A simple circuit which takes place inside a colorful factory, traveling through various WarioWare microgames being showcased on the side. (Owned by Wario).
  • Peach's Castle - A race based around the interior of Peach's Castle. Many Toads appear throughout the castle, many of which cheering the racers on. Toadsworth holds the lap signs and starts the race in this course, as opposed to Lakitu. (Owned by Peach).
  • Toybox Terror - A once bright and colorful toy box now filled with demented toys and Shy Ghosts. Various Lantern Ghosts can harass the player throughout the course. At the end of the course, the lights in the Toy Box are restored. (Owned by Shy Guy)
  • World 1-1 - A tribute to the original Super Mario Bros., complete with 8-bit Goombas and Koopas shuffling about, trying to harass racers. The track has a unique first place victory theme based off of the victory theme from the original Super Mario Bros. (Owned by Nabbit)

Special Cup

  • Graffiti Grove - A dead, once lush and green, area filled with brambles, acid, and Putrid Piranhas galore. Graffiti covers the course, which can slow down players completely if they aren't careful. (Owned by Petey Piranha)
  • Retro Scaffolding - This track takes the racers up a series of scaffolding while dodging barrels that halt their path to the top, eventually having to defeat an 8-bit Donkey Kong by driving past him while dodging his barrels. (Owned by Cranky Kong)
  • Bowser's Castle - A disco-club/castle that contains many dancing Koopas and other minions, all in the glorious name of Bowser. Despite the visual overhaul, the castle still has it's signature lava on all sides, making this course very precarious to navigate. (Owned by Bowser)
  • Rainbow Road - A rainbow road high up in space above the Earth, with various meteors flying all around in a beautiful shower. (Owned by Rosalina)

Retro Grand Prix

Shell Cup

  • GCN Daisy Cruiser (Owned by Daisy)
  • WIU Twisted Mansion (Owned by King Boo)
  • N64 Frappe Snowland (Owned by Baby Luigi)
  • GBA Broken Pier (Owned by Captain Syrup)

Banana Cup

  • Wii Moonview Highway (Owned by Toadette)
  • 3DS DK Jungle (Owned by Funky Kong)
  • DS Tick-Tock Clock (Owned by Mona)
  • SNES Choco Island 2 (Owned by Birdo)

Leaf Cup

  • DS Waluigi Pinball (Owned by Waluigi)
  • GBA Ribbon Road (Owned by Hammer Bro.)
  • GCN Mushroom City (Owned by Toad)
  • 3DS Maka Wuhu (Owned by Honey Queen)

Cherry Cup

  • Wii Dry Dry Ruins (Owned by Dry Bowser)
  • SNES Donut Plains 2 (Owned by Captain Toad)
  • WIU Ice Ice Outpost (Owned by Professor E. Gadd)
  • N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (Owned by Diddy Kong)

Lightning Cup

  • GBA Boo Lake (Owned by Kamek)
  • GCN Baby Park (Owned by Baby Mario)
  • DS Bowser's Castle (Owned by Bowser Jr.)
  • WIU Mute City (Owned by Captain Falcon)

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